Anne’s drama about training women began. Even Wang Haidi was so fierce that her mother Avril shrank her head and propped up to call her patron saint Fresi, although her little arms and calves were shaking.

Accustomed to educating children with sticks, the J Ο ng heart of Xilim family opposite Fresi cultivated the third generation that even travelers will be sad without perfunctory eccentricity.
Avril Lavigne screamed at the top of her lungs. It’s a pity that this time when she summoned the beast, Anne pressed her daughter with strong J and jīng strength to press the bed and fasten her fingers to play the back of Avril’s head with pigtails.
Avril Lavigne cried, dad called mom, but it’s a pity that her dad’s family status in the German Empire is really awkward. Looking at his fierce wife’s soft words, she dare not say them in her throat, and her mom is a violent hand.
"How are you?"
Loulai’s granddaughter is crying and justifying her fault. The master can’t wait to be busy to stop Anne from teaching his baby granddaughter a lesson. But the guests who came to visit were the children who made friends. Major General erich Lei Deer, deputy chief of staff of the Imperial Navy, and Major General Wolfgang Wei Gena, senior staff officer of the War Department of the General Staff of the Ocean Fleet.
Out of courtesy, Fresi had to squeeze out a look that was uglier than bitterness and had the strength to get out of the way and greet the young people to sit down.
"Uncle Fresi’s Selim’s house?"
Lei Deer raised his bloodshot eyes and looked around for Wang Haidi’s figure. In his memory, Wang Haidi was not a snoozer, so he should have got up early.
"He went to Berlin. Why didn’t you meet him in Lei Deer?" Fresi, with a fruit bowl, looked at the travel-stained generals in amazement.
"There was an accident in Berlin, so Selim should go back to Kiel."
The headline of the Berlin Chronicle and the news of West Lyme’s resignation can’t be concealed. Maybe the old West Lyme chats. It seems that the storm has devastated the Germans’ nerves, but in the face of retired naval predecessors Lei Deer and Wei Gena, they don’t want those unhappy nightmares.
As soon as Lei Deer’s voice fell, he wore a messy hairstyle and untidy pajamas, and the Imperial Navy God of War appeared a duplex building, a spiral staircase and a lazy floor.
"West lime? !” This is the master’s surprise
"West lime? !” This is the dissatisfaction of Lei Deer and Wei Gena.
"Fresi doesn’t stop Anne Xun’s daughter Avril Lavigne from crying, even if she can overturn the roof of this small building with ashes for some years …" Looking at her old friend Wang Haidi who chased her from Berlin, she shrugged her shoulders and held her old father away.
"That won’t do!" The appearance of the son liberated Fresi’s master from dragging his half-lame leg to the floor. "Annie may have other ways to punish Avril Lavigne …"
After Fresi left, the living room fell silent. Wang Haidi hung his head and seemed to be brewing something. Lei Deer and Wei Gena also organized persuasion words in their minds.
"Before the guys advised me to withdraw my resignation, I want to say …" Wang Haidi spoke first. "I want to say that I have to leave Germany for a while and go to the place where the sun rises the earliest" to be continued.
The second gun Chapter 15 Where the sun rises (3)
Scarpa Bay is no longer noisy in the morning yesterday. It’s rare for a German submarine to lie. Damn it, Jackson also left Scarpa Bay at night. After the carnival, sailors and officers returned to their posts with a dull headache after breathing the barren fresh air in northern Scotland and clutching their hangover.
The captains of the main ships of the large fleet, who are overwhelmed by inefficient trainers, have received a thick stack of sales slips, cleaning the deck, maintaining the mechanical artillery, training the damaged pipes, training the battle cruise, being rusty and abandoned, and the war preparation workers can finally run smoothly. Scarpa Bay was unexpectedly transformed overnight.
The duty room of Naval Base Command dawdled around midnight until she finished smoking a pack of cigarettes. Betty got up and told Osmond Brock, deputy commander of Scarpa Bay Naval Base, to pay attention to today’s newspaper for him and then got into the twilight morning light.
Betty’s temporary house door was gently twisted open. David Betty slipped into the room and changed the clothes that smelled of smoke. Immediately, he pretended to come to the table and carefully prepared breakfast for his wife.
"Why didn’t you come back all night?"
