He is worried that before he can’t control the surrounding environment, he may be in an unfavorable situation if he is slightly careless against Lei Shou, which has greatly increased his strength.

But we’ve reached the edge of the thunder pool. Are we just leaving? This is too unwilling.
When the delay is even worse, wait for four donkey kong or Agal Law to come back, and you will have no chance to exercise with the help of a cross-pool.
Opportunity is rare!
Zhang Yang soon made up his mind to give it a try.
So thinking about immediate action.
Two-handed method is definitely a pinch against the temple, and the soul attacks and pierces the soul cone.
A god knowledge condensed into a needle and directly attacked Lei Shou.
Zhang Yang method definitely just a pinch when Lei Shou has been induced immediately shape a flash "hua" into the thunder pool.
Although the thorn soul cone is sharp enough to enter the thunder pool, it will disappear in the blink of an eye after thousands of people kill it in the thunder.
Zhang Yang natural didn’t expect a blow to work heart andao a good chance.
The sleeve robe disappears with a wave of his hand and a cloud of black clouds, but the ground is a group of ordinary silver-winged magic ants. If the number of individuals reaches tens of thousands, they can win by number.
Zhang Yang is now a powerful god and has no power to control it.
Another red light flashed and disappeared, and the fire bottle was hidden.
Sad to leave these two successful men, Zhang Yang’s golden wings flickered behind him, chasing Lei Shou’s disappearance direction and heading for the thunder pool.
Lei Shou seems to have been waiting for this opportunity to immediately manipulate the roots of Tianzhu around the thunder and bomb several thunder balls towards Zhang Yang.
Although these thunderballs are rushed out, they are definitely not powerful enough to deal with the silver-winged magic ants. Those red, silvery white and yellow intertwined with each other are actually three-color thunderballs.
Zhang Yang believes that it is not a problem for the body to withstand this level of attack, but it is natural that it cannot weaken itself before entering the unknown thunder pool.
God knows how to move, and the yellow light scattered from the quasi-artifact shield sacrifice firmly protects the body
Thunder balls bombarded the shield one after another, and the yellow light around the shield, which was similar to yellow tortoise shells and had spikes, was dim and cracked.
And Zhang Yangze is to take this opportunity to flash into the thunder pool.
Throw away the shield with hand. Zhang Yang has no distressed expression. There are more than one hundred faces in the shield of this level. There must be more materials. The night ministers can be refined with their hands.
Besides, when Zhang Yang entered the thunder pool, there were thousands of thunder around him, and the "beep beep beep beep" kept ringing.
This flash, if you put the fix-the-true boundary, will make a black head collapse. However, Zhang Yang has to bear thousands of bombardments all the time, but it is generally more comfortable than soaking in warm water.
Those thunder forces enter the body through the body surface and nourish the body, which is the best test of strength.
Chapter five hundred and fifty-nine The Great Curse Destroys the Enemy
After crossing the line from the outside, I didn’t feel Wang Yang’s wanton imitation.
Obviously, when this thunder pool was built, it was transported to a high level, and the law department was extremely vast, just like the Hanazono Sakura world.
Faint bursts of beast roar to all directions buzzing straight ring unexpectedly can’t tell the direction.
The blue mans in the eyes are flashing, and the clear eyes are greatly limited. The clear eyes have become the only reliance of Zhang Yang.
Suddenly, when a flash approached, the breath suddenly changed and Zhang Yangjian was bombarded heavily. At all times, he found that it was the root, but he had been hit from a distance without dodging.
The golden wings behind him waved hard and tried to keep his figure. Zhang Yang’s face remained the same
Just now, it was almost an instant attack. Zhang Yang discovered that the roots would not dodge, and they could bear the good defense. It is safe to have rough skin and cause any damage.
Is a little worried that LeiLi in the thunder pool is more violent, and it’s everywhere. The breath in the Lei Shou inclusions can’t be distinguished, and it’s really troublesome to cooperate with the abnormal speed of Xunlei.
Think a little bit about the malicious disease in your eyes and the light flashes.
"Hum! I don’t want to move this trick … but Lei Shou’s speed is really too fast, and it’s covered by the surrounding thunder. If I don’t move this trick, I’m afraid it’s hard to win. I want to come to my reality. Although I can’t confront those old monsters head-on, it’s always no problem to escape when something happens. There is no need to have so many scruples! "
While thinking about finally making up my mind
First, with a wave of his sleeve robe, a mass of dark clouds offered tens of thousands of ordinary silver-winged magic ants around.
Zhang Yang carries a large number of silver-winged magic ants with him just to prepare cannon fodder for special periods.
Silver-winged magic ants offer instantaneous joy, vibrating their wings and dancing in the whirl, devouring LeiLi around them.
Ordinary thunder can’t kill them, but it makes them delicious.