When I saw it open its mouth, it swallowed at my head. I quickly gave up my head. The big white bug was too strong and chewed a large piece of soil in its mouth.

Just when I was in danger, Xiaolian saw the white bug around me and was about to swallow me. Xiaolian was in a hurry. She grabbed the big white bug’s back with both hands and grabbed its fat meat. After Xiaolian Jiao drank it, she lifted the big white bug up and held it high.
I just got up from the ground, and then I saw that Lotus threw this 200-pound major white bug high into the middle. When its body fell, Lotus suddenly slapped the big white bug’s head and turned it into a paste!
I didn’t expect that Nellie would have such great power to throw more than 200 kilograms of major white worms into the middle so high after recovering her skill. How hard it takes!
More than a great white bug is attacking us. It’s good that Yi Genjin is here except for Xiaolian, but Yi Genjin is obviously unable to deal with these great white bugs. His dagger is constantly plunged into a great white bug. Unfortunately, the dagger is too short to cause fatal damage to the great white bug, but it is crushed by this strange bug.
After killing a white bug, Lillian floated to Egan Gold and drew a beautiful arc in her light body. After flying to the front of the white bug that attacked Egan Gold, Lillian shot the white bug to death, and then her body floated to the other two white bugs without staying, killing both of them.
We just breathed a sigh of relief, but after all this tossing, the white bug has opened his mouth and swallowed Wu Dang!
Looking at the big white worm, its abdomen is swollen, and its belly is filled with Wu Dangwu, and its belly is constantly struggling to make it bulging.
"Xiaolian, help Wu Dang!"
I shouted at Lillian. Now Lillian is our savior. We can’t cope with these huge white worms.
Lotus flew to the white bug and raised her hand and patted it on the head. After the white bug swallowed Wu Dang, its body moved slowly and added its roots, so it didn’t know that it was dodged by Lotus’s slapping "poof" and its head was flattened by Lotus.
As soon as the body of the great white bug fell down, we all gathered around to see it. The belly of the great white bug was still moving, and it was Wu Dang who struggled and would suffocate in a while.
Yi Genjin and I quickly dissected the belly of the big white bug with a dagger. My knife point cut the belly of the big white bug. There was no blood in it. After scratching its belly, Yi Genjin tore it with his hands along the knife edge. There was a lot of dirt in the belly of the big white bug. There was something struggling and twisting in it. This big ball should be the stomach of the big white bug.
My dagger cut it open, which saved Wu Dang. At this time, Wu Dang was covered with mucus and there were many scratches. It should be that the mouth of the big white bug was hooked when it was swallowed.
Wu Dang looked at us in horror, and we were short of breath. It seems that just now, the big white bug was holding a mouthful of asthma in his stomach.
I saw that the river was so fantastic that I wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. God knows when another monster came out. When I thought of this, I should go ahead and greet everyone to move on.
I’m counting on Wu Dang to lead the way, but four years ago, when he reached the Dihe River, he never went any further. Wu Dang is also a known person, and now he can grope his way forward and take it one step at a time.
It’s dark in this open field. We’ve come a long way. It feels like it’s four or five miles away from the river behind us. It’s still dark ahead. I can’t see anything. It’s strange in my heart. Isn’t there even a building in Koguryo Diwang City?
Walking in the dark, our speed is very slow, and our hands are limited. We must save some time. I just quit and grope my way forward in the dark.
After about a mile’s walk, I suddenly changed my appearance in front of us. I saw a high wall blocking us. I quickly hit my hand and took a picture of this wall. This high wall is made of blue stones. There is a spectacular gate in the center of the wall. Both gates are made of metal, and each gate has a big iron ring. At this time, the gate is closed. There is silence in this mysterious king city.
We can’t help but get excited when we see these things, and finally found this should be the city of Koguryo.
Looking at this majestic ancient city, we all cheered up and walked step by step to the gate.
Chapter 10 The samurai before the palace
At the bottom of the city gate, we found that the city wall was ridiculously high, which was seven meters high. When we looked at it from a distance, we didn’t think it was until we got near that we found this grand ancient city with a thousand years.
