The cat star responded succinctly with four words.

Shattered glass!
Yes, it is shattered glass.
Although these four words are concise, they contain many meanings.
It can be reminiscent of the recent bloody incident in the palace of Bailoumen in Yanbailou. To be honest, the person behind it is the patriarch Rama, the leader of the pushed alliance.
Patriarch Rama is from Tiandong, and the Rama Sect he controls is the second affiliated clan gate of Xingchuan, the twelve stars in the Heavenly Kingdom.
At that time, in addition to those alliance forces, there were two of the twelve stars in the White House Palace.
It is easy to associate these things with the rumor that Luoling died at the hands of hundreds of people flowing out of Dayan Empire. It is likely that Yanbailou retaliated against hundreds of people.
Disaster leads to the east!
The secret star just saw through the simple language in this middle key and responded strongly to this rumor.
So for a while, the deadlock was maintained.
One led the trouble to the east, and the other refused to acknowledge it.
You pushed me to doubt on both sides, which made the dark tide surge and muddy again.
Whether it is in the imperial league of Zhongzhou or practicing the sword pavilion in seclusion, or whether it has always kept a clear head and collected all the information, the secret pavilion is strange and kept a wait-and-see attitude in this muddy water.
Three years ago, the remnants of the sky fell with Luoling. They waited and watched for three years and tested the Dayan Empire for three years, but they didn’t make any substantial progress.
The country’s mountains and rivers are still falling, and there is still no clue from the investigation.
After all, compared with the Dayan Empire, the 12 Xingchuan and the 100 statues guarding Luoling were not to be provoked.
But don’t provoke doesn’t mean you really can’t provoke.
Because for the emperor alliance, I’m afraid there is really nothing that can’t be provoked on this day. The downfall of the magic door a hundred years ago was the result of the emperor alliance.
For the sudden silence and calm of all parties in the sky, it seems a little strange, puzzled and cautious in the eyes of the hundred big swallow empires.
Whether it is Yanbailou or the cat star, it seems that they smell an unusual taste from this silence.
"It is important to know that the calmer the sea surface, the more terrible the rapids are often hidden." The figure in black robes in the purgatory on the two boundary mountains gently coughed and echoed in the hall. He tried his handkerchief and said.
"Then shall we add fuel to the flames?" The blue robe man picked up a cup of tea and respectfully handed it to him.
"Wait until a suitable time." The black man took a sip of his tea and couldn’t help coughing again
"But I’m worried about your health." The blue man looked at the recent physical condition and frowned slightly.
"I know I’m dying soon, but I can still hold on for just a few months," said the black man, laughing at himself.
"So when is the right time?" The blue robe man said
"It’s too cold this winter. Let’s talk about it after the cold winter …" The black man looked up at the beam of sunlight coming from the hole of purgatory. He saw snow flakes in the beam of sunlight.
He knew that it must have snowed in the two boundary mountains!
That’s true
It’s really snowing in Liangjieshan.
After Tianque’s seventh knife, Bai Yu’s knife, broke the white building door, it was well known that the Dayan Empire also had heavy snow in late autumn this year, and it has been snowing for more than a month.
Black-robed man, it seems that the blizzard of Dayan Empire will definitely affect the coming winter of the whole day.