Behind her, Betty shook her knife and fork and knocked on the dishes with bread slices and n m 4 I cheese. "
"How do you know?" Betty turned away shan shan way
Eiffel Shu pulled a small piece of snow-white wrist out of the thin quilt, patted the edge of the double bed bleary-eyed, and said that the latter threw a hot cow in his hand. N m: I climbed into bed and was embarrassed to be half by the bedside.
"I wonder if there is my man breathing in the room?" Eiffel Shu also didn’t look at her husband’s shame. God Se pulled over the back corner and put the golden Se waterfall on her husband’s thigh at will. "I’ll sleep in a cage. What can I do later?"
Before David Betty apologizes, his wife has slept soundly on his thigh, and her chest is bulging with a thin quilt, and Betty’s heart is filled with warmth and then marginal shame.
Sailors have always been a combination of affection and affection. Betty doesn’t know that Eiffel Shuru spent a lonely night. It’s not clear whether he was notified of his death in Eiffel Shumeng, and it’s not clear that his wife survived the court trial in Scarborough Gerakl Strait.
Tucked in for his wife, Betty was embarrassed to find that she didn’t even have room to put her hands and feet. The rough hand wanted to touch his wife’s no longer young face, but in her sleep, Eiffel Shu was scared sideways.
David Betty withdrew his hand and took out his cigarette case from his pocket, shaking, but he was embarrassed to find that Betty had to close her eyes, but it was noisy in her ears.
The unlocked door was unscrewed, and Osmond Brock, deputy commander of Scarpa Bay Base, rushed in and opened his mouth and shouted
In David Betty’s memory, Major General Osmond Brock has never rushed into his room without knocking at the door like today. You know, man of iron in England is not willing to turn his back on his gentlemanly demeanor even if his heart is full of burning self-enthusiasm.
Major General was so straight. wait for a while rushed in and knocked down the dining table, sprained his ankle, and the dishes fell to the ground and broke. Even Betty couldn’t resist the willies and grinned. Betty made a hiss, but Osmond Brock ignored raising his newspaper high and yelling.
"What’s the matter?" Eiffel Shu woke up with a start. She opened her eyes and looked around for disturbing dreams. She just turned her face. Eiffel Shu was surprised to find that her husband was holding up a newspaper and pretending to be the goddess Ziyó u of Manhattan Island in new york Harbor.
"Good … news …" Osmond Brock’s loud voice is like a kite with a broken line turned into a girl’s shy and suffocating. Major General scratched his head awkwardly and stepped back. "Okay, Betty will tell you later."
"Let’s say it now. Anyway, you have woken up Eiffel Shu …"
Betty put on a warm gesture and took the opportunity to move his wife’s pillow away from his thigh head, clutching his numb thigh face. Se twitched.
"Haha … maybe I was bold …" Major-General Osmond Brock piously apologized for disturbing the couple’s sweetness one second ago, and dedicated his love to Navy old boys for one second. A bloodthirsty light and heat burst out in his eyes and danced in front of Betty. "But Heidi Selim on the other side of the North Sea resigned!"
"It seems that … we shouldn’t be so excited." Betty looked at the eyebrow flying Se dance, and Osmond Brock’s face was slightly silent.
"Betty, are you sure you have woken up? ! Resignation is not Franz von Hippel or Rheinhardschel, but Heidi Selim, the sworn enemy of the Royal Navy! "
David Betty’s composure caught Major General Osmond Brock off guard. He left his nose and spread out his hand and shouted
"That man is almost a miracle. With his own efforts, he changed the low morale of the ocean fleet at the beginning of the war, planned and directed almost all important naval battles, sank six Royal Navy ships, landed on British soil, shelled us in London, and overwhelmed the whole British empire. Haha, now the miracle is over. He was killed by one of his own. Maybe we can suggest that the king award a medal to his nephew!"
Accompanied by Osmond Brock’s cadence, Eiffel Shu couldn’t help but cover his mouth and couldn’t believe how her husband’s old friend collapsed at the peak of his career and how Germany would self-destruct its future.
"I said something was wrong with Major General Osmond Brock!" Betty got up quietly and finally turned into a touch of light anger
(Gorgeous dividing line)
"I said, Mr. Belfo, this is wrong."
"What’s the matter?" There is bread n m: I cheese and a cup of warm cow n m: I on the table. Belfo sits on the sofa with his legs crossed and enjoys a leisurely breakfast while reading newspapers organized by the navy.
Betty got up and flung open the office window to let the cheers from Scarpa Bay base come in.
