This leopard has a collection of thousands of exquisite erotic books. Among the 300 or 400 paintings of the erotic palace, there is no shortage of famous Liu Qingyun, but she swallowed the dates without careful appreciation. Then she found that collecting more Liu Qingyun found that it was a big bad thing like "Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang, Making Love and Happiness"

Liu Qingyun, who boasted about his double-cultivation, will also receive the morning light, the golden flow and the golden bell to study it well. He felt hot at the thought of water, waves and rain in Menglan.
At the end of the day, it’s a row of shelves, but it’s a variety of obsequious jasper bottles. The names of aphrodisiacs are marked one by one. Liu Qingyun can’t help but say, "I didn’t expect that there are so many collections of leopard laughing idiots. It’s cheap for me!" It is also collected! "
It’s this plane with the number of "leopard smiles and idiots" that makes Liu Qingyun have a bad idea.
However, he did not think too much. He immediately put these aphrodisiacs in the cultivation world into the golden bell of the morning light and the moon. As a result, the original collection was a whole layer, and now it is like this.
Liu Qingyun was about to tear down the wall again with a pair of hands, only to see that Mei Lansi suddenly penetrated the wall and asked, "What medicine did you give me just now?"
"It’s just that the room with the noodles still says," The leopard laughs and hides! "
Is looked up Liu Qingyun has found that something is wrong with Melanie, shortness of breath, flushed face, and even the skin has become as attractive as a peach and exudes amazing temptation.
"Shi Gu?" What bad associations did he have? "Are you hurt?"
As soon as he finished this sentence, Mei Lansi had thrown herself at Liu Qingyun, who felt warm and fragrant and soft. Mei Lansi had shyly solved Jin Yunbao’s button for him, and the whole person was good at shaking his sweet tongue and slipping over Liu Qingyun’s earlobe, which made Liu Qingyun feel like an explosion.
"Elder martial aunt …" LiuQingYun also tried to do the last struggle "Elder martial aunt …"
Mei Lansi has got rid of Jin Yunbao’s clothes. She is disarming Liu Qingyun and finally melting herself into the flame. Her sweet tongue continues to lick Liu Qingyun’s earlobe, which evokes Liu Qingyun’s original desire.
Her voice is very gentle. "Don’t be afraid to undress yourself. My aunt will be very gentle!"
Chapter 9 aftermath
Mei Lansi is not gentle at all. Her enthusiasm is like a volcano that hasn’t erupted in ten years. She has been waiting for ten years, and Liu Qingyun has been sent to the limit again and again. After that, she once again went through the journey of a quasi-alchemist to squeeze the little monk during the foundation period.
If it weren’t for that little bit of falling in love, Liu Qingyun couldn’t believe that he actually got Mei Lansi’s chastity for 31 years, but after the frenzy, he was squeezed clean. Liu Qingyun lay there and refused to move a finger, thinking of those thieves who said that he was so vicious that he refused to grow grain.
Mei Lansi squeezed the friar Liu Qingyun’s post-foundation, and after the wild news, she put on the golden gown against Liu Qingyun’s arms, but the soft jade and warm fragrance still passed through the golden gown and reached Liu Qingyun’s heart. She couldn’t help blushing. "Do you want to … but I am your aunt …"
Yes! You are my aunt. Liuqingyun is already in a mess at the thought of this. "This … let’s call you Lance …"
He didn’t know what to do. He put on his coat and scratched his hair. Then Mei Lansi leaned his head together, and the fragrance made Liu Qingyun even more ignorant. "I don’t think about it …"
"No, you’re responsible …" Mei Lansi also panicked and didn’t know what to say. "No … I’ll be responsible for you!"
Two people never thought this would happen, especially in front of them, who are still grandmothers and nephews, which is a bit tasteless.
"You are so bold that a man with a fiance and a heart actually came here to fight and roll!"
A very harsh voice interrupted the embarrassment of two people, but Liu Qingyun and Mei Lansi were even more embarrassed. "Master, I’ll get dressed first!"
"White pool …"
Liuqingyun MeiLanSi is don’t know how to face Bai Yujin for a while Bai Yujin tapiscia sinensis sword pull a face came into the room.
The two men leaned their heads against the wall, and Bai Yujin was livid and sat beside Mei Lansi. "You do good deeds!"
Her language is very murderous. Mei Lansi bowed her head and didn’t dare to face up to Bai Yujin’s own pushing down her beloved brother. It was her own fault. She whispered, "How long have you been here, Bai Shimei!"
"It didn’t take long for you to get together when I was outside watching you two ….."
Her tone is very hateful. Mei Lansi’s face is redder. Isn’t her charming language falling into the ears of this school sister who is three years younger than herself?
She didn’t know how Liu Qingyun beat her to say, "Master, I was wrong … Don’t blame my aunt!"
Bai Yujin thrust tapiscia sinensis’s sword into the ground, and tapiscia sinensis’s sword was inserted into the ground together with its scabbard. Her face was slightly gentle. "This is a bit like my apprentice, but don’t you know the weight?"
Mei Lansi also took the responsibility over there. "All the responsibilities of school sister are mine. I lost my mind at the moment and just pushed down Qingyun. He was forced …"
Bai Yujin grasped the tapiscia sinensis swordsman and held down the hilt "I know, I know! But you two are too careless. I know that you missed the medicine, aunt Mei … but! "
Bai Yujin, who has always been strong, shed two tears. "But you are not worried about spoony men and women. How can I say you …"
She pointed to Mei Lansi. "You have a fiance who has never married but lost his virginity in Qingyun. I want to cover for you, but I can cover for Mu Yuanlong for a while but I can’t cover for a lifetime …"
Mei Lansi’s neck is red over there. She talked about Liu Qingyun. "Disciple, you are responsible for men, but you can’t lose a piece of ice in Ling Bo and throw it at the South Palace Yuexingmen. The sisters have more peach blossoms. I don’t think you can carry this pair of iron shoulders!"
She pulled out the hilt of tapiscia sinensis’s sword and gently slapped Liu Qingyun’s shoulder lighter than usual. "You know that Mu Yunlong is a genius of monasticism, and the horse will be broken into a baby. Why do you argue with him for a woman during the gas refining period!"
She took back the tapiscia sinensis sword. "You can’t carry it, Master. Try to carry it, but I want to think about it. How can neither of you be suitable or …"
She hasn’t said this "make a clean break" sentence yet. Mei Lansi is already crying pear flower and taking rain over there. I can’t say these four words, I still pity Bai Yujin, but I have a long sigh with my fingers across the back of my sword.
Over there, Melanie was still sobbing and tears fell like pearls. She cried for a long time before saying, "Sister Bai, I …"