"Who peeked! I didn’t just come out of the train to see you playing with affection here … disgusting! " Sun Shengnan busy argued

Xie Cunguan said, "Then I’ll take you home?"
"Good. Did you get on the bus?" Sun Shengnan’s eyes turned.
"Er-"Xie Cunguan once again said that at this moment, an army jeep came to the side and stopped at Sun Shengnan. "I’d better take you home!"
Chapter seventy-four is cheating?
Unexpectedly, Xie Cunguan received a message to show that the name turned out to be Ma Tong. At that time, the train met a brother who changed shops. Later, Ma Tong met him and asked him to go to Beiguang to see beautiful women. As a result, Xie Cunguan had a bad time, and peach blossoms were always in trouble, and all girls had it.
Ma Tong called to ask him if he could go back together. They want to book a plane ticket. Do you want to help Xie Cun book it together?
Xie Cunguan apologetically refused because he decided to spend this holiday in Beijing for a training camp of 150,000 a year. He didn’t want the waves to fall. When he heard Ma Tongyin, he thought of Liu Zhenchao, who had invited him to play in the sports institute. He was also injured because of trouble and never went.
However, the horse call soon reached another person’s hand, but it was a female voice. "Hey, you promised Xiao Hanye to be my bodyguard. Are you so irresponsible?" Listen to Xie Cunguan’s eyes immediately flush a face of peaks and peaks. Who is it not Wang Qingcheng?
"I really have something! And how strict the security check by plane is with Ma Tong and Liu Zhenchao, who can move your aunt … "Xie Cunguan responded with haha.
There was a silence over there, and then there came an old-fashioned sigh, "Why did you feel so down-to-earth today? I feel that it is so easy for the environment to change a person …" Then the words were returned to Ma Tong, and Ma Tong Yin Xie Cunguan dealt with a few words and hung up.
Then he was lost in thought.
Wang Qingcheng’s words are different from knocking on the nerve tip of Xie Cunguan. After listening to Wang Qingcheng’s words, Xie Cunguan summed up that he has really changed a lot. He is no longer the naughty boy when his father was alive, but he is no longer the silent boy after his father’s death, but he has really gained a smooth hippie.
"Dog day fate dog day life!" Thank inch officer gently with a sigh.
Hang up the horse and call Xie Cunguan, and then he dialed his sister Xie Si’s words. He could hear the excitement when his sister heard the words. When he told her that he wanted to stay in Beijing during the holiday, there was a long silence over there. Xie Siyin "Cunguan, when you grow up, your sister won’t say much. Pay attention! Don’t work too hard … Mom doesn’t worry about finding that tenant. It’s good. I went home several times and saw him joking with my mother just like when you were there! "
Xie Cunguan suddenly felt a sour heart and felt that he was too bad! I haven’t called my mother and sister for more than a few months after I came to Beijing to study.
"I will come back for the Spring Festival!" Xie Cun officer finally said to Xie Sidao
Hang up, he dialed the plane at home, and the answer turned out to be Cai Fengfan’s voice. He was very excited to ask when Xie Cunguan would come back. From the words, he heard his mother ask who. Cai Fengfan said, "Aunt is an inch official, you pick it up!"
When the words came to the mother’s voice, Xie Cunguan finally spoke hesitantly about not going home for the holidays. The mother didn’t say anything about asking him to pay attention to his health. The last words were transferred to Cai Fengfan, where he was excited. Tunnel "The program is almost finished, although it hasn’t been tested yet, I did some local tests. It’s not bad! To think about waiting for you to come back to report a who knows you … "
"Don’t report to me what you those profound things I can understand there! Besides, there’s something wrong with Xiaohui’s sister-in-law. You must be more active than me … "Xie Cunguan laughed.
The other end was immediately silent.
"I’m sorry!" Xie Cunguan realized that he had met Cai Fengfan’s trauma.
"Without you, she still stabbed me in the heart!" Cai Fengfan was silent for a while and then said, "I’ll marry her if I succeed!" If she doesn’t succeed, she can’t let her suffer with me even if she marries me, can she? Why don’t you come back to work? You don’t seem to lack that money … and you just want to work in the Shanghai economy, which is worse than Beijing and the food is delicious! I have gained a lot of weight since I came back … Aunt and Sister Xie Sijie have been talking about you! "
"Not working, I have other important things! Please … take care of my mother and my sister for me! " Xie Cun Guan Dao
"This is not you say! My aunt is like a real mother to me, and Xie Sijie is also very concerned about me, but … I think Xie Sijie seems to have something on her mind. I have seen her talking and laughing with my aunt face to face, but when she turned around, she was silent! " Cai Fengfan said, "You’d better come back sometime and see if I can ask her!"
