Lu Li angered, "You can’t say anything!"

The soldier said to him, "The masters of various countries cut the head of our Yan soldier and tied it to his ass. After that, he put it on in chains and hung the horns and waists of animals!"
Lu Li heard that he suddenly got up and slapped the hall table. He said angrily, "Men can kill, but don’t insult me. Soldiers in Yan are mostly upright people. If they are tortured and humiliated like the ancestors of Lishan, it will be unbearable for countries to insult Yan so much!"
Aside, the bodhi old zu of Lishan heard nothing. He was controlled by the mastermind and dominated by the land. Besides, it was a great favor that he didn’t kill him because of his evil deeds.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five Let people talk
Lu Li was a little angry and really angry. He was born in Pingxi Village and felt deeply about the village. It is acceptable for the Lu clan to travel all the way and finally stay in Nujiang River, but it is also impossible to erase his childhood memories forever.
The eyes were cold and distant, and he said directly, "Can the jealous cloud house capture spies or prisoners?"
Hong Jun said, "Yes, there are about dozens of people, but this group of people are hard-mouthed. If we force them, they won’t reveal anything, and these personal arrangements are forbidden. We can’t easily try soul searching, otherwise it will directly lead to their death."
Lu Li smell speech sink a way "bring all the people"
Hong Jun heard that it was not too Bai Lu’s departure, but he still followed the instructions of Lu Li’s departure.
In a short time, more than 30 people were scarred and obviously tortured, but none of them gave in. Although they were forcibly pressed by soldiers, there was still no population.
Most of these captured spies and captives belong to the seven-nation alliance, and some of them are hidden masters of the state of Yan, and some of them are caught by the masters of Hongyun House.
Lu Li looked at these people and said directly, "Listen, a few days ago, the masters of various countries slaughtered several villages on the border of Yan State, leaving no survivors."
Lu Liyin is very indifferent, but what he said is true. Most of these people are murderers, but there are also some people who seem to be somewhat dissatisfied with the practices of other countries.
Hong Jun didn’t interrupt, but continued, "Listen, I will give you freedom, but the first thing is that after you return to the camps of other countries, you will hand over my words to your leaders exactly."
"I will kill every foreigner who hurts the people of Yan again!"
The sound of Lu Li is very cold, and the cold goes straight into the bone marrow
Many defenders in Hong Jun Hongyun Mansion were all shocked, and some of them were slightly dissatisfied. It took a lot of effort to arrest these people, but at the same time, there were also many casualties among elite soldiers in Hongyun Mansion. Do you want to let them go in an airy way?
But Hong Jun didn’t refute the matter. He already believed that the judgment strategy of Lu Li would not be doubted again.
More than half of the more than 30 people heard that they all looked up and saw the alienation. Most of them still showed doubts and did not believe that the alienation would really give them freedom. They even recognized the alienation, saying that it was paralyzing their rhetoric. It is estimated that if they don’t give out information today, they will die.
They feel a cold murderous look when they are away from home. It is not innate, but after many killings, they are defiled. Once they get close, they can feel the coldness when they deliberately show it.
A dead man who had been silent for several days suddenly said, "You must be so hypocritical to kill as you please!"
Lu Li sneered, "I will keep my word, and your words are very funny. If you are really indomitable, you must pose like this again." The winner Wang Jie prisoner was abandoned. "
What Lu Li said doesn’t make sense, so many dead people bow their heads. They deeply know the meaning. The meat chopping block can be slaughtered.
After a while, he motioned for his palm to flash brilliance, respectively, to absorb most of the true qi of these dead people. Although these people were banned by Hongyun House experts, they were really strong
These dead people have been extracted from most of the true qi, and suddenly they feel weak, and they wave their hands gently, and these personal bans suddenly disappear.
There are many prohibitions in Yun Sheng Tian, such as shattered prohibitions, banned prohibitions, and virtual prohibitions. There are some foundations for prohibitions, and now his realm of cultivation is distracted and he wants to understand prohibitions, which is no longer so elusive.
These dead people are banned and released. Some people are startled, some people look cold, and some people just gallop away with a flash of air.
Of course, there are also some stubborn and unappreciative people whose eyes are full of pitfalls. Although most of their qi has been taken away, they are still desperately trying to fight hard. These are some people who are numb and cold, and they are really determined to fight for a chance even if they are smashed to pieces.
But nowadays, is it these miscellaneous fish that can hurt?
