Yuan Fang waved. "If you don’t worry about this matter, I will transport Su Xiucai’s body back to his hometown for burial."

"Mr. Su’s hometown and my hometown are in the same place, and my childhood father and Mr. Su are friends." Yuan Xiang was fascinated by Li Yandao at this time
"So it is no wonder that Yuan Fang will be so sad and still be a countryman" Li Yan andao
At this time, Yuan Fang added, "I called you here today and have something to announce to you."
"Father-in-law said" Li Yan said.
Father-in-law nodded his head and looked at Yuan Xiang’s mouth slowly. "You’ve been in Beijing for a long time, and I’ve also observed you for a long time. Su Xiucai also paid more attention to you. Next month, I’m going to let you two get married and let Su Xiucai preside over the wedding for you two, but now Su Xiucai is gone and even can’t wait for this day, so I think you can get married today."
"Get married today?" Li Yan shocked him. He really didn’t know what Bai Yuan was thinking. It is reasonable to say that Mr. Su’s death should be delayed for a while. How can we do things together?
"It’s good to get married today and let Su Xiucai be a witness while he remains. This is what he promised before." Yuan Fang’s tone contains the meaning of not refusing.
"So that’s it. I know I’ll get married today, right? I’m in a hurry. I’m not prepared for anything. I’m afraid of Yuan Xiang …" Li Yan nodded and said that he understood Yuan Fang’s feelings for his friends.
Yuan Fang felt reasonable and asked, "Xiang Er, what do you mean?"
Yuan Xiang Qiao’s face is full of blush, and she is reluctant to meet her father’s inquiry and gently nodded her head.
Yuan Fang sighed, "It’s hard for you to make a fuss about your two marriages … Alas, the marriage is in a hurry. Let’s keep it simple. Let’s treat the banquet. Everything is saved, but the process of going is still to go with red lanterns and red candles. You should also know that if you are busy, call me when you are ready."
Yuan Xiang said shyly after leaving Yuan Fang’s room, "Li Lang’s concubine is ready." She felt that she was shaking all over, nervous and excited.
Li Yan was relieved at this time. Fortunately, Yuan Fang didn’t say that he had driven himself away. He finally agreed to marry Yuan Xiang. He nodded, "Go ahead. What can I do for you? You can be my wife after today. Come and shout for a" xianggong "to hear."
"Later" Yuan Xiang, a belle in her thirties, ran away with shame.
Li Yan smiled gently.
Because the fact of this marriage is too urgent, even if Yuanxiang is a monk, he can’t stop. Red lanterns must be hung. This is the rule to let people know that your family is happy. In addition, red candles must be attached to the happy words and prepared.
Li Yan tried to help but was pushed by Yuan Xiang. The reason is that this kind of thing should not be done by men. Nai had to sit in the hospital and watch Yuan Xiang and her servant girl Xiaoru busy in the busy schedule.
"Are you going to get married?" Suddenly indifference JiQing appeared behind Li Yan.
Li Yan nodded "yes"
"Thank you. How about a wedding reception later?"
Ji Qing hesitated. "Generally speaking, we swordsmen drink dead wine and never drink wedding wine because we swordsmen are unlucky and afraid of affecting new people."
"How do you know without trying?" Li Yan has seen that some people do have a set of strange rules, such as killers never eat other people’s food, even a mouthful of water.
"Ok, but I won’t give you a gift" JiQing nodded his head.
"No" Li Yanxiao smiled and then he asked, "Is the body swordsman lonely? Your breath is cold, just like a friend of mine."
"Is he a swordsman, too?" Ji Qing asked
"He’s not. He’s an ordinary monk who wants to become stronger. His name is night mark, but he’s different from you because he has a friend like me, a teacher and a sister," Li Yan said.
Chapter seven hundred and fifteen I drink unlucky
Ji Qing was silent when he heard Li Yan’s words. "If there is a pool, a teacher and friends, then he is not a swordsman … but night mark is a very good name. I want to fight with him if I have the opportunity."
"That question hasn’t answered me just now," Li Yan said.
"I don’t know if the swordsmen are all lonely, but I know that there are 339 leaves in this tree in the courtyard." Say that finish, Ji Qing left.
Li Yan sighed lightly, because he knew that when a person leaves leaves, he is waiting for loneliness. Maybe Ji Qing has been doing things with himself for ten years, which is not the weird rule. Maybe he wants to find a friend to talk to, because a person who can save his own life is undoubtedly a friend worth making friends with.
"Once upon a time, I also counted the leaves. I still remember a total of 5,041 leaves." Li Yan muttered to himself. He seemed to think of the loneliness of practicing sword with a tree for several years.
"But this loneliness won’t happen again because someone will always accompany me from today."
"The children-in-law is ready, please ask them to change this new dress." Xiaoru said with a red brocade robe that there was a trace of sadness in her eyes. Because she looked at the situation just now, she didn’t expect this to be praised by the young lady as the first good man all day, but she also had this lonely side. Just imagine a sword and a man touching it, and it was cold and bone-chilling.
Li Yan nodded, "I know, I’ll change it." I took off my robe and picked up this red brocade robe to wear.
Xiaoru looked at Li Yan’s strong chest and his face was not red. I didn’t expect children to change clothes in front of him, which was not taboo at all.
"Son-in-law, where are you?" Suddenly, Xiaoru saw Li Yanshen’s golden red marks like blood and brand.
Li Yan looked at it and said, "Nothing is just a totem."
"Oh," Xiaoru couldn’t help but look at it a few times, but her attention was no longer totem and her lean and slender body.