So the center point of the two people seems to be bullied by several big men, and the little woman can passively bear wave after wave of injuries at the corner.

The fact that the fried water waves were cut off from the water surface made this confrontation scene look full of power.
However, thirty seconds later, the water was ravaged by two people, but the two men never touched each other.
Generally speaking, there will always be seam contact between the two sides, such as two fists colliding to form a battle.
However, it’s so weird to play against the fourth generation of Mu Lei Ying Ai with Tui. The two men are so fast that they can catch each other with the naked eye and never touch each other in the offensive.
"I can’t hit it …" Four generations of Lei Yingai frowned. After the first round of heavy flow and beating, I felt that the soil was so bad, but now I found that the previous evaluation was all wet.
Moreover, Ai felt that this was the second time he felt helpless. The first time he felt this way was Namikaze Minato, the fourth generation of Konoha.
At that time, Namikaze Minato’s flying Raytheon technique abruptly suppressed him and Kirby as an elite team of more than a dozen people.
The earth-covered eyebrows are slightly wrinkled like those of the four generations of Lei Ying Ai, and his round fan is also unable to cut the four generations of Lei Ying Ai. Although it can cope with the offensive of the four generations of Lei Ying Ai, it is not the way to go.
In this way, two people are fighting together without touching each other, and the afterglow caused by it is terrible to look around.
Rabbi Chilubi wanted to come and support the four generations of Mu Lei Ying Ai, but looking at this scene was a little overwhelmed.
Those two figures in the thunder stream are not fixed in an area, but the offensive and defensive movements are constantly moving around, and the boxing shadow and the round fan shadow look at each other in the past, but they are wrong and have not touched each other.
In this case, he doesn’t know how to support it, and the gas explosion and the smashing of the afterglow caused by the fist of the four generations of Mu Lei Ying Ai are enough to tear, and there will be no good results if they are not prepared to approach rashly.
Weird fighting continues
Nearly10,000 ninjas from Yunren Village came one after another to surround the entire Yunlei Gorge, and then they were all shocked by the four generations of eyes, thunder, shadows, and soil-fighting.
It’s the first time they’ve seen such a battle, even though they’re all ugly for four generations, but they’re sure of one thing.
That’s … You’re playing a lose-lose game?
It’s incredible.
It is undeniable that their understanding of the strength with soil has completely changed, and they can fight with the four generations of Mu Lei Ying Ai to such an extent that they are not weaker than the four generations of Mu Lei Ying Ai.
"The enemy is very strong … hope! So boring! "
A ninja with dark skin and white hair has bangs covering his left eye, thick lips and tattoos of "thunder" and "water" on his left and right shoulders respectively.
This seemingly casual young male ninja is Darrouy. He is the only successor of Lei Guoyun, the village guardian of four generations of Mu Leiying, and Third Raikage’s black Lei Dun. Lan Dun is extremely loyal to the four generations of Mu Leiying and was once called his "second right hand" by the four generations of Mu Leiying.
Now, when he led the ninja in the dark part of Yunyin Village, he felt that there were some words when he saw this scene.
"Well, boss, the situation is really bad. Let’s see if my illusion can be effective for that Uchihiro!"
A short yellow hair, about ten years old, with a straight forehead and a long armguard around his hand, tied his leggings like a thunder shadow for four generations to answer Darrouy’s question
This person and Darrouy are both four generations of eyes, thunder and shadow, and Ai’s right-hand man is about ten years old. They are outstanding people in Yunyin Village with extraordinary strength.
This person’s name is Xi, a capable elite who is good at making magic medicine endure surgery and has perceptual ability in Yunyin Village, Leiguo. He endured his yellow short hair and handsome face, and was regarded as the "left hand" of the fourth generation of Leiying.
Although his strength is worse than that of Darrouy with quasi-shadow strength, he is a rare comprehensive talent.
In the original work, he and Darrouy accompanied four generations of Mu Leiying to attend the Gokage Conference. The joint battle of the four generations of Mu Leiying in the iron country was overwhelmed by Sasuke Uchiha’s illusion.
