"It’s great to have a good hee hee." That male brother is just drooling.

"But so many things are expensive."
Everything went as expected. The male brother smiled vaguely and made people want to throw up.
Sixth cycle
Qixing Biezhuang (that is, the abandoned villa)
"What are you doing? Why don’t you go in at the gate? " Qingling saw a lot of people around the door.
Butterfly Shadow tugged at her. "We are all waiting for you to give Zhuang a name. We have decided to call it Seven Stars Biezhuang, but you just agreed." Butterfly Shadow always makes a concluding speech.
"I feel fine. How about you?" Green Bay looked at them and prepared the wooden plaque and poked the green spirit.
"Now that you’ve decided, don’t ask me." Qingling does have a beautiful appearance, but she’s not very good at naming.
"Blue You write the most beautifully among our sisters, and now it’s your turn to show your talents." Topaz gradually turned to Blue You.
Blue deep and remote some embarrassed her head down "blue deep and remote elder sister" viola shook her arm.
"All right, then!" Lanyou couldn’t hold on to the sisters’ entreaty, and promised that Hongying and Orange Bing would hold the paper and spread it on Lanyou Xuan paper to write the words "Seven Stars Don’t Village".
"Well," Butterfly Shadow rolled up the paper. "You go in first and I’ll find a plaque carver in the village." Then she took the plaque and left (what a great effort! )
sitting room
At this time, Hongying noticed Green Bay and Qingling. "Why did you come back when you went shopping?"
"Someone will send it to us later." Qingling’s chair is full of pride
"What?" Everyone has different opinions (except Qingling Lvwan and Xianger)
"Send it?" Topaz, do you think anyone would be so stupid?
"This is incredible" Dong Jiang shook his head "I’m not dreaming! Is there such a person in our village? "
Orange ice is still watching these people "taking advantage of mortals casually is against the rules of heaven"
"Yes, it’s not easy for them to make some money." Ziqin felt sympathy for the suckers.
Green Bay hugged Ziqin’s shoulder. "Don’t worry, I don’t think that’s a good person and rich, nor does she earn like a prodigal family."
"Don’t worry, Sister Qingling won’t take advantage of the poor casually." Lan You finally said nothing for a long time.
"Good good you don’t want to buy food? Go, "said Qingling, pushing the Ziqin and Lanyou outward.
The seventh time
The background of the underworld: the ancestors of the underworld created the underworld in vain, but they have not yet cultivated into immortals, seeking to settle down. All three female brothers, the green ghost, the snow maple butterfly shadow, married the wife of the eclipsed king. Three thousand years ago, the underworld was divided. At this time, the eclipsed king was imprisoned by the jade emperor, and the green ghost was in charge of the ghost moon palace. It was said that a death row could be saved by accumulating 10,000 merits, and the magic door of the moon palace was managed by the snow maple. Five hundred years ago, the eclipsed king died in heaven, and the
Ma Jie ☆ Dream Moon Palace
Snow maple sits high with a woman facing her.
Xue Feng said slowly, "Crescent Moon, I got the news that the seven fairies in heaven have disappeared, and now Lan You and Ziqin are in the dongjiacun Woods. Go and bring them back."
"I know, master, but what do we want them to have?" Call crescent girl puzzled.
"This time, there is an agreement in the underworld that whoever gets seven fairy bodies and seven spirit flowers can unify the underworld."
"What about the Moon Palace?"
"Butterfly Shadow belongs to the magic world, but it has long since left the magic door. Instead of fighting for it, she will help the Seven Fairies. You should be careful to avoid Butterfly Shadow this time. You are no match for her."
"Know the master, I’ll go first." Then I left the hall.
After the "Snow Maple" Crescent Moon left, a woman with a black veil came out from behind. "Did she go?"
"Yes" Xue Feng’s eyes looked at the door but showed respect. "Everything is according to your plan."
"Very good" female has a pair of eyes showing yoshimitsu.
Ziqin and Lanyou walk back after buying vegetables.
"After buying so many dishes, they become delicious food through the skillful hands of the elder sister." Lan You has always admired the cooking skills of Hongying.