Level-top secret!

If you have a colonel, you are eligible to move. If you have a colonel, you can make this Taoyuan Star Bluestar multi-person delivery channel.
At the same time, this multi-person delivery channel is usually closed and will only be connected and opened when the head of the team makes an order to withdraw.
Of course, the end of the blue star volume delivery channel must also be guarded by special personnel in Huaxia District.
When the worst happens, a fire evacuation passage can be built in the shortest time through this multi-person delivery passage.
I don’t know how many Bluestar Terrans can be evacuated.
But it is certain that at present, it is impossible for Bluestar’s population of several billion to evacuate, and it is likely to take a small part with it.
The future is cruel!
Of course, if you keep the small universe in heaven, it is another matter
To tell the truth, it’s tiring to be the head of this team, especially after returning to Blue Star.
This is still helped by Wei Bin, Cai Shaochu and Pangu Supercomputer.
When Cui Xi, Yan Lie, and Zhao Hailong were all happy to step back to Blue Star’s New Year’s Road, they retired to do his favorite things.
Practice is definitely one of Xu’s favorite things.
At this time, idle to make a retreat, there appeared a big mountain peak in the middle of Tuyuan Palace.
The Sun Expeditionary Force of Daxi nationality completely destroyed Tuyuan Palace and all the source forces returned completely.
Xu tui, this is to upgrade the refining and chemical understanding of Tuyuan Gongyuan Power Department to a higher level.
After all, it is the power of the four original palaces.
Before Xu retired from refining Muyuan Palace and Shui Yuan Palace, there was a big increase in strength.
Even if Xu tui has no extraordinary ability, there are many feelings.
Take a leisurely step and straddle to the top of the hill at Tuhara Palace. The spirit slowly sinks into the moment, and suddenly there is a feeling of stealing for half a day.
It is worth mentioning that Cai Shaochu has just returned, but he has worked hard to tell Jin Ji that Cai Shaochu, the sun base planet of the Daxi Expeditionary Force, has taken people to encirclement and suppression.
As Xu retreated, his spirit sank into the original palace, and the other 30% did not finish refining, so he quickly refined.
Although 70% of the former refining was given to others, it was still very fast to re-refine it at this time.
Moreover, Xu’s spirit is very strong, and the refining progress is particularly fast. In less than an hour, another 30% of the original palace will be refined.
At the same moment, Tuyuan Gongyuan made a 100% retreat and refined.
In an instant, a feeling of being directed by an arm emerged. At this time, the whole Tuyuan Palace seemed to be an extension of the Tuyuan Palace, and everything was under control.
In the same instant, the power of the original palace in my mind suddenly flashed into the nova of Xu Tuiyama.
The rhythm of the new star of the word Instant Mountain, the rhythm of the blending of the original palace and the original earth.
Affected by this or the influence of the power of the earth source, the earth source energy of the earth source palace, even the whole ceres, is spontaneously remitted to the Xu retreat body.
Xu tuishan’s new star grows rapidly.
At the same moment, Xu retired from his mind, and the seals of China Mountain and Hengshan Mountain also changed greatly.
Xu tui’s heart moved and prompted the official seal of these two stars to realize the original palace power in this state.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventy-two Four sources of power integration
After Xu retired from casting stars and strengthened to six stars halo, the psychic induction was too strong. Is it foreign or right?
At this time, when practicing, the changes in the process of practicing are presented in front of Xu tui
However, some changes in these practices can be understood, and some changes can not be understood at present.
It can be said that the level of retreat has not yet reached.
After refining, the power of Tuyuan Gongyuan was inspired by the new star of the mountain character, which not only interacted with the new star of the mountain character, but also interacted with other forces.