Someone immediately said, "Yes, Sue should be Sue, we should be us, and we didn’t offend you two!"

Pale night smile more happy way "are you stupid? We are people from the underworld and hell, and your Terran is a great enemy. It was born to invade the primitive continent and enslave you, and you Terran still wants to leave? "
"Not bad!"
Ashoka stepped forward and glanced at the crowd with a new look and smiled. "The third Excalibur has not been refined yet, and we need to use your sects to teach treasures and treasures to refine it into the last magic sword! Such glory can make you die and regret it? "
Su Ying said softly, "Two Taoist friends, although you practice high, you are an inferno after all. Is it like crossing the valley of swords to refine two Excalibur?"
"You Terran refined three Excalibur gods and wanted to leave Excalibur to future generations to fight against my invasion of hell and underworld. How could the three of them be merciful and let the sword valley be covered with firm but gentle to kill future generations? When I came here, it was peaceful and there was no firm but gentle. "
A round of the pale night eyes smilingly said, "Take a few pieces of your Terran magic weapon to cover your own breath, and then cheat these three Excalibur too much. It’s just my two people urging Excalibur. I’m the best among you, but even I can completely urge Excalibur to see how powerful this Excalibur is."
A holy Lord suddenly rushed at him with his body, but at this moment, suddenly, several firm but gentle swords gathered in the valley of the sword and suddenly cut the shield on the man’s head and opened it with a sword. Almost his head was chopped to his feet, and even the Yuan God was completely destroyed!
"A group of soil turtles still want to resist?"
Pale night smiled and turned to look at Ashoka and said, "Ashoka, do it."
King Ashoka nodded gently, and the two men’s body lines gushed out and pierced the void. Suddenly, thick lines emerged from the valley of sword, while several lines formed a huge array of magic weapons!
As soon as this array law emerged, many palm-masters suddenly felt that their magic weapon was out of control, roaring, flying and colliding with each other, and they all went to the sacred mountain in the center!
Even some holy soldiers are now out of control and rolling towards the mountain!
In addition, what is the demon temple? The Xuan door, Zhou Tianxing Palace, lonely family, summer home, and so on. Even many magic weapons in the sea are flying up in succession. All kinds of magic weapons in the Valley of Sword are bursting out. It can be conan the destroyer!
In an instant, many masters vomited blood in their mouths and were hit hard by this vast power!
Cangye and Ashoka laughed. "It’s a big deal to wipe out all the masters and sects in the primitive mainland, isn’t it?"
The scene in front of us can really be called a few steps. The holy soldiers and the holy soldiers are flying all over the sky, and the power is in full bloom. Even the power of the holy emperor’s treasure brought by some celestial experts has been released to the maximum state. The holy emperor’s treasure can explode everywhere, and everything will take off and crush!
Even the emperor can’t completely release the power of the holy emperor’s treasure, which can stimulate one or two percent of the power at most. Some of his disciples can’t fully stimulate the power of their own sects’ holy soldiers, but now these magic weapons are in full bloom in the strong array of magic weapons!
This kind of power is not only a magic weapon confrontation, but also a direction difference attack. Everyone has these magic weapon attack ranges!
Besides, there are not only more than 30 or 40 sects of holy soldiers here, but also many half-step holy soldiers they collected from the magic temple of the town. The number of them has reached more than 600 or 700, and each one is extremely powerful.
Are these magic weapons full of power, waiting for terror?
In the blink of an eye, dozens of immortal strong people know that the sea is shattered and the flesh is directly smashed by many magic weapons!
Then another great sage began to die, and many saints were even more miserable than those who were directly bombarded with flesh, and some were cut into four or five pieces, and even the immortal true spirit was directly erased without escaping!
At this moment, everyone can protect themselves from danger and flee to the outside of the sword valley, but no one can escape. One by one, the prestigious strong people have fallen and died!
This is a massacre!
Chapter one thousand and twenty-one Upside down
Xiangshan Patriarch, Demon Patriarch, Eclipse Patriarch, and a Patriarch died in a river of blood.
And several magic weapons attacked the mountain in the center, and the Excalibur was still buried in the mountain. Several shock waves were fired, and one by one, half a step, and the holy soldiers were suddenly cut apart by the sword light. Even the holy soldiers were everywhere in the blink of an eye!
Even road flyover Xing Huang Zhou Tian Xing Dou brand Blood Yuan Road flyover Blood River Qingyang Road flyover dust also appeared a series of sword marks.
"Jin Gangzhuo!"