A group of us came to the gate and looked at the closed two gates. At that time, we didn’t know how to get in. At this moment, Hao Laosan came over and knocked on the gate and said to us, "This gate is made of iron plate. It seems that it is impossible to get in through the gate."
We all believe what Hao Laosan said, because most of the Hao brothers are digging graves, he won’t be mistaken.
Now there is one way to get into this diwang city, that is, climb the city wall and turn over from it, but the city wall is bare and doesn’t even have a gripper. It is not easy for us to climb it.
At this moment, Wu Dang suddenly said to me,’ Four dogs, your wife can fly, let her fly with a rope first, and then tie the rope to Chengtou, and we will grab the rope one by one and climb to the top. "
As soon as I heard it, I didn’t say that Wu Dang really had a way, so I told Lotus about Wu Dang’s idea. Lotus smiled and said to me, "Brother Dog, it’s hard to get the rope out quickly."
I quickly took out the rope that I had prepared in my travel bag. This rope is more than 30 meters long and very strong. Today, I really sent a lotus to look at the wall in my hand. I flew with my feet pointed and my body took off like a light swallow. After several turns, I had already flown more than ten meters high. The wall was firmly established.
Everyone was stunned. Even Master nodded and smiled and said to me, "Four dogs, why don’t you stop letting Xiaolian recover?"
My wry smile can really amuse me. Master doesn’t know what it’s like to hug a cold wife every night.
After Xiaolian flew over the city wall, she shook the rope, tied one end of the rope to the city wall and threw the other end to the city wall.
Yi Genjin grabbed the rope and climbed along it first. When he climbed halfway, Yi Genjin tied the waist of the rope and then climbed to see that Yi Genjin had a sense of security, so as to prevent his hands from slipping suddenly or failing to hold on and from falling directly.
It didn’t take long for Yi Genjin to climb to meet the Lotus Wall, and everyone climbed to the wall one by one along the rope. When we saw the whole Koguryo Diwang city, it was dark. The ancient houses in this city were still intact. If there was light here, we would have a pair of antique beauty in front of us.
I pulled the rope from the outside of the city wall and then threw it into the city. Everyone fell into the city along the rope one by one.
After entering the city, we found that our feet were all soft sand, and the whole land king city was quiet and had no breath, which made it even more frightening to know that it was the heart of evil spirits.
We walked along the dirt road in the city, and the roadside was full of houses, and there was no sound inside. Hao Lao Er and Hao Lao San made an old habit at this time, and they would enter one or two houses, and then they would go inside and toss to see if there were any valuable possessions. When they came out, they took out two bowls at random. They were all Millennium antiques.
I guess that magic dust bead is the treasure of Koguryo’s king city. Nine times out of ten, it will be hidden in this king city palace. I am also in distress situation and what to say when I see the Hao brothers doing this.
A group of people walked along the street. When they came to the center of the city, a magnificent palace suddenly appeared in front of them. From the outside, it made people feel awe. This palace covers an area of 3,000 square meters, all of which are ancient buildings with eaves and arches and bright red paint.
When Wu Dang saw the palace, his excitement could no longer be concealed. He said, "Finally, this must be the palace of the local dynasty. I’m afraid all the Koguryo treasures are hidden in this palace!"
I looked at Wu Dang and thought that four years ago, they ventured into the king’s city. There are countless treasures here. Six companions died, which made Wu Dang afraid to think about this king’s city again. Now he finally came to the palace. It is natural that he is excited.
Master and I have a heavy heart, because since we came to the city, Master and I have felt that the Yin Qi in this king city is extremely heavy. I don’t know if Master has ever seen such a heavy Yin Qi. It is the first time that I have felt such a heavy Yin Qi since I learned Taoism. It is possible that there are many ghosts here to produce such a heavy Yin Qi. There is another possibility that there is a spectre with a deep path hidden here!
Hao Lao Er and Hao Lao San couldn’t help it at this time. They should walk into the palace. The palace door is open and go inside. It can be said that it is a Ma Pingchuan. They are now itching and bent on emptying all the rare treasures here.
The two of them hurried to the palace. I chased them from behind and said, "Don’t rush in! There are extremely powerful evil spirits in here!"
