I walked over with the light, and when I dialed the peach blossom in front of me, I froze in place. Now I think of a place where Wu Zetian and Guan Wan’er built the aloes pavilion in the north.

There is actually a room on the top of this mountain that is completely different from the mansion in Zhengshan, Xu Dong. Although the antique grey-topped tiles and fine-tree flower walls are resplendent and spacious than those in the north of the agarwood pavilion, this ancient-style room on the top of the mountain alone is thick and imposing.
The light came from the inside. The door left unlocked. I was curious about knocking at the door. No one responded to me. I pushed the door and entered the room. The furnishings were simple and simple, but it was extremely clean. There was a faint fragrance in the comfortable room. I seemed to have smelled it somewhere, but I couldn’t remember it. I looked down and saw the incense table. There was a incense burner rising with a little white smoke. It was obvious that this was a woman’s room. I glanced around the room and my eyes fell on an ancient piano next to the incense table.
This room is very tasteful. I feel a little trance. This place seems to have really seen it somewhere, especially this guqin. I went over and looked down carefully. The body of the guqin was dark, the lines were exquisite, delicate and smooth. It was some years when I reached out and plucked a string with great interest.
Lingcang guqin is as clear as autumn water in the mountains, without noise, and as bright as the moon tonight, this room echoes for a long time.
I can’t play guqin, but I feel comfortable listening to it. It is this piano that makes me more surprised.
"Are you also an Aegean?"
The sound came from behind me as unforgettable as the sound of this guqin. I quickly turned back to the door and the woman left me speechless for a long time. My head was like satin, my black hair was fluttering in the wind, and my eyebrows were slender, and my eyes were looking forward to charm, and my skin was as gentle, graceful and refined as jade.
"I’m sorry to see that there are peach blossoms on the top of the mountain looking for fragrance, but I saw that this room was quaint and curious at the moment and pushed the door and entered the abrupt beauty. I still hope the girl will forgive me." I haven’t spoken so elegantly for a long time, but this room is facing this woman like a lifetime ago.
I didn’t see the opposite woman reply for a long time before I looked up and saw her standing still and staring at me. It was strange that her eyes were soft and graceful and seemed to see through everything, but I didn’t feel unaccustomed at all.
"You’re so polite. It’s rare to find a bosom friend. Please sit down." The woman seems to have recovered herself and said, "My name is Mu Xixixue. I don’t know your name?"
"Qin Yanhui"
Mu Sunseeker Snow still looked at me and asked the guqin lightly.
"Do you recognize this piano?"
"No, I don’t." I frowned and shook my head blankly. "But I always feel that I have seen it somewhere, but I can’t remember it. By the way, what’s the name of this piano?"
"Grand Hyatt!"
I read the name of the piano carefully in my mouth, and my hand touched the body involuntarily, and I had an illusion of not being in my place. When my fingers touched the strings, I felt a thorough heart, cold and curious, and smiled.
"This string is so special."
"It’s made of ice silk," Mu Xixi replied.
I looked at my hand again in one leng, and Guqin was very happy to look at Mu Xixi.
"Boqi Mountain … there is a wood name" Bo Sang "carved in the shape of Fuxi Phoenix, and ice silkworm is five inches long, with black horns and scales covered with frost and snow, and then the cocoon is one foot long, and colorful woven brocade enters the water without falling into the fire … I didn’t expect to see ice silkworm stringed piano here."
Perhaps it was too shocking. I gently plucked the strings and the single piano room echoed. Suddenly, I felt some regret that I had never seen so many piano scores in Qin’s single hand. Otherwise, I really wanted to play this guqin.
I was secretly sorry that I suddenly felt the back of my hand soft and warm, only to find that Mu Xixi’s hand gently pressed my hand and was held by a strange-looking beauty. I didn’t have a fast heartbeat. At the moment when Mu Xixi touched me, my heart was quiet and comfortable, and I didn’t flinch.
"I’ll teach you to play the piano"
Mu Xixixue said very little, but every sentence can be said to the softest place in my heart, just like her eyes can easily see through me. She sat next to me and held my hand. I could smell the faint scent from her body, but there was no distractions.
She led my clumsy fingers to pluck the ice silkworm string, and the sound curled up in the room. I just sat quietly, guided by Mu Xixue’s long white hand, and I turned my head to see her. Mu Xixue’s face was soft and quiet. It was a kind of language to describe the beauty. At the moment she plucked the string, I admitted that she also plucked my heartstrings.
I quickly retracted my lyre and came to an abrupt end. I was at a loss to avoid her eyes. I remembered Yue Qianling, but I didn’t want to bear it. I was still thinking about Mu Xixi Snow in my heart!
It’s impossible. I’ve only known her for a moment. I was so upset that I sat by the incense table and wanted to leave this place, but I couldn’t get up and didn’t know whether I wanted to stay with the beautiful piano or the piano girl.
"I’m afraid my hand has defiled the elegance of this guqin. If it doesn’t bother you, can you please play a song?" I asked with a smile
"Sunseeker Snow, how can you refuse your request that the mountains and rivers are still flowing today? You are tired. Sunseeker Snow, you can play a song before you leave." Mu Sunseeker Snow sounded.
I sat cross-legged in front of the incense table, opposite Mu Sunseeker Snow stroking the piano body and walked to the piano and sat down. The jade finger blew and showed slender white fingers, caressing the piano face and thinking deeply. The piano sounded euphemistically in the room in vain, and the strings were plucked more and more. At the beginning, it was quite touching, and then the sound of the piano was so exciting that it could move Kyushu husband and wife.
