"Has the information on the location of Raymont Cadelon been spread out?" Xu asked with eyes open.

"Let those families know and see if they move."
"Well, the bait has been sprinkled, so you can see that the fish is not hooked." Xu retreated and sneered and closed his eyes again.
He needs to regain his strength when he can. If there is a hook, it’s hard to say that there will be another fierce battle!
As the meeting drew near, representatives from one house to another and the top stars were present one after another.
There is no hurry to retreat. He naturally came out at the last minute.
However, the three representatives of Huaya District 7 are the second to arrive at the unit, which makes Xu tui very surprised.
It’s very positive. Does it look like ignoring their wind?
Normally, Huang Gu and them should be the last ones to come.
This second arrival is very positive.
Not only Xu returned the accident, but Wei Bin was also surprised.
Huang Gu’s previous myth promised to retreat them naturally.
However, the strong stars in all districts and all walks of life responded to the request for retirement more warmly and submissively than expected!
What is said is unprecedented obedience!
Fist is sometimes more capable than reason!
"Xu retired people are all here."
AnXiaoXue wake up the sound to make xu back instantly open your eyes and get up slowly.
"Change your clothes."
An Xiaoxue brought a new set of clothes for Xu tui, and An Xiaoxue made a sudden entrance during Xu tui’s dressing period.
"I want to find a place to break through after the meeting! I want to break through to the star level. "
Xu back stare blankly nodded but shook his head again "don’t worry"
"I want to break through immediately and don’t want to suppress it any more! I have to break through to the stars to have a certain self-protection power instead of becoming your weakness. "An Xiaoxue is a little worried."
"No, I have an idea to verify and then let you break through! If this idea proves that your strength may rise substantially, "Xu said."
"What’s the idea? How to verify? "
"We won’t know this until President Cai comes back."
An Xiaoxue’s eyes moved. Cai Shaochu had taken Qu Qingshan to Mars before. Is this a study?
Qu Qingshan got the official seal of Huoyao Star. Is it a seal?
An xiaoxue is also extremely clever
The meeting hall of the wood neighboring star blue star gene Committee has been fully seated. According to the requirements of Xu’s retreat, the strong stars in the five-star five-star five-star five-star must attend.
Those who arrive at the scene also have to attend the meeting by real-time projection.
Including Cai Shaochu, Shang Long, also sat here in virtual projection mode at this time.
Sit here and have just been released from the Indian Union District Ganjifu Milian District, another new five-star star strong Haiduofu!
Ruan Tianzuo’s furniture in Huaxia District includes Huang Guzhen, Tian Zhongsheng and others.
The door of the conference room suddenly went straight into the conference hall, dressed in the battle of the special warfare group of the Tongtian famine group.
Followed by Xiao Liu and Kitawan, two heavenly seven guards, will be full of power.
At this time, Xu’s unexpected scene happened.
Ganjifu, who was allowed to retreat but captured alive before, was the first to get up and applaud warmly.
This applause directly led Huang Gu and others to get up and applaud for a moment, and all the strong stars stood up and applauded.
Rao is Xu’s battle-hardened retreat, and this scene made him a little surprised.
These guys are so good at have it both ways, aren’t they?
This Ganjifu also talked with Raymont before.
Right now …
The palm is very warm, and the palm is slightly pressed, which slows down.
"You believe that you have seen it before! There are two main reasons for calling you here today.
The first thing to do is to set up the devil group!
Kill the devil?
All the alien invaders who want to destroy the blue star are evil!
It’s the devil’s group!
Set up a special war brigade to punish demons through the Heaven-Curing Magic Regiment.
All members of the five-star guard or the strongest captain and vice captain in each joint area of each special warfare regiment.