Ten thousand years have passed in a blink of an eye.

Zhang Yang heaved a sigh of relief with his eyes open.
"This way of destruction is much simpler than that of the times."
"I realized that it was the law of time. At this time, the law has not yet reached the point where the path of destruction is about to be achieved!"
Zhang Yang had a surprise in his eyes.
The regular ball really gave him a big surprise.
"No wonder you can become a town treasure of the Hag clan. This law ball will destroy the Tao, and it is very clear and organized from the beginning to the end."
"There may still be bottlenecks in the practice of ordinary monks, but when I practice, I have broken through all the way, and both my mental and physical strength and mana accumulation have been extremely solid."
"It’s really gratifying to break through all the way here in the past 100 thousand years."
Zhang Yang face with a smile.
"If you want me to think that this path of destruction can break through the path at any time and become famous, it will honor the strong in the main environment."
"But now I can’t do this. Although the Tao of Destruction is also very powerful, it is far worse than Jin Mu’s Five Laws of Fire, Water and Soil."
"I want to advance by understanding the times and the Tao, so that the power of the high law can be stronger. In the process of shaping the body of god, it is necessary to use the stronger high law to achieve better results."
Zhang Yang has a deep understanding of this.
"It’s a pity that the destruction of Tao can break through this time. I feel that I am half a step away from the path Dacheng. It’s a pity that I can’t cross it for half a step."
"bottleneck! This is a bottleneck! "
Zhang Yang regrets.
Even if sometimes the beast gives the ball to the law, it is not so triumphant and all the way is clear.
The road to cultivation is difficult.
"It doesn’t help me much to continue to feel. It seems that I still need to go out for a walk."
Zhang Yang made up his mind to get up.
In this more than 100,000 years, the tree of life naturally gave birth to a large number of life fluids. The realm of Zhang Yang has reached the height of God King dzogchen, and it has also soared from more than 20 million kilometers to more than 30 million kilometers.
This is already a limit breakthrough, and it can’t be broken until it reaches the realm of respecting the Lord.
Zhang Yang has reached a bottleneck in terms of understanding from the law or the strength of the body.
Next to the meteorite world is a terracotta-red egg-shaped interface, which has not been successfully completed, but the framework has been completed. From the outside, it is no different from the ordinary world.
This is the world of Tucson.
With Zhang Yang’s energy support, it took Tasson more than ten years to finally carve out a world of his own in the turbulent flow. This is his foothold and naturally he is grateful to Zhang Yang.
Zhang Yang summoned the gods to move the interface of the meteorite world to make a passage.
The figure flashed before Tatson appeared.
More than 7 million kilometers high, Godhead is stronger among the monks of the same order, and it’s really worthy of being promoted to the road of destruction.
"Temple!" Tasson respectfully saluted Zhang Yang.
He was able to get where he is today because of Zhang Yang’s help. What’s worse, Zhang Yang is now dominated by other gods, and his strength is far higher than his. No matter from which aspect, he has no conditions for Zhang Yangli.