When the green lion roars out, Li greedy in front also gives a roar.

"Destroy bears! !”
Chiyou Banner hunted a fluctuating scattered covering army in the wind.
"Wu! ! !”
The million-strong army crashed and shook like a mountain connecting heaven and earth, and moved forward in translation.
Everything ahead is smooth.
When the other party has a bear country, it also mobilizes all animals to rush to fill the world.
"change! ! !”
A roaring spirit blue turned into a flash to display the size of the wishful thinking, the method of heaven and earth, and the height of the gods.
A lion with nine heads turns into two hard whips of the same size in his hand, just like holding a jade column and a sea golden beam.
"Hum! ! ! Ha! ! !”
Two binge drinking beside him turned to look.
Will see Li Li also will flash five true-shaped talisman fly out to stick his head and limbs.
The head is as tall as Mount Tai, the left arm is as beautiful as Mount Hengshan, the right arm is as faint as Mount Hengshan, the abdomen is as steady as Mount Songshan, and the feet are as steep as Mount Huashan.
A thousand feet tall body seems to condense the whole earth, generally with a boundless air.
Hoo hoo ~
Li Li relaxed and agile to play a set of posture carefree way "five mountains.
This is an idea. If you realize it slowly, you can make Pangu’s true body rooted in the five mountains. "
"Unexpected road" Ling Qing gave a shock when he knocked on both sides of his hand. "But the practice of senior brother is particularly consistent."
"Ha ha ha ~ ~"
Two people talk file two armies have crashed together.
For a moment, the whole world seemed to be still, and all the creatures in the world were involved in this great war.
Then came a strong murder to fill the whole world.
Turn into a form of murder and robbery.
All practitioners who pay attention to this are inevitably contaminated with this murderous atmosphere.
Lingqing’s sword behind her is constantly humming, absorbing him and the falling rock tribe, and constantly brewing a pure sword.
The murder that was baptized by a ceremony to destroy the world
Soon, the two armies were intertwined and rode together, and they also encountered their own enemies.
A team also rides an army of lions and bears.
With a wave of his hand, Lingqing’s left hand was flattened by the momentum of the two armies, and suddenly the spikes of different peaks suddenly broke up the front team.
Then, the whip of the imperial spirit in the right hand shook and snapped, and the lion-shaped animals suddenly took advantage of the unstable shape of the back soldiers to shake their bodies and fall down.
Lingqing has also killed his hands at this time. iron whip repeatedly waved all the blocks in front of him and was beaten away.
Dangdang Dangdang ~ ~ ~
A continuous rain of arrows hit Lingqing, but it was blocked by the magic weapon of force.
And Li Li is like a knight-errant with fists and palms rushing into the disorderly army to kill and kill.
Then, with one punch, there was a mountain, and with one hand, it was like the collapse of Tianzhu.
All the attacks fell on him with a little dust like stone chips.
Clank ~ ~ ~
With the help of all totem warriors of the rockfall tribe, a pipa sounded through the clouds.