Of course, the president of Liangjiang County Pharmacist Branch will take Liangjiang County Pharmacist Branch to attend the pharmacist conference. Usually, he can be a shopkeeper of cutting, but he still has to attend the pharmacist conference.

For three months, there was no imperial master looking for Xiao Kelai, and no one was looking for himself because of the purple flame crystal, which was also good news for himself. Starkey’s mind was shining with thoughts.
When there are three months left, I’m going to really make an alchemist. First, I’ll make an alchemist furnace, and then I’ll make some three or four Dan furnaces for my family, and then I’ll make a few more five Dan furnaces for the occasion. Let’s just wave the medicinal materials.
After a month’s familiarity with the large gathering spirit array and the scaling array, Xingqi thought about learning to forge a five-element Dan furnace by using the five spirit arrays of Flame Array, Kwai Shui Array, Lingmu Array, Jin Geng Array and Earth Reclamation Array.
However, these five spirit arrays are more complicated than the large gathering spirit array and the zoom array. It took a month for Xingqi to know a little about the fur of the flame array, which made Xingqi also very hit.
While Xingqi is preparing to forge a simple alchemy furnace, she finds herself like an impact on the two-star imperial level smelting body, but she is busy with the impact smelting body and puts the alchemy aside for a while.
For three months, I have made the greatest progress, but now I can spiral with seven needle tips. Is it a spiral rotation speed or a high speed? Without high-speed rotation speed, it is also lethal.
Hmm! Looking back on the three-month practice of Xingqi, his eyebrows blinked and Zou got up. Suddenly, his eyes looked in the direction of Heyangcheng, and Xingqi turned into a blue light and rowed rapidly to Heyangcheng, leaving the abode of fairies and immortals for a long time.
Royal flying star strange face with a hint of worry white call yourself what’s the matter, don’t those imperial level master to think of this star strange royal speed up a lot?
Xingqi once told me that something urgent can be given to Da through a contract. Although one master and one pet are hundreds of miles apart, it is still possible to give some emotional information. Xingqi just suddenly received a message that Bai wants to see himself.
Enwrapped knows that Xingqi’s cultivation is not important, and it won’t disturb Xingqi’s face as soon as it is received, and it will be worried. If it weren’t for Enwrapped’s meeting, Xingqi would still be on his way.
Whew! The blue streamer went straight through the Chil Mountains, and the quiet days dragged the long tail straight to Luohe City.
When Xingqi arrived at Luohe Mountain Villa, Mu Luke and Bai Yu were waiting for the arrival of Xingqi. Xingqi eagerly walked into the conference room and saw that they were smiling normally before they put their worries in their hearts.
"Have you heard from those people?" Star wonder hasn’t sat down and asked directly.
Look at the two people’s faces. Nothing important has happened. I have commanded myself. What are the iron gorge mountains and rivers near Yangcheng to find something? When fighting the news of the emperors, I should be eager to know myself.
Wood Luke nodded and gave two letters to Star Brother. One was from a ghost group intelligence point near Tiexia Ridge, and the other was a letter signed by san huang Tieniu in Tiexia Ridge.
Xingqi was eager to open the two letters. After reading them, Xingqi’s face changed constantly. Recently, there were many bucket emperor masters passing by and leaving from Tiexialing.
And the information given by the iron cow is pointing to the thunder day, wounding and looking for the purple crystal bucket emperors. It’s like looking for Xiao Ke, and it seems that I have found out that Xiao Ke left the iron gorge ridge. The iron cow called Xingqi to be careful and take precautions, and finally took Xiao Ke with me.
The good news is that those people haven’t got the exact information of Xiao Ke. Xiao Ke has been practicing in Tiexia Ridge for four years, but his image has changed a lot. No one can recognize it. Even those who fight against the emperor can’t find Xiao Ke by searching.
The bad news is that san huang, the Iron Bull, already knows or suspects that he has got the Purple Crystal. What does this letter of Iron Bull mean for himself? Is it a test? Xingqi’s forehead is tight.
Xingqi and Tieniu are both mutually beneficial, which is considered as Tieniu san huang’s investment is very fragile, and it is difficult to protect Tieniu from such a heavy treasure as Violet Crystal. Xingqi hopes that Blood Zun can suppress Tieniu san huang.
Of course, Xingqi is a little skeptical that Tieniu was testing himself when he said that he was not interested in the Purple Crystal and dared not stick his hands but wanted to get Xingqi.
If Samsung fights the emperor, it will surely be interested in the Purple Crystal, and it won’t be believed if you don’t want to hit the master Samsung fights the emperor’s star.
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【 Chapter 34 Black pimple Dan furnace 】
After Muluk left with white, Xing Qi was lost in thought. Let’s not say that the iron cow knows what kind of thoughts the Purple Crystal will have here. Those emperors who are looking for Xiao Kedou will always find the door when it’s time. The paper can’t cover the fire.