"well! Thank you! " Xie Cunguan said lightly, "I will definitely come back in those days during the Spring Festival!"
Hang up Xie Cunguan dialed Ye Zhun-xing’s words and asked him to send himself to the training camp. He resigned from his mother Xie Gu and didn’t want to go back to the dormitory when he was delayed in the capital. Xie Cunguan packed some clothes and stepped on his shoulders. At this time, he had already made progress with Shi Jinyun, and he had to send Shi Jinyun home all the way before he returned to Hebei.
That guy Li Bo left school as early as the end of the exam and greeted the guide.
Lu Yankai naturally said nothing. As early as in high school, he worked in his father’s company during the two holidays, and he was a thank-you officer. When the good baby Dai Ruoxi came home, he became the last one to leave the dormitory.
Once again, I entered the training camp. This time, I saw not only the uncle Hula, but also a young and capable man surnamed Chen, who also knew Ye Zhun-xing. Later, Xie Cunguan realized that this family also had a considerable background. Although his security company was very low-key, its business was definitely not lost to a state-owned security company.
And boss Chen came because he heard that Xie Cunguan was coming to train during the holiday and sent his instructors to train him.
This makes Xie Cunguan wonder what kind of instructor wants the boss to pick him up personally.
Boss Chen made an appointment with Ye Zhun-xing to have dinner another day after a few polite words! Generally, it means to bring tea to Fujian when having dinner another day. Ye Zhun-xing naturally knows that people have business, and there is not much to stop and wave to Xie Cunguan and leave. Then Mr. Chen took Xie Cunguan’s building in the office. An old man with gray hair, rickety figure and thin face was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper and saw the two of them coming in without looking up.
Or boss Chen said, "Qian Lao, I brought someone to you!"
The old man looked up from the newspaper and glanced at Xie Cunguan. Xie Cunguan’s heart was not careful. Because the old man looked up, he found that the old man turned out to be a one-eyed man. He didn’t wear an eye patch like other one-eyed disabled people, but closed the bad eye, and this only left one eye to look at. It actually made Xie Cunguan feel that his scalp was exploding and seemed to face a beast.
It was just a moment when the old man’s eyes closed cold light and became turbid again, just like an ordinary old man who put away newspapers, folded them one by one and put them back on the shelf. Only then did he get up and walk to Xie Cunguan with his hand behind his back and said, "Follow me!"
Xie Cunguan followed the old man upstairs with his backpack and then went deeper into the training camp.
The old man’s body is rickety, but he doesn’t walk slowly. Xie Cunguan can still follow, but gradually the old man walks faster and faster. Looking at his walking posture, Xie Cunguan is not surprised, because he is not in a hurry, but his steps are mostly, and the old man’s body is not higher than Xie Cunguan’s. At any rate, Xie Cunguan is Huang Shihong’s brother. He immediately realized that the old man has made a fortune.
Is to simply rely on sufficient strength to make your body soar.
In the past, it was said that some people practiced martial arts and were good at walking, so that they could stick to their shins when their feet were lifted. These people had amazing strength, that is, they could lift people up by their feet alone with lightness skill, and they could scrape faster than ordinary people, and they could wade through the water when they almost reached the speed of their hands.
To put it bluntly, it means stepping on water and pedaling! The principle is also the principle of treading water and surfing.
Xie Cunguan didn’t make enough effort, but he practiced his mind for a long time. The chicken leg has initially taken off his crotch, and as soon as he stepped out of his crotch, he immediately increased a few steps, barely able to follow the old man’s footsteps.
It’s getting harder and harder for them to walk, but no matter how hard it is, the old people are walking on the ground.
And Xie Cunguan immediately failed. In many places, it was impossible to rely solely on his legs. He had to do it.
It took more than 40 minutes to finally reach a small mountain peak in the depths of the training. From here, the whole training ground can be seen at a glance. At the top of the mountain, there is a log to build a room. After entering the room, everything inside is heavy and round. As soon as Xie Cun entered the room, he couldn’t help but sit on a small stool and gasped. He felt that it was more tiring to run 20 kilometers from school to the shooting range every night and practice several times.
"Here is where you live. Every morning, you go from here to find me in the training camp and come back here later!" The old man looked at him and said, "Here’s something I can show you. After three days, I’ll learn the stuff by heart. I’ll practice it myself first! However, I suggest that you practice the intellectual man fit, play darts, and untie the pimp. You wear lead clothes in the corner every day when you are on the mountain. I don’t care what time you leave. You have to meet me at the training camp at seven o’clock! "
After that, the old man turned around and left the house, almost disappearing into the mountain road in a flash. It turned out that he could be faster! Xie Cunguan was dumbfounded. Is this a training camp or an ancient chivalrous man’s brother? Xie Cunguan put his things on the log table and sat down.