"Bang" a loud noise!

A parallel laser on the ground flashed across the scorching sun and was shot out. The indestructible rock defense melted into ashes and slid out for 2 meters before stopping on the ground, leaving a scorched trail.
"Can control? !”
Una shivered when she saw what happened. This is a history. There has never been any trouble, and I don’t know how much she can do.
However, almost all large-scale powerful weapons in the world today are in the form of energy, showing controllable energy. Zhang Lan is ashamed to be the king of power.
Clapping energy dust is like throwing sparks into the air. Zhang Lan came to the hot sun when a funeral song flashed.
He finally recovered a little thinking and vomited blood to one side.
"Thank you," the scorching sun whispered.
"I’m sorry I took over your position." Zhang Lan couldn’t bear to see the scorching sun. His hands and feet were burned and he could breathe with his trunk left.
"Without you, you can take care of the city." The scorching sun smiled.
"Don’t worry, there is my city." When Zhang Lan spoke, he leaned over the scorching sun and closed his eyes, so that this unbeaten killing god ended his fighting life.
Zhang Lan is unbeaten in his heart.
"Guxuan, you can’t kill me if you find Tom, dick and Harry. You can’t kill me. Dancing snow is temporarily taken care of by you. Soon I will come to you and send you to die." Zhang Lan hung his forehead and grinned.
"No, you can’t go anywhere. If I want you to die now, you must die now." Gu Xuan made a phone call and went out. "Global Defense Department ordered me to turn the coordinates of the railgun muzzle. Xiaoyao City is where I am now. I want this place to disappear from the world completely."
"Chairman’s adult! But the federal government has regulations that rail guns are strictly forbidden to aim at the earth, which is a violation of the world convention! " The defense minister is going crazy.
"You have two choices: either execute the order or give it to the vice minister. I’ll let him blow your head off and continue to execute it. If you don’t execute it, I’ll kill all of you and then come by myself."
Guxuan has fallen into a crazy state, which is unreasonable.
Minister, don’t choose to start a huge railgun satellite around the Bawangtuan area. This muzzle with a length of more than 5 meters can instantly release a shock wave equivalent to 10,000 tons of nuclear bombs, and even the most powerful space transport ship can be launched into the soul.
It was originally designed to prevent the impact of alien meteors on the earth and blow meteorites into pieces, but there have been railguns to attack ground events, which have been done in a large city to quell a runaway rebellion. As a result, the rebellion and Fiona Fang’s 20,000 square kilometers have all gone up in smoke.
Since then, the federal government and all those in charge have discovered how terrible it is for this most powerful weapon in human history to be taken by their own land. If it is not managed properly, it may soon be that people will really blow up their homes if they are not careful.
The federal government of the seven regiments signed a compulsory treaty, which restricted the regiments from turning the muzzle of the rail gun at human land no matter what happened.
But it is obvious that Guxuan has forgotten the so-called treaty, and everything he has done is to kill Zhang Lan.
After receiving the news that the overlord regiment transferred the railgun, the leaders of all parties said that they would smash the overlord regiment’s main engine, but they still couldn’t come.
The powerful energy response of the huge railgun satellite shaped cross muzzle with dazzling light spots is felt even through heavy black clouds and Zhang Lan.
The muzzle aimed at the central Zhang Lan and looked up at the sky. "Guxuan, do you miss me so much? Why do you have to destroy the earth and want me to die? "
"Yes, the earth doesn’t mean you have to die," Guxuan affirmed.
"coming!" After the energy storage is completed, the light of the latosolic red railgun with a diameter of 1 km in the sky will burn a huge hole in the black clouds and directly bombard them.
It’s like a divine punishment that makes everyone’s head white. In front of the human rail gun, there is a group of cannon fodder that can’t even find slag.
But who would have thought that Zhang Lan sighed and raised an arm to destroy all the light and was abruptly resisted by him? !
The continuous output of the railgun for 5 seconds affected the Guxuan tracker signal and turned it into a large film in the theater. Xue Huadian has battlefield talents to see it.
He resisted the rail gun attack by himself.
"A joke! Too ridiculous! " Gaia has never seen such a thing.
"Is this also a demigod?" You Na’s mind is blank. I can’t believe there are such people in the world.
"What about the railgun? Can you kill me? "
Zhang Lan’s body was imbued with energy and swelled to a dazzling crimson color. Every pore had the energy output like a nuclear bomb, and the overhead railgun was reunited and turned into a huge red ball with a diameter of half a kilometer, just like the real sun.
The sun was thrown in the direction of Gaia and the monster corps. It was a root dodge attack
"Shit!" You Na quickly started the demigod world and lifted several layers of magma to wrap himself in it.
It didn’t ring, but the dazzling light lit up the whole Xiaoyao city, Tiangaia and her remnant monster corps, and everything was razed to the ground, mountains, forests and fortifications with a radius of 1 km.
Looking up, it’s like the emperor’s hand is hard, and the surface of the earth swings out of a flat land.
"The railgun is still a bit too much."
Zhang Lan shook her arm and dispersed a trace of smoke at her fingertips. She finally survived the energy storage period and fell into the energy storage state again. If Guxuan bombards again with a rail gun, Zhang Lan must be dead.
Unfortunately, the railguns of other regiments have turned their guns and aimed at the direction of Bawang Regiment. This is a solemn warning that if you dare to attack the earth again, you will bear the consequences of the 36th World War.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Work is too high to cover the Lord
After the huge red light of the rail gun, a huge hole was blown out in the dark sky, which was more precious than gold. The sun shone on the land of Xiaoyao City.
"Mom, what is this?" Sick children tremble and reach out to the sun to shine on that little palm. The warmth that they have never experienced may be happiness, and there should be temperature.
"That’s … sunshine! Remember this moment, kid! Never forget that it is very likely that we will never see the sunshine again until we die, "my mother said while crying."
City people, whether men or women are rich or poor, whether they are sick or healthy, have gone to the streets, not ecstatic about victory, not desperate about the end, but silently watching the slowly shrinking sunshine and not talking.
It is not until now that everyone recalls that there is still one fair thing in this world, which is a gift from the creator, and that is sunshine.
I don’t know how to cherish human beings’ wanton development, excavation and emission. I don’t know that it has become more and more cloudy and the sun has become weaker and weaker. When the dark clouds have blocked the sun and made the world unable to tell the difference between day and night, it is already too late.