These methods of mind, one is to make a flame, the other is iron fist, and the other is to make a knife by force, which are all low-level spells.

Zhang Yang’s high-level strength to learn these things during the foundation period is somewhat strategic, and it doesn’t take long to learn one.
With a wave of his right arm, a tree in front of him immediately melted into flames.
This flame-making decision was put out by Zhang Yang, which was more powerful than ordinary monks. Zhang Yang knew that this was because of the fire unicorn arm, which is why he chose the flame-making decision at a glance.
Look at the effect, nod your head, and then learn some of his spells.
In this way, the seven-day period has passed quickly, and everything is normal under the supervision of Xiaohei.
On the day when the stone came to trade, he left for a hiding place outside the city, where he built a stone room to ignite the fire to refine the magic weapon.
For seven days in a row, Shi Lai stayed in the stone room and showed no signs of escaping.
"Ha ha ha A-dao Zhang that a few fly knife quality can be really good! It’s much better than I expected. The quality of this gourd flying knife has also improved. Although it can’t reach the magic weapon level, it definitely belongs to the top of the multiplier. If there is no ideal defensive multiplier, the Godsworn in the foundation period will be slaughtered in front of this gourd flying knife. "Stone stroked the purple gourd and repeatedly praised it.
Zhang Yang got it and tried it a little.
The goal is to place an iron plate dozens of feet away.
The gourd flying knife started, but the light flashed "Ding!" The piece of iron plate on the ground has been cut in half and neatly cut, and it feels as relaxed as cutting tofu.
Both the attack speed and the effect make Zhang Yang secretly satisfied.
More importantly, this sudden attack is Zhang Yang’s favorite when the root of the gourd flying knife needs to be brewed
Zhang Yang returned to Maijishan abode of fairies and immortals without hesitation when he got the gourd flying knife and paid the final payment.
In the next few days, besides practicing step by step, I just wait for that Fang city.
Zhang Yang to improve their own strength, it is necessary to step by step to physical defense, defensive weapon, physical attack, offensive weapon …
None of these can be less.
There are dangers everywhere in the realm of repairing the truth. If you are not careful, you will be in danger of falling.
Zhang Yang believes that the contact surface is not wide, but there are not a few strong people he has seen fall, such as Yan, a stiff head and a banana leaf boat, which are still escaping weapons, and Weng Qingyu’s hand is still falling.
There are many examples like this.
Always be in awe of the world, always be vigilant and never be careless if you have enough cards.
It is necessary to save a little bit of cards. The more cards you have, the greater the chance of escaping in the future when you are in danger.
"It’s a pity that the lunar refined form is so sharp. Why didn’t you remember the offensive spell method? This is unscientific! "
Zhang Yang often inwardly sighed.
In this way, the Fang market day finally arrived.
Zhang Yang is still the smart face mask with a mysterious six-pointed star pendant hanging in his neck … so that even if Johnson appeared in Yuan Baby, he could not see his zombie identity.
Of course, according to Bai Heming, it is absolutely impossible for this workshop to participate in the main body, namely, a few monks in the Foundation Period and a few monks in the Golden elixir.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Mysterious gray iron
When I arrived at Guiyunlou, I saw a cart waiting to pull the cart in front of the door. Of course, it was not an ordinary horse, but a huge and docile semi-monster fire horse.
It is said that this fire scale horse is a hybrid offspring of a fine horse and a fire scale cow, which inherits the endurance and speed of the fire scale cow and runs as fast as the wind and smoothly, and is the most common means of transportation for the general Xiuzhen family.
When Zhang Yang first heard about the origin of the fire scale horse, he thought about the burly figure and bad temper of the fire scale cow he had seen before. His mother secretly wiped the sweat. I really don’t know how it can withstand the fire scale cow tossing.
"Why? Isn’t that Fangshi Maiji Town? " See this carriage Zhang Yang asked.
"Ha ha yes predecessors! Because of coming to Fangshi, not only the monks in Maiji Town, but also many monks from other places will come from afar. Maiji Town is full of people and messy. It is always inconvenient to hold this token in Baiyun Mountain, more than 50 miles west of the city. "White steward walked over to explain and handed a wooden token with Zhang Yang’s name engraved on it.
Zhang Yang took the noncommittally nodded.
More than 50 miles is a distance for him.
But I don’t know the specific location of Fang city; Secondly, the characteristics of golden wings are too obvious. A few years ago, he had a big fight with the Imperial Sect. Once his identity was exposed, it was inconvenient. It was better to take a bus honestly according to the arrangement.
Lifting the curtain car found that there were already three or four people in the carriage, and the most striking thing was to sit in the innermost corner. Although a purple-clad woman was sitting and wearing wide clothes, it was difficult to hide her graceful figure. A veil covers the face, and the face is hazy, which gives people more imagination.
Zhang Yang consciously wanted God to explore Fang, but soon suppressed the idea of ritual.
Although it should be no problem to think that you have an immortal body and sweep the foundation period by many means; However, there are dangers everywhere in the fix-true world, and it is always right to be vigilant at all times.
The other two are inconspicuous, and they are all at the level of seven in the gas refining period, but look at their distance, they should not be accomplices.
Zhang Yang didn’t mean to say hello to these people, either. He sat in another corner on the inside.
After a while, there were several people and cars.
With one exception, after coming in, the first sight is to look at the blue and purple clothes repair. After a bald monk came in, he even shouted at the female repair. His companion woke up repeatedly and there was no further ritual action.
The carriage was soon filled with a total of ten people, but because the carriage was spacious, it was not crowded at all, but there was enough activity
White steward seems to be the escort of this trip. When people arrive here to say hello, Herod, the fiery horse, hissed and trotted.
Zhang Yang, a seemingly old monk, sat quietly, and when they got into the car, they judged their strength clearly.
Among these people, besides Zhang Yangren, there are three other monks in the construction period, namely the purple-clad woman, the bald-headed male monk and his companion, an old man with gray hair.
The girl in purple clothes is a bald monk in the middle of the foundation period, and his companion, the gray-haired old man, is the peak of the foundation period.
The fire horse galloped very fast, but it was very smooth. Everyone was very quiet. The bald male monk stared at the purple girl with bedroom eyes from time to time.
I can’t go more than twenty miles to hear the fire horse "Herod" hissing and jumping.