Zhang Yang tore all the way forward.
He and Tasson are both masters, and their strength belongs to the strong wherever they go. Although they have met some monks, they should see that their strength is immediately turned away without provocation.
Sometimes Zhang Yang suddenly appeared in front of them and let them escape, but it was respectfully motionless there
Of course, Zhang Yang has no interest in attacking these weak monks.
Go straight ahead
Finally, when it was broken again, several huge statues in the vast desert could be seen in the distance.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Kill the lion face monster
These statues are very huge. Zhang Yang’s eyes still feel huge, and their size can be imagined
These are three giant beast statues with different shapes, one looking up at the sky, the other posing as a dragon and wagging its tail, and the other patting its front paws.
These statues are pulled at a proper distance in front of them, and a strong man either sits cross-legged or stands proudly, watching them.
"Respect the strong in the main environment … most of them are the strong in the king’s environment, but there are hundreds of the strong in the main environment."
Zhang Yang looked surprised, too.
It’s definitely a grand occasion for a hundred powerful people to get together!
Fluctuation: Some people come and have a distance. Recently, several people have looked back at others as if they didn’t notice what they should normally do.
Obviously, these people all watch these statues for enlightenment, which is just like Zhang Yang watching the law ball for enlightenment.
From Toles’ memory, Zhang Yang knows that there are many treasures and precious resources in this secret realm, which are very rare in the whole universe and sea.
But it is these statues that are the most precious.
Most of the battles of the strong who enter the secret realm are also carried out around the best viewing position.
A strong man who doesn’t know each other will definitely leave a certain distance to keep others from approaching when he realizes.
Several statues have been studied for thousands of years, and you will know what is going on when you stay in this secret place for a while.
This statue has little attraction to the powerful in the big statue.
There is no attraction for the strong in God’s Lord, because they can’t understand it at all, and it is harmful to forcibly understand words.
The biggest thing is to respect the strong in the Lord’s territory and the king’s territory.
Therefore, the most competitive battle is the exhibition of respecting the strong in the main environment
Of course, Zhang Yang came very late. Now, all the good positions have been occupied by people. Looking at his current position, you can see that these statues flow faintly and regularly. It is not ineffective but much worse.
Zhang Yang didn’t go to the waves for so long, but his eyes were swept by hundreds of monks who were looking for a soft persimmon to pinch.
Zhang Yang’s key consideration is a lion face monster and a guy who looks like a whale. No, don’t forget that these two guys in Toles’ memory are two of the three great gods of Gross.
Zhang Yang has made enemies with God Gross. The wisest thing to do, of course, is to die with this enemy. If you offend others again, it will be bad if you are besieged.
Zhang Yang is powerful and confident, but he doesn’t want to put himself in danger.