"Knowing the master" smiled like smoke, but Qin Suge mused and guessed what the master was up to.

"Well, let’s go in." Li Chengzhu, with a wave of his hand, put the two men in the ring filled with the virgin palace, where many women are not afraid of their loneliness, and then led the rich uncle to go straight to Albizia.
….. Acacia cases can be lively today. Fiona Fang is the only one in a thousand miles. Did anyone dare to kick the pavilion? Are all the practitioners around you coming to curry favor with me?
Today, however, a pavilion kicker wearing a blue gown and unarmed doorman was kicked to the ground with his feet slightly blocked, and he refused to stop kicking from the outer court to the courtyard. He was still screaming "Tell Xiao Changchuan to come out and see me" followed by an old man who kept apologizing to the people who were kicked to the ground.
The courtyard is a place where Hehuan’s younger brother rests and cultivates immortality. Can outsiders set foot on it? Several female brothers shouted "someone smashed the field" and rushed inside to tell the patriarch and the Zonglao Association that there were more brothers and men, and they maintained their sects’ faces with weapons and confronted this overbearing and unreasonable man with a full face of Shaqi. The scene was once chaotic.
Uncle Cai saw that everyone was taller than himself because of the large number of people. He couldn’t help swallowing saliva and pulling Li’s boss’s skirts. "Isn’t it a bit too much for young master to make such a noise?"
"pass?" Li Chengzhu laughed coldly. "I just want to make a fuss about Xiao Changchuan. Why did you take my woman and daughter away? If you don’t give him some color, you won’t look down on me. "
Li Chengzhu is really angry. First, he told Xiaoying and Gu Linglong that they must wait for Rainbow City to come back. I didn’t expect Xiao Changchuan to thrust his foot in and take his daughter away. If it weren’t for this, Gu Linglong and Xiaoying would never bend.
He promised to come over as the patriarch for three years. What else does he want?
He looked around him coldly, aggressive but afraid to go to the front. If most of them were not women, he would have passed away.
"Tell Xiao Changchuan to come and see me, you old fool."
"Can you insult the presumptuous patriarch?" A female brother was really angry, but his flying sword came towards Li Chengzhu.
Boss Li reached out and caught his hand and weighed it. He smiled slightly. "Little girl, don’t play well with this weapon."
"Who’s a little girl? Give me my flying sword back."
Li Chengzhu remained speechless. Is there such a person? Take a flying sword to attack others and get caught by yourself, but you still have to return it to her yourself?
"People dare to come to acacia and be presumptuous?" A dignified woman is on the lookout, and everyone’s heart is filled with joy. This man is dead.
After saying no, a spiritual pressure came to Li Chengzhu’s chest, and Boss Li smiled coldly. With a wave of his hand, he scattered the aura into spells and then threw his sword straight at the man.
The owner of the flying sword has his mouth wide open. Why is this man so flying sword? Haven’t return to absolute being, I suddenly feel wrong. That’s my own flying sword. The goal is to point to Chengzong’s old girl and stamp her feet in a hurry to control the flying sword.
But that strength made her unable to fly the sword, as if it were out of her control, and the speed did not decrease.
A sneer at Liu Hong’s protective aura instantly filled with skill and Xianjian stepped out to resist this overbearing blow.
Li Chengzhu did a clever job this time. He didn’t even think that this flying sword handle would attack people. When the flying sword was about to touch, the small flying sword took a sharp turn and then flew back to its master’s hand. It was Liu Hong who leaned forward and just slowed down. Just now, it has been played.
In a short moment, Li Chengzhu was also taken aback. Fortunately, he had a clever effort. Otherwise, the speed collided with this man just now, and the flying sword must be destroyed. The owner would also be injured. Read this. Li Chengzhu smiled at the flushed little girl and turned to look at the bearer bitterly. Is this man unreasonable or vicious? Even the younger brother of his own sect dares to hurt.
"Newcomers?" Into LiuGong a thin anger sink asked
"Let Xiao Changchuan come out to see me. He knows who I am." Li Chengzhu’s affection for Acacia only disappeared.
"Is the name of the patriarch what you can call it?" Cheng Liugong is tough in his mouth, but he is also uneasy in his heart. This man’s strength has reached a level of terror. Just now, he came to see himself with a blow. When he was half scented, he saw Yu Zong’s old face become Liugong one after another, and his face looked better.
"Don’t whine. If he doesn’t come out again, I’ll kill him directly." Increase the power of talking. Li Chengzhu meteor sword directly went out of the body. The little thing threw its weight around his shoulder and gnawed his teeth.
"Come on, how can I not come out to meet my husband when he comes here?" Far away, a sound appeared from the distant patriarch Xiao Da with a smile on his face and blinked at his son-in-law.
Xiao Changchuan can’t wait to tear this ya up now. He has to pick up the patriarch when he knows it, and he still comes to play. Isn’t this hitting himself in the face with his fist? You don’t know that this old woman has always had a problem with you, do you?
"You finally came out." Li Chengzhu stared at the tiger. "Where are my wife and daughter?"
"Come on, come on, I knew it was you who came. I have sent someone to inform them. It is estimated that it will come soon." Xiao Changchuan smiled bitterly and could not let his daughter follow such a man. I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse.
"Zong … Patriarch" Cheng Liuhong asked with a little uncertainty. "Is he the Li Chengzhu you said?"
"Why? Is there a problem? " Li big boss ears sensitive very stare eyes asked.
Xiao Changchuan nodded with a wry smile. I still don’t know what respect for the elderly means.