Lin Yue made an announcement on time when he made a unified panel to look at the point.

[End of the third disaster]
[By the end of the disaster, the remaining living population of the globe was 254,974]
[Details of the fourth disaster will be announced in 4 hours]
[Wake up here again and death is real death! 】
[Good luck to human beings! 】
Lin Yue rubbed his eyes.
That’s it?
What about the upgrade?
What about the new features?
What about merging groups?
This time it’s too perfunctory
Although Lin Yue has a lot to vomit, he is really surprised at another point.
"Is there a total population of 2.5 billion people left? Wait a minute, I remember how many people came after the earthquake? "
Lin Yue turned over the previous report.
262,474,756 people
That’s not right
Once it was 2.6 billion people, and after this disaster, there were still 2.5 billion people left?
In these seven days, 100 million people have disappeared?
Lin Yue some can’t believe it
After all, after the first two disasters, the population of 700 million dropped to 2.6 billion directly, and more than half of them died!
Before the report, Lin Yue looked at it carefully
[End of the first disaster]
【 The remaining living population of the ball is 345,565,477 】
At that time, it was released that "the elderly and children, disabled people and various groups who can’t take care of themselves will be sent to their relatives after the first disaster because of their weak vitality". This figure is actually the final total surplus of the people who were first sent after the first disaster.
The second time, the number changed to 262,474,756, but added the total number of people who were unable to move after the strong earthquake.
That is to say, the total number of people killed in the second disaster is much more than that in the first one!
According to all kinds of information, almost two billion people lost their lives forever after this disaster.
Only then did we change the group into a group of 100 thousand people and update it.
"If 100 million people die, does it mean that the foundation has eliminated all those who are not adapted to the different world?"
Lin Yue mused.
For a while, I was lazy and didn’t try to survive. I was eliminated first, and then the first disaster, the snowstorm, brushed off another wave;
After investing in the elderly, children and people who are inconvenient to move, it is more difficult to survive.
At the same time, most of the people who sent inconvenient actions were originally medical students who relied on the earth, and they were too old to withstand the disaster …
During the second earthquake, some people were not well prepared, and finally they were directly crushed to death by shelters or killed by mutating organisms outside, so the total population dropped so much.
However, since then, the post-unification system has been updated again, and there are still giant creatures, geological relics, more difficult secret places and more cruel different worlds. This time, it was a double disaster, but it was wiped out by 100 million people …
It seems that all these people left are really "survivors"
Chapter 176 Cut the safe to get powerful equipment!
Long-lost sunlight penetrate that plastic film and entered the damp and swelter greenhouse.
Little white and little ice lizard are constantly harvesting the fruits that are ripe today.
Red strawberries, green chickpeas, plump and swollen white radishes were harvested by them one by one and put into wooden baskets prepared by Lin Yue in advance according to their types.
Of course, onions, watermelons, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and beans were also received separately.
The land outside was too muddy to go out, and now Lin Yue really has no way to give it to them.
Just when he put away the stone wall to prevent the flood from coming in, he noticed that the wet mud in the courtyard had reached the point where there was no way for him to go out easily.
At that time, he put the board on the surface and tried to use it as a pedal. After stepping on it, the board was gradually swallowed up by the wet mud, and the root could not support his weight.
This ground is equivalent to being flooded for almost three days before and after, which is indeed much bigger than the sequela brought by the previous snowstorm.
Although with the help of pieces of stone, he also dismantled all the stone walls and put them aside to restore the shelter as it was, and the greenhouse will be seen again.
But it’s inconvenient to really want to do something
"Ga!" Xiaobai led the little ice lizards to collect the food and reported the matter to Lin Yue, who was cleaning up the things in No.2 greenhouse.
"It’s finished. Wait for me for a while and we’ll have dinner."
Lin Yue wiped her face and sweated and threw the broken iron saw to the ground.
This is the second broken iron saw.
He kicked his foot and was sealed. It’s true that this thing will be so strong.
This thing is something he got from a cabin next to the hangar in a secret place. There are two of them, which are extremely strong and bulky.
Lin Yue came to try to cut it with a saw, but I didn’t expect it to be made of alloy. The iron saw just made a shallow mark.
He went back to the basement to look for tools to play.
Suddenly he saw a big guy with a red handle!
"Emma forgot this!" Lin Yue picked up the fire chain saw and saw another big guy next to it before he got excited.
Engine cutter!
Put them into the things. Lin Yue pulled another thread to the No.2 greenhouse and informed Xiaobai of them before.