Xu Chengchu considered it from the perspective of home. "Do you mean that the procurement plan will be very large? Is it a military or a government order? "

"It’s my bill," Chen Yi tore a page from her diary and said, "This is a copy of Xiao Lu’s request for a week’s purchase for everyone to see."
The bank OL, who has just returned from the printing house, is in charge of recording that she and Chen Yi may have been known by Gao Qiu, but the latter will also cooperate with the manufacturing conditions rather than the other way around.
Li Lao coughed for two people, and the horse shifted from Heisi OL to the purchase order.
One textile production unit, such as shirts, cotton and silk clothes, gloves, coats, liberation shoes, quilts, quilts, jeans and safety caps, is one million units.
Xu Chengchu looked up at Chen Yi and thought that even if each piece of clothing earned 1 yuan, it would cost 50,000 yuan. The most terrible thing is that the total amount is estimated to be 100 million yuan.
Although this kind of low-tech order can’t make the factory rich, it can certainly support hundreds of enterprises. For businessmen, when they make money in a year, it is two or three months, and more often they operate for a living.
Xu Chengchu thought, "If you can really purchase gold bonds for a long time, can you really circulate them? Is it really necessary to mine in South Africa in such a large quantity?"
His thinking has gone completely away, just like a mistake. The theory of plane mouse is like a fantasy, and he can’t guess the world outside the tin.
Gao Qiu was attracted by half a page of 30,000 tons of cement and 50,000 tons of steel. Except for about 50,000 tons of high-grade cement, the remaining 250,000 tons of cement are all low-grade, and almost all urban cement plants can produce their own products. Although he feels a little wave, it is the best thing for some banking companies.
Although policy commercial banks like Jiangning Bank require them to be responsible for their own profits and losses, policy loans from local governments are indispensable. In other words, it is tantamount to fending for themselves. At the same time, it is necessary to find ways to give the government a position of hematopoiesis, which is about the same as that of a child bride, Gao Qiu. Bad debts are caused by local state-owned enterprises in nine cases, but just like foreign companies often resort to means, once local state-owned enterprises get a sum of money from banks, they will have a joint operation with banks. Jiangning Bank will have to cut off its arm before being dragged out of the mire.
This kind of thing Gao Qiu has done for more than 11 times over the years. If we can save several local state-owned enterprises from Chen Yi’s purchase order, Jiangning Bank will be relieved.
He immediately felt the benefits of doing the settlement structure-who dares to owe money to the settlement institution? Who doesn’t want to borrow money from a settlement institution?
"such as?" Chen Yi speaks again.
No matter what the state of mind, everyone nodded and agreed.
Fang Yu, on behalf of Fangjia, waited for the ticket and smiled. "Cousin made me this 50,000 tons of steel."
From steel mills to traders to final steel enterprises, every layer of steel will lose dozens to hundreds of profits. If you are ruthless, 50,000 tons can lose hundreds of millions of oil.
Chen Yi didn’t even blink. "It’s okay if you can fight others to do it for you."
Fang Yu snorted and laughed. He wanted to be a second-hand seller. Obviously, he couldn’t win if he tried to fight for the price.
"Everyone has two recommended places to discuss the two companies coming out. If they have a successful bid, they can participate in the subsequent enlarged meeting. In addition, I will send bids to some enterprises in China. All enterprises will hand over the specific standards for public procurement in the form of dark bids to you after the meeting. Of course, the bidding enterprises should also promise to use gold bonds as the settlement currency. It is up to you to decide whether the Chen Zhenxing Chen group will participate."
"Ah … good" on behalf of Chen Fu, one vote, Chen Zhenxing was surprised. This is a big force, and suddenly he was overwhelmed.
Chen Yi continued with a slight surprise, "Last week, let’s expand the meeting once a week and twice a week. Why don’t we call it Xijiang Huiru?"
Everyone can’t help it. Li Lao looked thoughtfully at the young man at the head of the table, but his heart was full of waves
A seemingly simple Xijiang Club, if it can really be organized to play a cooperative role, is no less than that organized by Japanese and Korean consortia, but it can fight against the national machine monster. If it is a young man with a fine background, Li Lao must be contemptuous, but if it is Jiangning Chen Jia’s grandson, it may be really possible.
Xiao Lu also saw the scribbled purchase when copying, but she thought it was random and self-drawn.
If others prepare such an important speech, they will print a document seriously, for fear that they are not prepared well enough. Chen Yi turned out to write notes casually, but it seems that he personally wrote the purchase and went to planning trouble instead.
This man is famous for keeping his word, just like what he said-full of masculinity, Xiao Lu commented and felt that he needed to change a pair of stockings.
Chapter four hundred and sixty-one Dark mark
The third week of June
Jiangning fever is like the western continent.
Groups of guys in suits and suits poured into the building of Jiangning head office and made happy sounds like "Ya", "Oh", "Baa", "Hoo" and "Dance".
"After a long drought, when the dew is hot and the cold wind is hot, the death penalty will be reborn in a car accident"-the so-called four blessings in life are also at the top of human literature
The parasol on the roof of Gaoqiu looked at the crowd and laughed. "There are so many people today. The parking lot is full of luxury cars."
"If you want to be corrupt, it’s not easy." Fang Yu was jealous with his toad glasses.
"It’s only strengthened my idea of building a new building." Gao Qiu said that he left Fang Yu, who is near the road. Nine times out of ten, this dude wants to sink himself in.
Fang Yu talked all over the world and felt that she was hot and leaking oil. She said, "Why do you want a meeting on the roof in such a hot day?" The waves have changed. "
"It’s time to shorten!" Chen Yi naked bear and Yin Senyong appeared in the top garden with high spirits and answered Fang Yu’s words at the same time.
See Chen Yi Fang Yu immediately clamped his crotch and sat back in the corner umbrella like a cat.
"There is really a consortium leader’s momentum. I just don’t know how long this loss-making procurement can last. I hope I can stick to it for one year." Li Lao took it for granted that the main procurement of low-level materials was a loss-making procurement.
"Everyone has received the specific technical requirements, right?" Chen Yi went to face the crowd with his back to the sun. "Now I will send the purchase details to Xiao Lu, who has not changed much before."
Xiao Lu immediately sent the prepared purchase orders to the attendees in turn after changing the gray short skirt.
The person who got it first immediately compared their original order and some people read it out.
1 million pieces of "linen short-sleeved shirts"
2 million pieces of "tooling long-sleeved shirts"
1 million pieces of "linen knee-length shorts"
2 million pieces of "denim trousers"
1 million pieces of "cotton" clothes