The emperor said calmly, "I was so passionate that I suppressed the immortal trees planted in the golden coffin at the same time. Although I slept for a long time, there were also immortal trees when I came back to heaven and earth. But I am disappointed that you destroyed the immortal trees. Without the immortal trees, you can’t go back to Daqin. Emperor Daqin said at the beginning that you didn’t claim the title of emperor."

When he heard these words, he gradually came out of the shadow of the emperor. He growled, "I’m still alive. The emperor of Daqin is always me."
"Emperor Daqin had I, II and III, but there was only one immortal tree left," said the emperor
Li Yan felt incredible when he heard the emperor’s words. The caress turned out to be the emperor’s son. He looked at Tianxiang and found that Tianxiang’s face was dignified and there was not much difference. Obviously, she knew about the caress and the emperor.
"That’s like this one who wants to kill me and take my wife. This person must die. Emperor Yan is really successful. He may have a chance to kill him while he is distracted."
Perhaps I felt his murder, and the huge Yan Emperor himself suddenly moved and slammed it with one punch.
"touch!" With a loud noise, the bruise was blown away without even resisting the idea, and fell into the rolling and stirring sea like a streamer.
But soon the streamer rushed out of the sea and came to the dragon boat. This bruise seems to have nothing to do with it. It is burning with a blazing sun, which seems to be different from the former sun’s golden flame with a regular breath. This is the fire rule.
With the power of rules, the sun’s golden flame is regarded as an intangible flame, which caresses the clothes and melts a little bit. His face is slightly moved and he immediately throws away the clothes of the emperor. This flame can’t be touched by a godsworn. The sun’s golden flame can actually threaten himself.
At the moment, the emperor said, "It seems that everything is fate. I can calculate that you didn’t claim to be the emperor, but I didn’t expect that you would die immediately after you woke up after sleeping for several years. My cloak protected your body from the erosion of time, but now you will take off because of a little sun."
"Don’t …" Li Yan thought of something. Any new monk who sleeps for several years by special means will die after a short period of time. He met him more than once. This wound didn’t appear to be no, but it was resisted by the cloak.
It’s like a tree in autumn, and it’s an immutable rule that leaves wither and fall.
"The elixir can keep you alive, but you will destroy the immortal tree," said the emperor.
Looking at the sun’s golden flame and the emperor’s armor, I looked up and stared at Li Yandao. "Although the immortal tree was destroyed, there are immortal medicines and tianxiang. Do you know where the immortal medicines are put?"
Tianxiang Lord immediately said, "Not surprisingly, you can directly take out the contents of the book by your will."
"Daqian Sumeru claimed to be a small rune? So that’s it. "The wound will invade Li Yan’s ring immediately, and I saw there were thirty pieces of elixir in it. However, when he wanted to seize it, a stronger will rushed over and crushed his will directly.
"I won’t resist without my will," said the emperor
Tianxiang’s face was in a hurry. "Emperor Yan really obeyed Li Yan, even if it was the emperor’s will."
"No, it’s impossible. It’s luck that he can awaken the emperor’s will just by a godsworn. If he can control the emperor’s will," he said with a face of pain and gnashing his teeth.
The emperor said faintly, "No matter how strong my will is, it also comes from the star of life. Sun is the master of the stars. Even if this power is my will, it must be controlled. Otherwise, will your Sun be called the emperor star?"
"Then take it by force". At this time, I lost my composure and growled. I came to Li Yan with a flash and then reached out and grabbed it to take away the ring.
However, his palm was protected by a layer of sun’s golden flame and could not be separated.
"There is no protection from Emperor Yan, unless the vandals can’t hurt this Li Yan." Tianxiang Lord said that she regretted dying and taught this Li Yan something. She had to give this Yan Emperor to Li Yan. Well, because of the emperor’s will, this Li Yan can actually compete and hurt.
"Kill him" Li Yan drink a way.
The emperor’s eyes flashed, and his huge body moved again. The emperor’s will instantly fell to this stroke and hurt his body.
Don’t need any attack, it’s just a will. This wound will spit out one mouthful blood and burst into a crashing body. It seems that it is out of control and there is no way to get up.
Is the emperor’s will really so terrible? Just falling on a person can make people lie down and have a backhand force.
It’s a pity that Li Yan can’t feel it, otherwise he really wants to have a try.
"I don’t want to" growled. He waited for years to wake up. Is it necessary to die of a nobody?
The emperor said, "No, even if I can save the day, the erosion of time has come, and you can’t bear it." With this majestic emperor’s voice, his will quickly crumble, and his body also looks a little old, but because of his extraordinary refinement, it is always eroded by time, and the law will decay.
Hurt eyes look dim gradually, and the breath of life disappears quickly like flood discharge. The mouth is unwilling to open, but there is no sound, and then it closes its eyes with years of unwillingness.
"Dead? Really dead? " It’s incredible to steal wait for a while’s words to himself.
Such a powerful person should die so gradually. It’s just like dreaming here. If this is a dream, then he hopes that this dream will continue.