If those fighting emperors ask Xiong Gu, they will know that they and Xiao Ke Xiao Ke will not hide all the time and will show up sooner or later. What should they do?
Hand over the purple crystal, which is so precious, but it is stronger than the top-level medicinal materials. If you really hand over the good things, you will surely feel like a knife. A good medicinal material is an alchemist’s life, and Xingqi deeply understands this sentence, one medicine is hard to find.
At that time, the bad level of the two-star Dan division was refined into purple blood Dan, which was the top five Dan coincidences and luck. However, it is impossible to know that the purple crystal is powerful without the purple crystal.
Alas, listening to the manor pao drinking and practicing martial arts, and the children laughing, Xingqi resolutely shook his face. If he holds on to this treasure, I believe it is difficult for even a master of fighting honour to grab it from himself.
But this warm home of mine has finally propped up the family. Can the strong be greedy and crazy? Greed is the original sin. Blood coercion will definitely crush some of the strong, but it will not be able to suppress all the imperial masters and take risks.
Becoming an emperor-level star wonder can also realize that the statue level attracts all the people in the emperor level, which is a fatal attraction. It is strange to have such a piece that can make the emperor not crazy when he reaches the shortcut of the statue level.
Looking out the window, there are buds and branches swaying in the wind. Xingqi heaved a sigh and made a decision like an epiphany. He is still too young and too resolute. The steel is not as easy to fold as this maple tree in the wind.
Maple leaf is the life foundation for maple to absorb nutrients and grow, but when it is cold and dry in winter, it gives up this life foundation and protects the whole tree from withering.
When this spring comes again, it glows with a strong green life brilliance. This is to shed small and grow big. This is because of the situation, and the stars are slowly tightened. Zou’s eyebrows are stretched out and his face is calm again.
I’m not like Tiexialing, who was alone at the beginning. Now I represent a family, parents, three brothers, Gelai and little sister, Ge Ye, etc. The important one is whether it’s big or small, such as choosing. Do you still have to choose?
Xingqi found that he was not as good as this maple tree, and he had many good things by himself. Xuantianjing, a powerful method of going against the sky, had enough local medicinal materials and laws, but he should not be so greedy.
Violet Crystal has a piece of hot taro ready-made, but I still don’t want to hand it over. Who should I hand it over to? It’s worse if I don’t hand it over well than if I didn’t. Xingqi has a better idea. Of course, such a treasure of Violet Crystal should be exchanged for a certain value, or wouldn’t it be a loss?
When Xingqi returned to Luohe Mountain Villa, he didn’t hurry back to Chier Mountain for alchemy. Xingqi asked Muluk to further strengthen the intelligence collection, let the mountain villa defense be upgraded, and then started the crazy alchemy plan.
If you don’t refine five Dan Xingqi, you can still keep the medicine from smelling out of Xingqi by yourself. You plan to refine a batch of four Dan practitioners first, even if four Dan incense out of Xingqi, you don’t expect that you have already planned to stop hiding yourself and have reached the four Dan division.
There are two fluorescent lights in the house, which emit green and yellow light. Xingqi sits quietly in the house and emits a light blue aperture. The house is quiet and peaceful, and Xingqi breathes more and more slowly with the aperture swinging, and gradually becomes symmetrical and slender.
There are several bottles of Baiguoniang and two bottles of Dan medicine beside Xingqi, and of course there are dozens of rare and precious iron rocks of various colors and some special iron ores, while seventeen bowls of extremely large iron stones are placed separately.
Suddenly, the blue aperture passed away, and Xingqi slowly opened his eyes. The black gold pupil was indifferent and reflected the layer. Everything looked calm, and a crystal white palm was stretched out. A black fireworks came out from the tip of the hand and danced along the palm.
Black flame, like a young dancer, flashes and jumps, sending out deep red light, reflecting the whole room. Black flame gives people a feeling that there is no temperature, and there is a cold feeling on the outside, but people who see the flame will not doubt the terrible high temperature that consumes everything.
With the other hand, Xingqi quickly tapped the ground in front of him, and dozens of rock and iron stones with various colors of light were scratched into the black flame by Xingqi one by one.
Zizi! The black flame of the falling stone can be seen to melt into a pool of liquid at a speed, and the black flame also braved a stream of black gas, which separated from the black flame and turned into black smoke particles floating in the middle, and was swept away by the strange mind and landed in a corner of the house.
The black smoke produced by black gas is the impurity in all kinds of rock iron. According to all kinds of rock iron, the temperature of black flame is adjusted from time to time to turn the rock iron into the impurity in liquefaction and purification.