When Asakura and Ashoka teamed up to urge the magic of Jiangu to refine the large array, Su should immediately urge Jin Gangzhuo. A heavenly majesty emanated from this gold bracelet and overwhelmed the magic of refining the large array for a moment, but it was not dragged away by the array method!
For a moment, Su Ying knew more than a hundred pieces of half-step holy soldiers in the sea and flew out of control!
Protecting the whole body is a treasure that can be said to be invulnerable. Although it is not as good as chaos clock, it is also enough to counter the shock wave here. If he is inhaled as a magic weapon, China and the Soviet Union should not feel bad.
What’s more, although he was refined by the best iron, Jin Gangzhuo was not carefully refined by him. At this time, there are three Excalibur shock waves to refine the magic weapon.
After several attacks, the diamond cut made this gold bracelet float and vibrate. However, the diamond cut was refined by Su Ying’s wishful iron, and its defense was as strong as chaos clock’s.
Although these three great firm but gentle powers are strong, the root method will break the diamond. Although the external forces have been weakened layer by layer, their power is still serious, which can easily shatter the Great Sage!
However, Su Yingxiu is the best of the Great Sage, and his strength has reached the level of the Lord. His body is even more tough, but he is not in danger despite the amazing pressure.
"These two methods of king’s eggs are really going to catch all the sects of the primitive mainland and the holy soldiers, and then the underworld and the army of hell can easily sweep the whole primitive continent. It’s really a good abacus."
Su Ying’s clothes are flying, Jin Gangzhuo protects his whole body, and he is still shocked by various forces. "These holy lords have been deprived of the strength of the holy soldiers, and most of them are afraid that they can walk out of the valley of swords alive. A few Ashoka and the dark night are immortal, and the strength of the town magic sword and the shape-killing magic sword has surpassed that of most masters. It is really difficult to deal with!"
He naturally doesn’t let go of his heart, and he is close to the holy Sect. At this moment, most of them have not come, and many of them have disappeared into their leisure time to participate in the battle for the town magic temple
At the moment, the sects entering the magic temple of the town are mostly neutral sects or those who take refuge in the blood yuan honour person’s power. In addition, there are Taoist Tai Xuanmen of the Star Emperor Zhou Tianxing Palace and some sects in the western regions, all of which are rivals of Monty Sect.
"Ashoka and Cangye have Excalibur and two Excalibur guard them. Naturally, they are not afraid of the magic weapon’s tempering of large array of powers. Two Excalibur’s firm but gentle can help them offset the attack. If they are tempered into the third Excalibur, I will face their attack even if I can live!"
Su Ying’s eyes glistened with dark passages. "The third Excalibur must fall into my hands! If this magic sword falls into my hands, I will kill the emperor like a chicken and a dog! "
A drum was suddenly handed over and shocked thousands of miles, and several roads were formed in the virtual drum, which condensed into a black magic cow with four legs jumping to Su Ying!
This magic cow bumped into Jin Gangzhuo and immediately hit Jin Gangzhuo high. Su Ying snorted. This drum is also a holy soldier. At this time, Wei Neng was thoroughly stimulated by the magic weapon. It can be said that Wei Neng limited the way and actually turned the magic cow into a big loss even if he was not careful!
Suddenly, a few rays of sunlight flew in, and a crane flew straight at Su Ying, but it was the magic weapon in the hands of the feather fairy that was completely inspired by the large array and hit Su Ying!
The strength of this magic cow is almost comparable to that of the Great Sage, while the crane is inferior, but it also puts Su Ying in danger!
"reincarnation printing!"
Su Ying’s arms shook, and immediately two printing methods came out and two behemoths collided directly. At the same time, Su Ying’s body was turned upside down. At the same time, Su Ying’s body jumped high in the palm of his hand, and Lei Di opened the sky to print the two behemoths and smashed them directly!
Su Ying fought these two fierce beasts, and more than 30 sects outside the holy land have already died. Most of them have suffered heavy casualties. Many demon families can directly turn into their true colors and fight for life and death.
Most of the Zhong Sheng soldiers have been damaged, and the huge magic weapon fragments are scattered all over the place, and the power is exhausted. Even some Sheng Huang treasures are in tatters at the moment. Only Su Ying’s diamond cut is still intact, and the sword valley is still criss-crossed!
And the shock wave of the mountain in the center is more and more surging and stirring. The mountain has been refined smaller and smaller by many magic weapons. An ancient sword hilt is gradually revealed, and the kingliness of the sword is still swinging out from the body of the hidden mountain. It’s a great sword, and the treasures of the world are easy to be bold!
"Swinging the magic sword is finally coming …" Ashoka, the top of two sacred mountains, showed excitement.
"Take the sword at this time!" Su Ying also showed excitement.