The wolf was hit by this, and his body suddenly fell forward like the same arc, and the branches stood on the soles of his feet and fell down. His mouth spit out one mouthful blood and half spilled deep red, and at the same time, the giant spider that I didn’t know was summoned suddenly became somewhat empty and slowly disappeared.

Type by virtual wind qinchuan shape again flash is before falling to the Wolf.
The right hand raised the dragon’s spine and gathered rich black gas, ready to kill the faint dragon with a pure style, and the dragon roared out of the sword.
"Unexpectedly, after breaking through this barrier, the alternation of fairy magic has become much smoother."
A burst of joy in the heart Qinchuan corners of the mouth slightly raised at the moment his spiritual nuclear blood crystal base has been integrated, and at the same time, two fairy magic ways have been put to good use without any obstacles. I’m afraid that even if this fairy magic is merged, the purple true yuan is much stronger than before.
The flexible combination of magic and fast killing can be described as the enemy.
"Who the hell are you?"
Luo wolf mouth to a weak question.
"I’ll kill whoever wants to kill me."
Qinchuan lightly tunnel a blade to dazzle the dragon and kill it, and it is ready to be finished. Suddenly, I swung at the wolf and cut it out. Where do I want to fight constantly?
I thought about it but regretted it in my previous life.
Suddenly, Qinchuan dazzled the dragon and bombarded it, but it was blocked in front by an extremely strong wall. The black gas turned into a dragon and suddenly hit it with a loud noise.
Step quickly withdraw face a doubt.
Seeing that it seems that the purple fog gathers and the wall is strong and powerful, once it confronts, it turns out that it is so powerful to kill all the dragons, but instead, the original black gas floats all over the sky and finally hides in the virtual.
Holy wizard? !
Qinchuan’s face changed greatly. He couldn’t help but adjust his pace and watched the shock in the field warily.
This breath is the same as that of the master in Yunling, an early fairy, who is so profound that she can’t reach the edge. The leader of the Western Xinjiang Saint Witch Sect!
"Dust apprentice?"
After the wolf fell completely and violently to the ground and was dying, a woman in red stepped and stood firmly staring at Qinchuan.
A pair of eyes seem to see through every inch of Qinchuan meridians.
Then qinchuan not gently bite bite lips.
Even if you break through the fairy magic barrier and face this woman, you don’t have a half-strength to fight back. She’s a master, but she doesn’t have the strength to meet people.
"The most powerful industry fire is gone. What should it be like at this time?"
My heart is a little heavy.
Qinchuan took a few steps back without saying a word, exploring the surrounding environment and thinking about the escape method. Of course, he did not pin his hopes on the master. If he is determined to rely on himself for everything, he will return to the Central Plains.
I’m sure I can’t beat you, but I can’t escape.
Suddenly, a delicate figure appeared behind Qinchuan, but now Arroyo, who had already left, turned back.
Listening to Arroyo shouting at Qinchuan, suddenly raising her arms turned out to be a stream of poisonous gas with different colors pouring out from her sleeves and rushing towards the holy witch leader.
The forest seemed to cause a commotion.
However, I saw that several poisonous insects gathered in succession, and there were countless species, such as centipedes, scorpions, spiders and toads. It seemed that they were attracted by the poisonous gas emitted by Arroyo leaves and crawled away to the holy wizard.
The forest and vegetation are so dense that it is shocking!
At the moment, however, the holy wizard leader looked at Arroyo in a somewhat dull way, looking extremely strange, somewhat surprised, somewhat resentful and somewhat miserable.
But forget the situation at this time.
But it was also seen in the night.
"Are you going?"
Arroyo scolded Qinchuan Shirley with an eyebrow, which was somewhat painful. Obviously, this move was beyond her ability to help Qinchuan before trying to support it.