But now he has seen sharingan, an indigenous Uchihiro clan, full of youthful spirit, and he is also aroused in his heart.
He wants to try it. He is famous for his patience and is very good at illusion. The Uchihiro clan will compete to see who is more powerful in illusion!
"Thunder illusion thunder magic ray beam!"
Of course, it can’t be said that he is reckless and has a fierce battle with the four generations of Mu Lei Ying Ai. On the spot, even the tail-column Li Qirabi dare not take risks easily.
It can be seen how fierce the battle is at the scene.
You know, the only time Third Raikage was injured was when he was touched by his palm and then destroyed the shield with strong defense.
And Third Raikage has never been injured when he ran away from the tail.
It can be seen that Thundershadow’s attack power is much stronger than its own defense power.
But Greece has strong analytical skills.
French melee support because of the war between the two men
And Ninjutsu can’t be made because of the trembling of the four generations of eyes, thunder, shadow and moxa.
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Bush sneak attack
But the illusion of remote control ability can touch the field
Four generations of Mu Leiying knew Greek illusion very well, but knew nothing about bringing soil.
It’s good for Yunyin Village to know whether it’s a trick to cast illusion, or whether it’s a trick to take the soil without preventing it, or whether it’s a trick to take two people together.
Hope is also confident and determined to cast illusion.
This is the illusion that Lei Dun turns into light, which makes the other party mistakenly obstruct the line of sight, so it is logical to win this illusion.
This is the illusion of five senses under the guise of lightning, then turning from reality to illusion and finally controlling the enemy.
The leaders of each team dare not act rashly. If they see the water waves exploded by gas and cut off the water, they will be caught by Yu Weibo.
On the way over, the intelligence on the ability to bring soil was handed to teammates by the heads of each team.
At this moment, they surrounded the place and waited for orders.
High-frequency counter-attack requires four generations’ attention. Lei Yingai doesn’t have time to talk, otherwise he will definitely let his subordinates face them directly, so that Ninjutsu Root won’t worry about hurting him, even if he throws hidden weapons.
He was confident that his defense could stop these attacks, but he didn’t even have room for distraction. He hoped that Kirby would understand this.
In fact, after reading it for a while, Kirby also made this decision, but he was still hesitant.
But bush launched the illusion without authorization
Rabbi Chilubi knows the defense of eldest brother Lei Ying very well. Even if the specialized ninja team pours ninja at him, he will be able to carry it without being hurt a little. The price to pay is chakra.
Brother Yan and Daitu are in such a weird deadlock. If you want to break the deadlock, just order your companions to perform ninja on Brother and Daitu together.
It’s a ninja who knows it’s a choice, but it’s not so easy to get over it-even if he knows that his eldest brother will definitely agree with him to do so
As long as he was hesitant, he came to Wan Yun to endure the four generations of Mu Lei Ying Ai and surrounded them with a distance from the warring places with soil.
The head of each team came to Ai and waited for a further order.
Nearly 10,000 patience teams are divided into several parts: those who are good at endurance, those who are good at endurance and swordsmanship, those who are good at perception and illusion, and those who are good at logistics.
The main battle team is the closest place to the war circle, and it will be surrounded by soil, which will form an endless contrast.
How does a person feel when facing 10 thousand enemies?
Despair? Help? Lament? Fear?
I’m afraid this feeling is dead, Third Raikage, you know!
It is amazing that a person can be completely overwhelmed by the disproportionate number of people, and nearly 10,000 people even shout a wave at will.
Facing thousands of enemies alone, you must have a big heart and a strong mind, otherwise you will have lost before the war.
It may be a process for him to adapt to the fact that he has not experienced the situation of being single and facing thousands of people for so long.
The present soil can be said to be trapped in a dense encirclement. In the perceptual state of the immortal mode, you can clearly feel that 10,000 chakra reactions are scattered around to form an airtight encirclement.