"It’s really dead. He can’t resist the erosion of time. It’s no wonder that the emperor will tell the fate. All this is calculated. That imperial coat should be able to resist the erosion of time. Unfortunately, it was burned by the sun’s golden flame. The immortal medicine can continue its life, but it was destroyed by hand. The only immortal medicine, Li Yan, has no way to get it. It’s not as good as it really is." Zhong Zhi, an old man in a hat, said with a sigh
Chapter one thousand three hundred and seventy-one Tianxiang fall
The enemy’s posture woke up from the golden coffin, and it was tough. A medieval strong man was so simple that he died before Li Yan. No one thought that even Tianxiang Lord was a dull face.
Li Yan looked at his feet and caressed his eyes, and his heart was even more relieved. Maybe others thought it was a pity that a medieval strong man died, but he wished that this caress would die early. Although this caress didn’t last long, his hostility to himself was obvious, not only to take away the immortal medicine, but also to slay himself and destroy Yuan Xiang’s will.
If he hadn’t died at this moment, all these things would have happened. Fortunately, fate is always on his side again.
"It’s really frightening, friar. I can’t feel at ease in my life if you don’t die. It’s a treasure to repair the peak period before the injury. An ancient body is a treasure, but I won’t leave your body to revive." Li Yan reached out and waved a golden flame of the sun to fall on this injury.
Although this wound may have reached the point of blood rebirth, you won’t even leave a drop of blood if the sun burns with gold.
Soon, the body of the medieval strong man was burned clean and didn’t even leave some ash. After all this, Li Yan looked at Tianxiang Lord.
Tianxiang Lord’s heart suddenly winds. She knows that Li Yan’s character is now bruised and her climate has failed. She must fall into this Li Yan’s hands again. Then this Li Yan will try every means to break her will and let Yuan Xiang reply.
Two people four eyes relative to each other’s thoughts can almost be guessed.
"can the emperor find a way to kill the will of this heavenly Lord?" Li Yan turned to Yan Di and asked.
"You can do it if the sun is immortal," the emperor said calmly. "It’s almost time for me to keep the dragon boat buried, but it’s a chance for me to be absorbed by this Yan emperor."
"Thou gavest them no thanks" Li Yan hand way
The emperor said lightly, "Don’t thank me. When you get back, you will see me again. It’s not too late to thank you then."
"Go back? Where to go? " Li Yan asked
"Where did you come from? Go back naturally." When the emperor finished, his will gradually disintegrated, and Emperor Gao Yan’s body became somewhat illusory. The sun’s golden flame condensed and his clear face was somewhat blurred. At the same time, the momentum of terror brought by the emperor’s will also quickly converged to the peak of destiny.
"Go back and forth from where … don’t you?" As soon as Li Yan turned up a huge wave in his heart, the emperor knew where he came from and it seemed that he was there when he spoke.
"The earth? I will definitely go back and have a look when I have the chance. "He calmed down and looked up at the star, and then collected all the golden flames of Yan Di’s real body.
Without those two strands of terrorist will, the sea quickly returned to calm and diffuse, and the corpse gas around it gradually came back, and everything returned to normal.
Li Yan didn’t forget to do something. He took a picture of Tianxiang Lord directly every other time and then said coldly, "One day, Xiang Sheng Lord Yuan Xiang knew that he had lived in his past life. If he did such a thing, he would be sorry for a generation, but there would be today. I will destroy your will now."
Tianxiang Lord smiled gently. "It’s just a winner and a loser. The Lord didn’t expect to wake up one day when he was reincarnated. But even if you don’t kill me today and help me, I will disappear sooner or later. You can keep my body well. Maybe one day Yuanxiang can’t practice it. Just think of it as the Lord’s compensation for Yuanxiang. You don’t need the sun’s golden flame to destroy my will. I will disperse my will by myself." After that, a strong body fragrance escapes from Yuanxiang and there is some will at the same time.
Tianxiang Lord slowly closed his eyes, which was a complete departure from this world. After a while, she opened her eyes again, but what was revealed in this eyes was not just a cold smile and gentleness.
"I knew I could see Li Lang when I woke up." Yuan Xiang smiled and hugged the man with a fat neck as usual.
Li Yan’s face also smiled. "You won’t sleep again after it’s okay. That Tianxiang has gone."
"Really?" Yuan Xiang’s eyes flashed with joy.
"I assure you," Li Yan held Yuanxiang tightly in his arms and immediately noticed something. "Did you find that your body fragrance was gone?"
Yuan Xiang sniffed and said, "The smell of my real body disappeared. It seems that Li Lang won’t mind if my body lost its fragrance after Xiang left that day?" Said the face with a hint of bitterness way
Li Yan slapped her ass, and the belle’s charming body jerked in her arms. He laughed. "What do you think?"
Yuan Xiang Qiao blushed and said, "Don’t let Li Lang break it. There are people watching it in the distance. When I get back, my body will do everything according to Li Lang."
"Then I’ll bully you when I get back." Li Yan put Yuan Xiang in her mouth with a bad smile.
Yuan Xiang charming glanced at the man and gently pushed the strong chest back half a step.