I haven’t seen you for three months.

Or occasionally leisure, this seemingly harmful but biased face involving your own emotions; Luck palm toward her crown ruthlessly clap, but when it comes to contact, it’s hard to go.
It takes a little force to make a claw with one hand to clamp the slender and delicate neck. This so-called weakness will stop thinking about the deep eyes gradually dyed bright colors and the strength of the hands is getting bigger and bigger.
I feel that my breathing is not smooth and I am suffocating; In his sleep, Gu Jinxi frowned and his face showed a painful expression. Tears welled up in the corner of my eyes, and the moonlight shone and glittered.
Male suddenly feel chest some emotions across the hand strength was small.
"Don’t forget that you are responsible for your back!"
My mind recalls that many years ago, the man earnestly taught the man that a dark mountain was flying over the mountain, and his strength was getting stronger and stronger, and he wished that his slender neck could not be broken. Revenge road. He doesn’t need weakness! But all weaknesses should be eliminated.
I don’t know what I’ve made up my mind, but I’m always ruthless at the last minute!
The distant footsteps are getting closer and closer with fire; Turn your head and fall asleep in the moonlight. Women and men bite their teeth and tap their toes to disappear into the night.
Early the next morning
Maybe it was because I didn’t sleep well last night that Gu Jinxi was awakened by a slight noise. I raised my hand and rubbed my temple neck with severe pain; I feel as if my neck has been severely twisted by something.
Usually, when I heard the noise, I went into the room to wait on Pinellia and saw Gu Jin’s sunseeker. Suddenly, my eyes were wide open and I exclaimed, "Miss, your neck …"
"Huh?" Gu Jinxi was puzzled.
"Look," Pinellia has already brought a bronze mirror. Through the bronze mirror, you can clearly see two clear cyan fingerprints on the white and slender neck. Apparently, someone came by at night and tried to kill himself?
Thought of here Gu Jin sunseeker heart suddenly float a chill.
Looking at the blue fingerprint, the human way will never be small; What finally let yourself go?
Who the hell is this man?
Seeing Gu Jinxi’s ugly face transient, his eyes seemed to be dyed deep; Pinellia ternata swallowed hard, and even some people were dying. "Let’s keep a vigil for the young lady outside the bed."
No need’ Gu Jin sunseeker eyes color heavy shook his head’ Mu Sunseeker Pavilion guard is the third brother personally arranged very closely; People who can sneak in so closely guarded, hehe. "
Even Pinellia ternata is just one more ghost.
"But …" Pinellia frowned.
"Since he finally didn’t start work, he has concerns; For the time being, I’m Ann. "I’ve experienced life and death too much. Gu Jinxi has already learned how to calm myself down as soon as possible." Go and get the medicinal oil from my bedside. "She carefully studied the traces in the bronze mirror, even if there was excellent medicinal oil, she couldn’t eliminate it for a short time.
When Ye Zhenniang entered the room, Gu Jinxi had put on medicinal oil and wore a light green high-necked double-breasted embroidered ivory flowery dress. The waist belt with the same color forms a complicated knot; My hair was fluffy and tied in a bun, and I chased the pink rice beads into beads. A small strand of hair was tilted from the back of my head to my chest, just to cover the fingerprint.
"Miss, how do you dress up today?"
It’s too hot in cool summer, and few people wear so much in this weather.
Gu Jin sunseeker eyes dark dark Liao hair is almost a glance Ye Zhenniang saw the fingerprint "this …"
"It is good to know not to Zhang" Gu Jinxi lowered his voice.
"But miss …" Ye Zhenniang sip sip lip "or I’ll let Shon give you a vigil from tonight."
Miss has saved their lives. Even A ‘an will not live long if she dies. Both their lives were saved by the young lady, and sacrificing a little sleep was nothing.
Gu Jin sunseeker shook his head. "People’s skill is unusual. Even Uncle Shore may not be … It depends now. I am safe for the time being."
"Miss, do you know who the other party is?" Ye Zhenniang’s eyes darkened, secretly, Miss Jia decided that it was difficult to change things and simply turned to another direction.
"I don’t know" Gu Jin sunseeker eyes flash.