Just make sure you have a grudge.

Anyway, he’s going to die, at least he won’t kill him.
"Then go on."
Darkness condensed into a black sword blade. Xu Le’s hand has been cut to Zesimi.
Zesimi also raised his right hand at this time.
That one hasn’t moved the tongs. Open your mouth.
"the dragon breaks the chop"
The same energy impact pair blasted out and collided with Xu Le’s dark shock wave.
But it’s not over yet. With the injection of evil power into Zesimi, the original stable mood has become a little crazy at the moment.
He drooled at the corner of his mouth and howled wildly at Xu Le, while the dragon head kept releasing more dragons.
"Xu Le, Xu Le and Xu Le, let me kill you. Take revenge on Gu Jianuo."
As soon as the ball of energy flies out of Xu Le, the same dark forces condense into a firm but gentle bombardment.
Boom Boom Boom
The battlefield, which was already in ruins, was swept and exploded again at this time, and this piece of land, which was already in ruins, was abruptly plowed again.
Neither side gave in, and the explosions kept coming.
The dust caused by the explosion filled the battlefield with smoke, and it was impossible to see the situation clearly.
However, most people also know that if this simple energy explosion does not end, it means that the collision between the two people is not over.
"Die, Xu Le!"
The dragon head absorbed a lot of evil power and was invaded by darkness.
At this time, the jet dragon has been mixed with darkness, and Zesimi’s nose and mouth are filled with black fog.
This dark force has invaded the body.
Xu Le needs to stay away from Jersey for a while, and soon Jersey will be eroded by darkness and die.
But this is not the effect he wants.
He wants to crush and defeat Zesimi in a positive and real way.
He wants to establish himself as the strongest in Level 6.
In the melee, Xu Le suddenly popped up a card.
[Black Card-Black Sheep Girl]
"disaster strike"
The shock wave suddenly mixed with the night terrors’ regular energy, which broke the body shape, instantly tore the Jersey Millet Dragon.
In the process of piercing the dragon’s chop, the firm but gentle wave even pulled away the darkness contained in the dragon’s chop.
Instantly crossing the battlefield can rival Feng Rui’s cutting Zesimi’s body.
"Uh …"
Blood splashes, Zexi’s dry body is almost cut in two, but those snakeheads and tails are still wrapped around his body.
Don’t let now he completely broken in half.
Zesimi opened his mouth wide and seemed to want to breathe more air, but the sword mark on his chest and abdomen made his inhalation leak out for a short time.
Judging from the injury, Xu Le’s blow has cut off Zesimi’s life.
He has no strength to fight and fight back.
Gu Jianuo revenge has also become a joke.
Xu Le slowly floated up a warlock with rich practical experience. He knew that the more he reached this point, the more he could not delay.
Because he always remembers that every warlock is to be reckoned with
Suspended and semi-converged, dark and firm but gentle Xu Le is going to directly cut off Zesimi’s head this time
Qiang Qiang!
Shock wave swept the original eyes turned white, and Zesimi actually regained the spiritual will at the moment.
Tail rolled his broken bust and abruptly hid from Xu Le’s dark shock wave.
Bowing his head, Zesimi suddenly smiled grimly.
He glared at Xu Le and gave his last roar.
"Teacher, I know that you have abandoned me. I know that I have become a stepping stone to test your new toys.
But I also want to tell you that I have never felt like a loser.
Jealousy is that I should have emotional hatred, and it is my last revenge on the world.
Killing you with your own hands is really full of pleasure when you violate your will before you die!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … "
There was a violent laugh, and part of Zesimi’s dirt fell off.
His heart is still beating in the middle.
Even Xu Le could not help nodding his head when he saw this tenacious life posture.
"You are awesome."
And Zesimi has long forgotten so much, and his last life has condensed here.
He’s gone. His thoughts are gone. He wants Xu Le dead. It’s that simple.