"Father calm down" Qin Nan immediately kowtowed.

Qin Xiang also hurriedly kowtowed to "father calm down"
"You will stay here and give me a good reflection on Du Changfu’s drive to dry the Qing Palace." The emperor gave Qin Nan and Qin Xiang a bad look at the wide sleeves and got up and started walking towards the outside.
Du Changfu looked at Qin Nan and Qin Xiang. It was difficult, but he could follow the emperor’s footsteps.
Qin Nan and Qin Xiang were left in the whole imperial room. The emperor didn’t let them get up from the beginning to the end. It was like letting them kneel. Suddenly, the two brothers could kneel with their own minds.
"The Seventh Emperor’s Brother is a good calculation." Getting Chunyuhun is equivalent to getting Chunyuhong’s support soon.
"I don’t know what my brother said." Qin Xiang lowered his head and flashed his eyes.
"If one day you dare to live up to the rhyme!" Maybe he is very angry about not getting Qin Nan.
Qin Nan "…"
Palace of Heavenly Purity
When I learned that the emperor was coming, Chen Guifei specially changed her dress and made a new palace dress, ordered the emperor’s favorite plum blossom makeup and greeted her at the palace gate early.
"See Long live the Emperor, Long live the Emperor"
"Hum" the emperor was livid, which obviously didn’t look good.
Chen Guifei’s heart thumped suddenly, but she was able to maintain a half-squat salute posture.
"Let’s get started." Looking at Chen Guifei’s fresh dress seems to remind the former emperor of his dark eyes and wide sleeves, and he strode towards the temple.
Next to Mammy, she helped Chen Guifei with a worried face.
Chen Guifei shook her head without a trace, adjusted her face expression and quickly followed up the temple "Is the emperor going to do the Qing palace meal today?"
"No," the emperor sat sideways on the mahogany and gold lacquer carved bed and stared at Chen Guifei and threw a memorial from the sleeve. "Look at yourself. This is what you taught."
"This …"
Chen Guifei picked up the throne and quickly scanned it carefully. Although she had already received the wind, she didn’t know that things were so serious that she suddenly turned pale and hurriedly knelt down to "fear male and female servants."
"Fear Hum Chun Yu Hong took 300,000 troops to blackmail me hum" The emperor’s eyes were full of fine mans and murderous look; Chen Guifei’s heart suddenly tightened. The emperor was dissatisfied with Chunyuhong. Wouldn’t it be …
Chen Guifei’s brain turned very fast. "Huang Jian Xiang’s son has always been extremely self-controlled and engaged. This … must not do such a thing to come to the emperor."
"He admitted it himself, and he cried foul when you came?" The emperor’s face suddenly sank
"The emperor’s son Gu Guogong’s house has an engagement first." Chen Guifei bowed her head and quickly crossed with a malicious crime. "The prince of Chun will surely not let the rhyme Ning monarch marry Xiang Er."
The emperor looked at Chen Guifei’s eyes with nostalgia, but it was soon replaced by ShaQi. "Gu Guogong entered the palace early this morning and handed me the memorial. The somebody else said that the engagement was abolished and it was irrelevant for men to marry women."
Chen Guifei immediately became anxious and lowered her eyelids with eagerness and gloom. Xianger was really confused. Prince Chun was heavily armed, but he was terrified by the emperor. If he really followed the emperor’s instructions to marry Chunyun Yun, it would almost be insulated from that position. Doesn’t he know that?
"Why are you still thinking about how to fool me?" The emperor’s tone was heavy with deep dissatisfaction.
"I dare not." Chen Guifei, who has been pampered and kneeling for a long time, felt pins and needles in her legs. "It was the marriage between Xianger and Miss Gu that year, but how can you change it if you say it yourself!"
The emperor hummed, "Qin Xiang has never been fond of Miss Gu, but has repeatedly ridiculed Miss Gu in public. I am deaf and blind!"
"Xianger has a deep affection for Miss Gu. Who is this rumor?" Chen Guifei quickly explained.
"Stop it. I’ve made up my mind."
The emperor’s tone was heavy and his face became ugly. "He himself has been willing to take charge of me and has drawn up the imperial edict for Miss Gu’s marriage. I also care about it. Today I also come to inform you."
"Emperor!" Chen Guifei sounded sad.
"Hum" The emperor got up and didn’t even want to look at her. "Swing back to the palace"
"The emperor from driving-"
The long, sharp voice rang again and Chen Guifei wanted to say something, but the emperor didn’t listen; It was not until the emperor walked far away that Mammy helped her up. "Are you all right, Empress?"
"Xiang Er is confused!" Chen Guifei’s face is ugly to the extreme. "Haven’t you found out about the second Amber Houfu?"
"Empress pardon" Mammy bowed her head.
"You, you!" Chen Guifei was obviously angry, and her chest fluctuated. Because of her thin clothes in summer, a piece of white skin on her chest almost flashed others’ eyes. "It’s all waste!"
"The old slave is scared!" Mammy hurriedly knelt down.