"This thing may make my promotion easier, but this is an external force after all …"

Bai Jing hesitated, but after a few seconds, she picked up the fruit.
Anyway, it’s a fruit, and it doesn’t look like an ordinary fruit.
Special strength homology
This fruit … is simply tailored by her.
"Can Ding bring it?"
Bai Jing thought of the conversation with Xu Le before, and it could be seen that Xu Le was somewhat disappointed with her at that time.
But the other eye sent another fruit.
"This may be my last chance and an ultimatum. He told me …"
Pick up the fruit and Bai Jing put his things.
Documents, information, those things are not necessary.
Only strength is.
Have enough strength to make her stand in this chaotic era and not be influenced.
Bai Jing stared at the fruit and bit it.
Aroma overflowing with cold current
Bai Jing suddenly opened his eyes and the pupil deformation changed from the original round pupil to the vertical pupil.
This is still with the moon in the sky covered by a dark cloud.
Crawling, Bai Jing grew a long tail.
Drink! ~
The process of offering sacrifices to strange bodies here in Chang Fengle lasted all day.
All the remaining herders got the thunder fruit because of this sacrifice, and some people got the second one.
He was also involved, and he didn’t refuse or refuse because this fruit can be eaten continuously.
But the effect will be discounted.
If the effect of eating the first lesson fruit is 1, then the second fruit will probably have 4-5.
If you continue to eat, it will still work, but the increase will be smaller and smaller.
This is also the terrible place of soul fruit.
If you work hard, you will be rewarded.
It is not a problem that the strength is increasing, and no one can refuse to be able to see oneself rise.
Even if I have a little bit, they won’t refuse.
Fruit distribution is very simple, distribution according to work.
He doesn’t take much because it’s not necessary.
This line also makes his prestige among shepherds more stable.
Even if he is not the strongest, he is not expected to lead the herdsmen to be strong, then he is the leader.
After the fruit distribution, Chang Fengle was tired and rubbed his forehead.
Then it’s his personal time
Go back to your room and lie in bed for a while and bite your lips so that you don’t really fall asleep because of fatigue
After about 3 minutes, Chang Fengle got up after confirming that there was really no one around.
From a secret passage next to a cabinet to the factory waterway
The trees in the waterway have absorbed a large number of strange bodies, even if the total amount of absorption is one tenth, which is amazing for Chang Fengle at this time.
"How many fruits will there be? One? Two? It’s really exciting. "
Chang Fengle went with expectation, but when he saw the tree, he found that something was wrong.
It’s not what he expected …
There are not many fruits in the tree, and there are dozens of fruits that need to be fed.
There is one fruit.
A black fruit has a strange shape and a special smell … which is completely different from Chang Fengle’s imagination.
"This fruit!"
Chang Fengle walked carefully to the fruit, and even though he was a mercenary with little knowledge, he could see that the fruit was extraordinary at a glance.
That feeling has surpassed the special fruit that Xu Le once gave to Bai Jing.
"Special fruit is this a tree reward?"
Chang Fengle directly picked the fruit and prepared to put it in her arms. After all, she can’t stay here.
It’s easy to have problems if you stay for a long time.
But just as he put away the fruit and turned to the surface, his steps suddenly stopped again.