When you rise, you will draw your hand to please everyone; At the end of the boom, the wild cranes roam around and watch the flowers fall and the clouds roll and relax.

Have a good life
It took more than ten days for everyone to enjoy themselves.
Then Lingqing will send everyone away one by one.
It is the green hills that are always green, and the long stream of water always gathers and disperses. If the edge comes, it will disperse.
Since then, Lingqing has officially included Taoist Yunsheng into the Taoist temple gate wall to make a farewell.
It can be said that he has disposed of all the scriptures except the "Congenital True Classics".
Lingji and Wen Jun both cast dantian, raised Yuan and refined Yuan, and refined the innate Yuan at this time.
Sun Yuwei officially cut hair and washed pulp to hone the congenital Tao body.
The whole practice of repairing the true state is to cast a leaky cauldron to repair one’s worn-out body from plugging and filling gaps.
Then the qi permeates the body and washes the meridians, and the qi returns to the innate conciseness. Cutting hair, washing marrow, refining the body, solidifying points and refining orifices, and casting the Daoji.
This principle can only be used to refine the element.
You are immortal.
Lingqing is still in the stage of nourishing the five zang-organs in a fairyland. The magic power he condensed in the 365 mysterious altars was too strong.
Not only does it take a lot of time to warm up the abdomen in China, but it takes a lot of time to warm up the five internal organs, which is slower than people.
Or not slow, but deeper and finer.
In this step, the five internal organs and five elements must be combined with their own vitality to create five palaces and five houses.
Ordinary people can also accept their own mana without being too broad.
Lingqing, on the other hand, is different from him. If God’s House is lax in limiting his strength, there may be hidden dangers of mana shock and dirty injury.
Therefore, it will take a lot of time for him to warm up the five zang-organs and build a spiritual mansion.
However, this is not to say that there is no benefit when the light slows down.
This step is his advantage when the five spirits come true.
The realization of five qi is to condense the true shape of five qi.
By this time, Shenfu is powerful and powerful, and Lingqing can be condensed into the true shape of five qi as soon as possible.
It is even said that some people are limited by the magical power of the Shenfu, which can be condensed into one true shape of five clouds or five dragons, while Lingqing can be condensed into many kinds
Moreover, it will be of great benefit when the Five Qi Dynasties are over. Similarly, some people have insufficient mana and will have to work hard to make up for it in the future.
While Lingqing is not so worried.
Five Qi and Yuan Qi alternate with each other, and the mana is exhausted.
On this day, Lingqing came to Linghua Pool to find out and saw that it was only one meter thick in diameter but hundreds of meters high, and its crown was like a Qingyun umbrella tree.
At this time, there are several brilliance flows, and there are more than 300 stars shining in these brilliance.
Each of these Guanghua stars represents the regular handle in the blessed land of Qingyun Mountain.
It is said that the operation of the blessed land is either to cover a wider area at the beginning of construction.
Or it will take hundreds of years to accumulate slowly to make it bigger.
There are caves in the records of caves and blessed land, and the area of caves is smaller than that of blessed land because they were small at the beginning of their construction.
However, with boundary trees, Lingqing can reconcile and expand the blessed land with boundary trees.
In fact, it is not so miraculous for ordinary people to own the boundary tree.
Although the boundary tree can control all the rules of the abode of fairies and immortals, it takes time to collect it slowly, doesn’t it?
It will take hundreds of years to rely on the tree body alone.
However, Lingqing transformed the laws of heaven and earth into gods by virtue of the law of restraining spirits and transforming gods.
It is equivalent to directly taking a reference material for the boundary tree to control the blessed land handle of Qingyun Mountain.
It is a great shortcut.
At this time, it has inspired the law of blessed land through various expositions, and also absorbed many people’s truth, which has added a little more charm and deepened the control of blessed land.
The boundary tree is not a repairer, but a hub that controls one side of the world.
It is also equivalent to a device
It is far less important for the practitioner to have a conflict between Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Mohism.
Inadvertently, contradictions and conflicts cannot be separated.
For example, yin and yang can never escape from the world cage.
Lingqing assisted the tree in sorting out the complicated truths one by one so that there would be no abnormal changes due to the conflict of truths.
It’s a plant, a hub of heaven and earth, and it can adapt itself to these slowly.
But it’s not a wild spirit, and it doesn’t want to make the abode of fairies and immortals strange by its own efforts. Naturally, it has to be sorted out according to its own wishes.
In this way, while combing the blessed land, he purified his mind and practiced unconsciously, and it was almost the observation period of Wuyue Temple.
Chapter five hundred and thirty-four Wuyue temple fair soldiers divided into two ways to deputy.
Wuyue Temple is on March 3rd.