They listened to me and said that there were evil spirits here, so they calmed down. They didn’t go any further at the gate of the palace. After I stopped them, I took the peach wooden sword and the ghost rope in my hand and walked carefully to the palace.
Master was afraid that I was in danger and hurried after me and walked inside with me, followed by Xiaolian and Egan Jinzana, followed by the Hao brothers and Wu Dang. The last group of people walked inside carefully and were always ready to deal with emergencies.
Strangely, it’s quiet in this palace. We’ve come near the palace and there’s still no movement. I thought, Do I feel wrong? There are no evil spirits here? Although I think so, I still can’t be careless. I hold the peach wooden sword tightly in my hand. If an evil spirit suddenly jumps out, I will give it a sword directly.
We walked to the gate of the palace, which should be the residence and office of the supreme ruler of Koguryo dynasty. When I walked to the gate, I saw a golden helmet and a golden warrior on each side of the gate of the palace, and both sides of the gate were majestic.
I suddenly took two steps back, wondering if the samurai were still alive more than two thousand years ago. How else can it be here?
Seeing that they didn’t respond for a long time, I bravely walked up to the two warriors and took photos of their faces. They were very pale and had no blood. Obviously, they had been dead for a long time. I touched the faces of the two warriors and felt that their faces were not elastic at all. The skin was cold and cold, and there was no temperature. It was actually two mummies standing here.
I just turned around and said to them, "I’m not afraid these are two mummies."
Just as I turned around and said these words, I suddenly saw that everyone’s face changed greatly, especially Yi Genjin, who rushed in front of me in a hurry. He shouted, "Brother Dog, be careful that the samurai behind you is alive!"
I screamed, and immediately looked back and saw two mummies who were still motionless just now. Suddenly, their eyes were wide and round, and one of them had stepped quietly behind me, raised his hand and cut it at my head!
My heart says bad! This face-to-face hiding can’t come, and it will be chopped off by this samurai ghost knife! Yi Genjin tried his best to run near me at this time, but he couldn’t come. The samurai’s ghost-headed broadsword was quickly and maliciously split with an evil wind!
It’s over!
I said to myself, I can’t hide. I closed my eyes and waited for death. But at this critical moment, I felt someone coming from behind me like a gust of wind. I waved my head for a while, and then I felt the ghost-headed broadsword in the samurai’s hand brushing past me with the wind.
I opened my eyes and saw that Nellie had drifted near me. It was she who just dialed the samurai’s hand and cut the ghost head broadsword to change the direction, which saved me.
I appreciate looking at Nellie and saying that my wife is always the first to rescue me at the key moment. If it weren’t for Nellie just now, I would have been cut in half by this warrior.
At this time, another warrior has also rushed to meet Nellie and fight with that warrior. The samurai swung the ghost knife and came to help. The two warriors joined forces to attack Nellie before and after, and kept chopping at Nellie.
I wonder in my heart how these two samurai have become mummies and suddenly become alive and kicking. Is it possessed by a ghost? Thought of this, I once again opened my eyes and looked at these two warriors. Sure enough, I guess that’s right. Each of these two warriors is attached to an evil ghost warrior. The two evil spirits are all dressed in black, and there is a red circle in the shape of the sun on the front and back. This mark is the appearance of Liu Yemei’s old ghost master. It seems that it should be a common mark of the ghosts of this city.
Although Xiaolian’s skill is profound, she is still unable to cope with the siege of these two evil spirits. I guess these two evil spirits have been cultivated for two thousand years less than Xiaolian’s.
At this time, two evil spirits manipulated the two shining golden warriors to suddenly cut two ghost knives at the same time to Nelly.
Chapter 19 Get the orb
The situation of this Lotus is even more critical. If these two shining warriors attack Lotus, they can easily deal with it, but these two warriors are all attached to a demon who has practiced for thousands of years, which is much worse.
I watched Nellie avoid her flesh, but the real flesh and blood has no temperature. He is no different from a normal person. If he is cut with a ghost knife, he will either die or be seriously injured. I rushed forward to fight with these two mummified warriors.