When the black smoke no longer flies out of the candle rock liquid, the candle rock liquid is wrapped by the psychic force of the stars and floats away from the stars, and the impurity removal of the second rock iron block begins again, while the dust particles and impurities in the floating house must of course be removed to avoid flying to the rocks again.
The purity of various rocks in the refiner has a great influence on the final quality of the refiner. Xing Qi has to practice each rock several times. This is a long process and a very meticulous work, which requires the refiner to be patient.
It took Xingqi almost two days to practice this practice. When he looked at the ground, seventeen fists were big and the crystal rocks were tired. Xingqi’s face showed a knowing smile, which was the result of his own hard work.
The consumption of mind and energy by refining pure rock is still far beyond the expectation of Xingqi, but this is also caused by Xingqi’s strict requirements.
When giving the armor training of Shuangtian and Lesan, Xingqi has refined the rock and iron stone twice at most, but this time, pure Xingqi has done it very carefully over and over again.
The more you get to the back, the finer you are, the more energy you consume and the longer it takes. This time, after refining the rock, you have to pause for a rest. Frank Shu tightens his heart.
After half an hour, Xingqi melted the refined rock blocks into pools of molten iron again, and then slowly mixed and stirred until the black flame in the palm of Xingqi’s hand swelled, and pools of mixed rock molten iron floated in the black flame.
Star-strange selection is the combination of smelting method, condensation method and two-refiner method. The advantages of each other are overcome, and there are also stars, which have black flame and strong mind to combine the two at the same time to refine.
First, melt the pure iron ore. Although you are sad, you don’t need to spend your mind. Later, when you refine your mind, you can achieve the best results.
At present, the rock and ore blocks are mixed and melted, which is the second most time-consuming stage in the smelting method. It is necessary to slowly bake the magma with black flame and give way to slow and full combination.
So Xingqi closed his eyes again and sat up, holding the black flame in one hand and keeping a trace of mind, watching the magma progress, but quietly preparing to start the third stage of refining.
Zi! A light sound turned the original mixed magma of various colors into a pool of black liquid. Mercury’s eyes suddenly opened and he knew that at this time, the iron blocks finally reached the maximum fusion that he could make, which was the best time to become a finished product.
Hu Xingqi’s eyebrows burst into a dark gray mind, forming a huge hand with black magma, which quickly stirred up and was suppressed by the mind, slowly transforming into a tripod furnace prototype.
Boom The black flame of Xingqi’s hand is even more violent, and the whole tripod is wrapped up and kept in a liquid-solid state. At this time, Xingqi is calm and pale, but his eyes are more scattered with black and gold light, exposing his firm thoughts.
Now, the mind should not only stick to the black flame to bake candles, but also support the suppression of the black magma cauldron. The shape is as rich as the sound of vaporization. Xingqi feels that his mind is rapidly consuming the mind between the eyebrows and pouring out more quickly.
The powerful mind is continuously integrated into the black magma, picking out a little unmelted magma from it, and then squeezing the magma elsewhere to make up the gap, so as to make the whole furnace shape as uniform as possible.
Once again, the black flame was reduced by Xingqi. It was floating in a black rock furnace. The black rock furnace was scattered with red hot candles burning the whole room. At this time, Xingqi closed his eyes and faced the layer, but the temperature rose sharply, but it was as unconscious as it was.
The first step is to refine the furnace. The most critical step is to attach the array method to the furnace. This step is wrong, so no matter how many good results there are in front, the meteor will close its eyes and become more cautious. A black iron Dan furnace shows its mind.
Carefully, the Tiedan furnace is covered with a striped road, and if you look closely again, you will find that this grain actually shines purple because of the dense composition of symbols.
Hmm! Once again, filter the deep array in my mind, Fuxingji opened his eyes, and two pills for restoring spirit went straight into the Dan mansion, and he took a few mouthfuls of fruit brewing next to him with one hand, and then his eyes carefully looked at the big iron stove in front of him.
The dark-gray psychic force between the eyebrows rapidly merged to form a gray hand and a felt knife, and the blue psychic force slowly entangled the gray hand from the astral body and merged into the random felt knife.
With the help of the stars, the felt knife began to carve in the black furnace with a thick blue aura, and the blue aura danced with the felt knife, and it became a natural rune like a mud, and it got into the black furnace.
At this time, Xingqi’s face was heavy and old-fashioned, but his face was pale. Hanshui’s mind was constantly calm, but one by one, representing the truth, runes floated out of his mind, waving a felting knife and jumping over the black furnace wall.
Condensation refining method is not the kui is the most time-saving and difficult refining method, which consumes a lot of people’s minds. Compared with the continuous rotation of the black furnace, hundreds of runes are drilled into the black furnace, and Xingqi’s face is getting paler and grayer.