It seems that the arm compass seems to be able to get inside the land.

And Xiao Bai quickly came from the platform, and he kept going deeper.
The so-called being familiar with the road is almost a straight line. Xiaobai has been rushing to the front to be responsible for warning and responding to the sudden attack of that spider, but this time it seems very calm. Lin Yue came back to the fork in the road without encountering special circumstances.
Just as Lin Yue was about to walk to the lizard man’s gate, Xiaobai suddenly let out a warning that there was an enemy near Lin Yue!
Lin Yue almost instantly picked up the steel crossbow intersection wall and concealed it sideways, and also closed the hand barrel.
It wasn’t long before he heard the small noise that Xiaobai had detected.
It’s a strange rustling sound like talking in a dream. If you don’t know what kind of snake it is, Lin Yue knows that this sound can come from one thing.
Lizard man!
Once he destroyed the lion-headed bear, he suddenly encountered a strange creature with a certain wisdom and scales. At one time, he really read something wrong.
After all, some sci-fi movies in his impression or inside.
He doesn’t want to make trouble or conflict with this strange-looking horrible creature.
However, after seeing him, an eagle-eyed lizard man almost did not hesitate to attack him directly, thus provoking a dispute.
Since arriving in this different world, Lin Yue has gradually formed a character that if something is attacked at him, no matter what it is, it will be doubled and returned directly.
Moreover, as the combat skills gradually become proficient, and at the same time, the cooperation with Xiaobai is more tacit, and finally, they are not even scratched, and they will be quickly destroyed.
Lin Yue, who has different races and different languages, doesn’t feel that he can explain them by sitting down and talking to these lizard people, so that he can explore freely in this vast relic.
Lin Yue doesn’t know how many times he’s heard the phrase "if you’re not my race, your heart will be different."
At that time, when marauders attacked his shelter, he felt that this sentence was not so accurate.
In this predatory world, not to mention these heterogeneous lizard people, human beings are full of intrigue and intrigue, those predators, those groups that covet his resources, and so are people.
At the moment, it was dark in front of me, and I heard footsteps coming gradually to this side and whispering like talking.
These sounds became clearer as the lizard man approached.
Finger pressed the steel crossbow trigger. Lin Yue hid in this dark corner and held his breath when he saw the torch light gradually expelling the darkness closer and closer.
Xiaobai around him is also ready to fight. If the master gives the order, he will rush out as quickly as possible and let the enemy fall into ice and cold.
In the dark, Lin Yue silently counted his steps. He found that there should be three or four people close to lizards, and there would never be more.
Three or four simple!
Lin Yue’s hand touched Xiaobai and gently pushed it.
Xiaobai also got the message and jumped out of his side in an instant!
"Sa, Sa …" The lizard man found Xiaobai, and they made a disgusting and ugly cry, but the sound came to an abrupt end after a cold wind!
Lin Yue hand steel crossbow also just a few seconds will be four crossbows instantaneous!
Chapter 9 Picture Happiness You can’t imagine.
Lightly picked up four bronze treasure chests, looked at Lin Yue, and picked up its weapons from a lizard man’s body.
"There are bows and arrows? But it seems to be quite good. "After throwing the rough wooden bow and arrows into the object, Lin Yue took away their torches and thought about it, then stripped them of everything, including his weapons and armor."
It is necessary for geese to pluck their hair.
"poof-poof?" Xiaobai returned to Lin Yue and saw the clean lizard man’s dead body and froze.
"Xiao Bai is not used to the master’s habits?" Lin Yue touched the small white head with a steel crossbow to move on.
Xiaobai looked at the lizard man’s dead body again with confused eyes and chased Lin Yue.
However, Lin Yue walked all the way to the front door and didn’t see the lion’s head and bear’s shadow.
Looks like lizards don’t have enough lions and bears.
"Why is the efficiency not high? You don’t know that someone is stealing a house. "Lin Yue vomited.
This is the deepest place where he has reached the remains of this area. If he wants to move on, he must pass through the front gate.