Now he is no longer the little devil figure in Heron Mountain, nor the sad teenager after the lotus dies, nor the lonely man running in the middle of the world robbery.
A little more detached, a little more indifferent, a little more aloof, a little more distinguished, and now he thinks about life and death in front of these people.
One man is very fast, even if he is tortured for many days, he can’t erase his fighting spirit. His boxing shadow is like the wind, and his resentment has exploded for many days. This boxing covers his hatred and murder, because he sees that his identity is unusual. Although he knows that he is careless, he still has to fight hard to kill.
Lu Li’s eyes closed slightly and said, "The fighting spirit is full but the strength is insignificant."
His speech is also slightly raised his hand, and his arm is scarred. It seems as if he has been seriously injured, but there is a very strange force when he raises his hand, which will involve the dead man with real strength.
The dead man glared with disbelief and exclaimed, "You are an evil way!"
At the same instant, another dead man came to the ground and kicked the man’s ribs off several roots. Even if he hit the dead man hard, he knew that he was fighting back the pain and flew away directly.
The detached man wanted to resist the detached man, but it was a cold smile that didn’t take his life, but a flash of silver light in his palm threw him out of Hongyun House.
The soldiers and commanders of Hongyun Mansion didn’t stop these people from leaving after the World War I, and they also had faith in Lu Li, so they released this group of dead people and left.
It was not until the group of dead people left Hongyun Mansion that Hong Jun said, "General, what are you-"
He also wants to ask the truth, the recognition and the strategy.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-six Sound broken heart
Hong Jun, when asked this question, stopped hiding and said bluntly, "What does the Lord want to ask?"
Hong Jun continued, "Is it just words for the general to release these prisoners and the dead?"
He always wondered if all the experts in the world would be unlucky if they said that in that way, but the question was how many experts in Yan could come forward to stop those rampant foreigners?
Lu Li said indifferently, "I said I would do it."
What he said about Hong Jun was even more puzzling. Did Lu Li say that he would go to meet them in person?
It’s very inspiring to go out and fight alone for the general of Yan’s expedition to the North, but there are also several experts in the Seven-Nation Alliance who refine the gods and the gas. It’s very scary. Although Hong Jun recognizes the strength of being away from home, he doesn’t recognize that being away from home and death can win.
The Tianjiao generation of the Seven-Nation Alliance said that the protector of the Fourth Middle School is an amazing generation. The emergence of the Suzaku sword must be accompanied by the death of several masters. At that time, the fire dancer did not know how many powerful enemies this sword had killed. It is estimated that even the evil spirits faced him with a tie.
Although Hong Jun didn’t want to dispel the idea of alienation, he still told the truth, "If the general meets a strong enemy again-"
"Don’t worry, Lord," said Lu Li, "since people from other countries have differentiated the people of Yan State, if they still do so after receiving the warning, I will make moves to repair it. Don’t worry about this fire dance fight. I also have reservations and moved a third to repair it-"
Most people were shocked when they heard the news, but the bodhi old zu in Lishan knew that his master Xiu was really uncertain, and he couldn’t see the end at a glance. This is also why he would have defeated the master in the early stage of refining the realm of God, and the bodhi old zu in Lishan was not an opponent.
Hong Jun heard the words and nodded, but he saw the shocking wound on his chest. Hong Jun said again, "General, there are many elixirs in my house, and a few of my commanders can join hands to exercise the general’s injury, and it won’t be long before he can recover."
Lu Li shook his head and said, "Lord, you don’t have to be like this. I need some ordinary medicinal materials and some aftercare tonight."
Lu Li absorbed some of the true qi of the dead, and temporarily recovered a little. Plus, tonight is a moonlit night, and it is expected to return to the previous state by absorbing Yue Hua’s strength.
Hong Jun nodded, "All right, but if the general really leaves alone, he should be more careful. The seven-nation alliance is extremely cruel and cunning, so he should be very careful."
Lu Li nods, "Fu Zhu doesn’t have to worry about Hongyun Fu’s whole protection day, and we have to discuss it carefully. Tonight, I’ll take care of the rest of the soldiers to reinforce me. I’ve arranged that if there is a sudden emergence, Hao Tianfu will come to the rescue in a big way. Don’t worry about myself. If I encounter a master of refining the gods, it’s not easy for him to chase my footsteps."
Hong Jun nodded at the same time and said, "Lord, I have one thing to ask you for help."
Hong Jun said with a smile, "The general should be polite but say no"
Lu Li nodded, "I need a nine-stringed piano and so on-"