"It was Mr. Belfo who designed to bring down Selim. It was a good move. The British empire is in danger. Not only must we keep it, but we can rekindle our hopes and expect more. But …" David Betty slammed his desk with his fist. "But only this cheer is not needed!"
"Now that the sword of Damocles hanging over the head of the Royal Navy has finally disappeared, why can’t we cheer?" Arthur Belfo put away the newspaper and shrugged his shoulders and Gherardini said
"We sailors have reason to rejoice in the resignation of the German Navy God of War, but naval officers, we should be ashamed of Heidi Selim’s resignation and get the opportunity to restore!"
Betty may not be the best tactical commander on the planet, but he is strong and brave, but he is on the other side of the strait. Heidi Selim is also comparable to Heidi Selim. The news of her resignation has been cheering in Scarpa Bay, but Betty has seen dangerous signs that the morale of the British Empire is moving from reality to collapse.
"We British people can only achieve the fame of Ri not falling on the bodies of Spanish, Dutch and French. The Royal Navy should be a sharp knife that can keep fighting for the first place when we British people need to rely on the Germans to survive! This cheer is particularly harsh. This is a shame for the Royal Navy and a shame for the Ocean Fleet! " …,
When Betty made a big speech, Belfo listened carefully with a shallow smile and vaguely saw her own shadow when she suppressed the rebellion in Ireland.
"Betty’s downfall of Heidi Selim is the third step for me to revive the Royal Navy. Three days ago, the special envoy of the Prime Minister has reached an agreement in the United States. This is the fourth step …"
Belfo had no reason to change the subject. He took out a draft bill in a confidential state from his file bag. The Minister of the Third Sea of the British Empire opened the Lease Bill with an inky document and came into view.
"It’s not enough to rent and buy second-hand capital ships from Ri, Spain and South America. Parliament has secretly authorized the Prime Minister of the United States to negotiate to exchange some less important islands in the Atlantic for American arms assistance, especially warships!"
Oh, this is to pull Americans into the Allies!
The "Lease Plan" does not include that the capital ship agrees to provide a large amount of interest-bearing loans to the allied countries and escort cruisers and destroyers, which makes this bill more symbolic than practical, but it is good for the British empire not to bind this merchant country with this interest. When the balance of victory falls to the allies, the Americans are bound to join the fray to ensure that those bonds and loans are effective. Because this "Lease Plan" is not made public, it can also deter a big country in the Mediterranean that can’t afford it.
David Betty, who was looking at drafting the Lending Act, was frightened by the ugly old man’s joking and having sex.
"The fifth step is to release you and Jellicoe. You should play your post. Jellicoe should be rational and polish the Royal Navy. You are brave and call back the fighting courage of the Royal Navy."
Unconsciously, Belfo will be pulled back by changing the subject again.
"Betty, I’m an old man who doesn’t understand the navy. It’s up to you young people to take over!"
(Gorgeous dividing line)
"Before the guys advised me to withdraw my resignation, I wanted to say …" Wang Haidi spoke first. "I want to say that I have to leave Germany for a while and go to the place where the sun rises first."
"Go to the place where the sun rises highest. What the hell is that? ! Have you fallen to New Guinea or are you still attached to the Far East and the Republic of China? " Lei Deer got up, grabbed Wang Haidi by the collar and sprayed the spittle star on his face. "Is this your choice?"
"No, it’s a holiday paradise, the Eastern Mediterranean!" to be continued
The second gun Chapter 15 Where the sun rises (end)
There is too much writing in this volume. If you have an idea, you can adjust the third volume and write it here. Only one volume is the naval battle in the Orkney Islands and the final turnaround. Give me a suggestion and we will revise it.
The west wind sent tons of drizzle. In May, Kiel endlessly sprinkled the eaves of a small building with lime near Kiel Fjord. Haidi lay down an antique Se rocking chair, and in one hand, she came back from China Liulichang in the Far East to find out whether it was true or not. In the other hand, she held a smoking pipe full of European customs, squinting and enduring no war and no soot.
"Although General Selim has made great achievements, soldiers should not participate too much in politics after all. Selim waved flags and shouted newspapers as trade union forces and allies!"
"Millions of imperial troops fought on the front line, but our trade unions and social ín zhǔ party did not think about the effectiveness of the country. In an attempt to subvert the existing political empire by infiltrating the army, Heidi Silem jǐng must be dismissed!"