It is promised that Zhuang Ziqiang will make money first.

"Xu Ge your personal Weibo I have already run a few contacts at present, and the frequency can’t be high according to your requirements, and the quality should be high. At present, the income should not be very high.
The next month is estimated to be 50,000 yuan or 60,000 yuan.
And if you want to keep this number, you must often send Weibo interactions about your personal cultivation and living conditions to keep your fans active.
Otherwise, this income is expected to slip all the way in the future. "Zhuang Ziqiang talked about this first.
"You do it first."
There is not much prospect for purely operating a personal special Weibo
Earn a little money first and then look at the plan later.
"Well, Xu Ge, by the way, how did you think of choosing Plan No.3? Actually, Plan No.3 is the one I don’t like the most. It is not only far away, but also slightly risky." Zhuang Ziqiang asked.
"The real disadvantage is that it is much smaller than you recommend it in terms of risk.
The background and volume of being able to build this sea entertainment kingdom on the high seas are very large.
We used to get some money according to the ability rule, and the risk was very small, "Xu said."
Zhuang Ziqiang recommended Plan No.3 to Xu tui, where there is a paradise and entertainment kingdom.
There are many ways to make money, and there are many competitions in actual combat.
Zhuang Ziqiang recommended that three of its five plans are competitive.
One plan is a very formal competition, and the age, ability and level are limited, which lasts for one month and the final championship prize is 660 thousand 3.
Too long and too little income.
The other two plans are a ground warfare and a ground black fist fight to the death.
The income is relatively better.
However, the location around Kyoto Prefecture is legal and illegal, and the volume of the edge is not large. According to Ah Huang’s analysis, the accident probability is very high
On the contrary, the type of competition in the third plan, the Sea Paradise Entertainment Kingdom, is very great, and its volume and scale are also great, and it has been on the high seas for more than 40 years
Today, this paradise entertainment kingdom on the high seas of Dahe Sea is recognized as a golden cave in Huaya District.
There is not only the world’s largest gene behind the myth of the new human welfare organization, but also the Blue Star Gene Committee and the Huaya District Gene Committee.
"Xu Ge’s conventional risk is really small, but if you really make money inside, you may face unconventional risk." Zhuang Ziqiang suddenly interrupted.
"Unconventional risk? What do you mean? " Xu tui is surprised
"Xu Ge’s lack of restraint on the high seas means freedom, but it also means that crime and danger are the most dangerous from the sea paradise entertainment kingdom to the Huaxia area," Zhuang Ziqiang said.
Zhuang Zi-qiang’s words have a sudden reaction.
He and Huang Dou didn’t consider this.
What Huang gave him was income deduction and risk deduction, which did not involve such crimes in the high seas.
Mainly because Xu tui has no experience.
Huaxia district is used to life.
Even after one hundred years, the public security in Huaxia District is still the first in the universe. It seems that if the city circle goes out in the middle of the night, it will be fun.
But it’s completely different outside Huaxia District.
Especially in the era of gene, the rapid rise of personal ability has brought various public security problems.
Chivalrous martial arts violate the ban!
Gene, new human ability, breaking the ban
In addition to Huaxia District, the public security situation in all its districts has intensified compared with 100 years ago, and the detection rate is also lower.
Nowadays, Huaxia District has already become a blue star, and most people live in paradise. Huaxia District identity passport has long been the most valuable identity passport of Blue Star.
No one!
It is also for this reason that Xu retired without considering crimes on the high seas.
A slight frown.
"Can Huang search this information and make a safety assessment?"
Xu tui didn’t speak, but directly asked the personal communication equipment to input information.
Although Zhuang Ziqiang is trustworthy, there is no need for Huang to know.
See Xu back worried about Zhuang Zi-qiang suddenly interrupted a smile "Xu Ge also don’t worry about making money for our sea paradise entertainment center, this is not a problem.
Sea Paradise Entertainment Center also attaches great importance to the safety of customers coming and going, and will send escort flying cars to ensure safety. "
"That’s good."
This makes Xu feel relieved that it is possible to spend money on peace to that extent.
Kyoto Prefecture is 13 kilometers away from Haitang Entertainment Center.
The speed limit of the repulsion flying car in Kyoto city is 200 kilometers, and there is no speed limit outside the urban area.
If you have that ability, you can drive as fast as you want.
Vehicle performance configuration capable of flying at maximum speed and personal nerve reaction speed hook
Generally speaking, the speed of neural response in 1 millisecond is officially recommended not to exceed 5 kilometers per hour.
Of course, it can be faster if the vehicle is equipped with powerful ultra-long-range high-sensitivity infrared radar, automatic hedging function and vehicle armor.
Zhuang Ziqiang is a beggar. Although he is equipped with ultra-long-range and high-sensitivity infrared automatic radar, it has nothing to do with strong performance.
But Zhuang Ziqiang is an old driver.
As soon as I got out of Kyoto Prefecture, I would fly at a speed of more than 600 kilometers per hour.
The road also passes through a mountain range.
In the era of gene, due to the evolution of animals and plants, human beings retreated from the depths of nature, retracted cities, and added genes. Some countries, especially small countries, have put remote forest areas under control.
The self-improvement of Suozhuang flies smoothly.