You can step back here …

"What did you get?"
"There is no evidence, but this Calanni is definitely a senior member of the dawn redemption traitor organization. I have read a lot of information from his subconscious through interrogation methods before, but there is no evidence," Xu said.
Tian Suqing was silent. "If there is no evidence, then I will intervene in the light and shadow body. There are branches in several joint zones, and the burden of public welfare in these years is very heavy, especially the garbage disposal outside the country."
There is no evidence that I can secretly pay attention to the secret investigation. "
"I’m white, but at the last moment today, the three strong stars who surrounded me allowed me to go. They didn’t say there was a problem with the department, but there was definitely a problem with the leader," Xu said.
"isn’t it private security in private residential areas to contain your quasi-planet?"
"It’s not that I can sense that they are coming at me directly. Normally, security should go to private houses to check the situation first.
And they’re gonna fuck me when they meet! "Xu said.
Tian Suqing frowned. "Does anyone look like it?"
Ah Huang gave people a portrait, and Tian Suqing got the result in less than a minute.
"The extraordinary fire was born in Milian District named Damon West, but now he works for the Moon Command of Bluestar Gene Committee.
That is to say, Mr. Raymont is probably a senior adviser to Mr. Raymont, who is mainly responsible for the security of the Blue Star Moon Command Base and is also a combatant with a rank in wartime.
What do you think is wrong with him? "
"It’s so fast, it’s such a coincidence, and it’s very firm to me! In an instant, I want to kill me! " Xu tui said
This is Xu tui passive telepathy telling Xu tui.
Normally, even if it is blocked, shouldn’t it be a prisoner’s interrogation to confirm his identity?
How come it’s so malicious
"This is your guess. Sorry, we can’t check this person. Of course, it is possible to investigate secretly." Tian Suqing nai said
"I will also secretly investigate."
This Damon West may be another investigation into the direction of the aurora.
I got the information from Calanni, and I didn’t know the whereabouts of Dawning Salvation Painted Skin until there was aurora.
It is impossible to know the painted skin falls until you find the aurora first.
This is a relatively definite goal.
Previously, Xu tui subconsciously saw a layer of secret connection from Calanni, which is likely to be the dawn of the connection
Xu tui just let Huang try it, but it has failed.
I can’t say that the organization of Dawn Salvation has a fast response!
Only a few minutes after Calanni’s accident, there were many reactions and the channel department that might leak news was cut off
It’s not that the Dawn Redemption Traitor Organization has lived so long for Blue Star.
"Xu, I think if you want to check the dawn redemption, you want to find the painted skin by checking the dawn redemption." Tian Suqing suddenly said.
"What’s wrong?"
"I’ve been a secret service worker since I started work, from the local to Kyoto Prefecture and then to the outside world, and among my secret service workers, there is a blue star dawn redemption traitor organization, which has been running through.
I think I still have something to say about dawn redemption, "Tian Suqing said.
"Tian Bureau, I’m listening."
"Dawning Salvation Organization is extremely strict and cautious. In the past few decades, senior members have been arrested during Dawning Salvation, but no senior members have ever revealed key information, and there is no such situation as catching one and pulling out a nest.
Occasionally, there are signs of dawn, and the rescue and tail-breaking action is also extremely fruitful, "Tian Suqing said.
"Tian Bureau, do you mean to continue to follow this clue, even if you catch up with the core personnel, it will be difficult to gain anything?"
"That’s almost what it means! They are extremely cautious and react very quickly and very hard. "
"What do you mean by that field bureau?"
"If you can’t trace it, then change the direction and change the way."
"Change the direction? Another way? " Xu tui is puzzled.
"Blue Star Dawn Redeems this traitor organization. No matter how tight it is, no matter how fast it reacts, it is also a quite large organization.
If an organization wants to live in the extraterrestrial universe, it can’t live without all kinds of material support, and it will inevitably be connected with the outside world, which most people don’t know. "
Tian Suqing will talk about this. It would be stupid to make a refund if it is not white.
"Tian bureau means let me take the initiative to contact dawn redemption? What is it to be undercover? "
"I don’t dare to be undercover and give me ten guts. President Cai will definitely beat me to death!"
Tian Suqing smiled and shook his head. "According to the intelligence, Bluestar Dawn Redemption Traitor organized Mars Guard to get a lot of materials from various joint zones after the war, and the development direction of Dawn Redemption has focused on the asteroid belt.
Quite a bit to operate independently. "
"Tian Bureau, what do you mean?"
"If you want Blue Star Dawn to redeem you, you will have a chance to contact them. It is much easier to contact them than to track them down …"
I have to say that Tian Suqing’s giving Xu back this road is really much easier than tracing it.