The piano is melodious and melodious, and it doesn’t seem to keep falling into my ears. I feel relaxed and suddenly I haven’t been so quiet and comfortable for a long time. I gradually close my eyes and go to sleep in the smoke of a few aromatherapy.
When I open my eyes again and the sun shines in from the outside, I’m a little blind. The room still smells of aromatherapy, but there is no one else in the room except me. If it weren’t for the guqin, I still doubt that I had a dream.
I can still remember the melody last night that I never saw Mu Xixi snow again. I came to wait for her to come back and ask the name of the song. I rubbed my eyes. I went outside and looked at the peach blossom hill. It was a pleasant place. I smiled and looked back at the Linqin House. Then I froze.
The piano house is engraved with two words.
String song!
I suddenly woke up. Zhao Zhi once said that Xiange wanted to see me.
Xiange is not a person.
String songs are the name of this piano house!
☆ Chapter 23 No one has seen a woman.
I’m sure Zhao Zhi is right. Xian Ge wants to meet me.
I looked back at the two seal string songs in the piano room.
This piano room is called string songs. This piano room wants to see me? !
I suddenly realized that maybe the owner of this piano room wanted to see me.
I think of last night’s dream mysterious woman Mu Xixue.
I walked to the top of the mountain until noon, and I never saw anyone come again. I hurried to the mountain and Zhao Zhi sat on a lawn bench to watch the servant bathe the elephant. He looked haggard and had a cigarette in his mouth. He forgot to look at it. His eyes were bloodshot and he didn’t sleep for most of the night.
"Who lives on the top of the mountain?" I asked urgently before him
"The top of the mountain is inhabited?" When Zhao Zhi spoke, the smoke in his mouth fluctuated.
"You said that Xiange wanted to meet me, but you can take me here. I have seen Xu Dong Zhengxian Song. It is the name of a piano room. It is impossible to meet me in one room. Who lives in that piano room?"
Zhao Zhi was surprised. He stared at me and slowly took a cigarette from the corner of his mouth.
"Are you sure you saw someone in the hilltop room last night?"
I’m not sure when I said it, but I still have the aroma in the piano room. I clearly remember the smile of the girl named Mu Xixi Snow and the endless piano sound. I hesitated and nodded.
Zhao Zhi got up and walked in front of me without saying a word. I just stood there and waved a head to me. I followed Xu Dong’s first house. It was a big walk with Zhao Zhi for more than ten minutes before I got to the door. There were shuttle patrol guards everywhere. If Xu Dong was not nodding to meet people, I believe it would be difficult for flies to fly in.
I walked to the gate, Zhao Zhi lit the smoke at the corner of my mouth, looked up and vomited one mouthful smoke. I looked up along his eyes and filled the smoke with two huge and powerful characters.
String song!
My brow wrinkled and I was a little flustered. Next to it was Zhao Zhi’s calm voice.
"The name of Xu Shu’s suite is Xiange. Everyone outside knows that they are important people who can come here for a long time. Everyone is used to calling the person Xu Shu wants to see who Xiange wants to see."
"Who named this?"
"…" Zhao Zhi leng as well as very vacant stand to answer "I don’t know, I never asked Xu Shu, anyway, when I came, this room will be fine. You can ask Xu Shu"
Before I could finish Zhao Zhi’s sentence, I turned and ran to the door of the house. Xiao Lianshan looked at me with a confused face and asked me what happened. When I didn’t take a reason, I rushed to the second floor door and forgot to knock and push the door in.
"Who is the woman who lives in the piano room at the top of the hill? What is called string songs here? "
Xu Dong was holding an oxygen mask in his hand, and his dim eyes suddenly filled with light.
"Did you … did you see a woman on the top of the mountain?"
"yes! I slept in the piano room last night. I remember that the woman’s name was Mu Xixixue. "I nodded and answered.
"Mu … Mu Xixi Snow?" Xu Dongzheng shook his head in doubt and sighed and replied, "I haven’t heard of this name. No one can come in here except my inviter, not to mention a woman in the back hill. No one can go except me. Are you wrong?"
"Elder brother, you slept with a woman at the top of the mountain last night? !” Xiao Lianshan looked at me with his head out from the side.
I pushed his head back and listened to Xu Dong’s words. I’m not sure about last night’s memory. If the top of the mountain was empty as Xu Dong said, who was it when I saw Mu Xixixue last night?
"That … that what is string songs here?"
"I don’t know"
"You … you don’t know?"
Xu Dongzheng tired gasped in a wheelchair to answer.
"Didn’t I tell you that when I was twenty-four years old, I was chased and killed, but thanks to the help of the nobles, I not only saved my life, but also pointed out that this suite was left to me by the nobles. When I moved in, it was called Xiange."
My six gods turned around and left. Xiao Lianshan kept asking me about what happened last night. Now I suddenly find that I don’t know how to explain it to him. I ran to the piano room at the top of the mountain according to my original road and still returned it. I pushed the door and the furnishings were exactly the same as last night.
Xiao Lianshan walked to the front of the table sweetmeats and touched his fingers.
"Elder brother, no one has lived in this room for a long time."
Xiao Lianshan stretched out his finger. I saw that the meeting was a thick layer of dust. There were traces of Xiao Lianshan’s finger. I frowned and went to the guqin. I hesitated and reached out and plucked a string. The ancient and clever piano pulled me back from my doubts. I did hear this piano last night.