Chen Yougong’s big stones have also fallen in the past few days. Although he didn’t say at ordinary times, he also asked everywhere the other day, and he was also worried. It would be nice.

"By the way, this is the wild duck egg at noon, and there’s one more for you."
Yao Shangqing got up and took out the duck eggs.
Chen Yougong glanced at the duck egg and looked at the back room to write "It’s smelly and small, and there is still a little conscience". After that, he looked at Yao Shangqing "You eat, I don’t eat"
Yao Shangqing hurriedly pushed away "I ate Shaoyuan and let me eat it at noon."
Chen Yougong still knows that she peeled off the wild duck eggs and put half of them in Yao Shangqing’s hands. "We are each half."
Yao Shangqing looked at him with a smile in his eyes.
Chen Yougong sighed, "I will make you eat eggs every day after your daughter-in-law."
Lying next to Yuanyuan, with his eyes closed, he snorted.
Countdown to grow up, thank the little angel for his support, be excited and cry, love you forever.
Chapter one studies
Yao Shangqing chuckled and smiled.
Chen Shaoyuan’s back room is called Chen Yougong. "Dad, what do you think his brother is doing?"
Chen Yougong heard that the sound was afraid of making trouble and quickly turned around.
Yao Shangqing warmed his heart and wiped his wet eyes, then ate half an egg and went into the back room.
Chen Yougong got up early the next morning. He was going to the brigade headquarters for a meeting. This time, he had to touch with others, wash his face and left.
When Yao Shangqing got up to cook, Chen was already preparing to take things out of the kitchen. She just went to the chicken coop and duck coop and saw that the eggs began to turn normal. Four eggs and three duck eggs, but she had already satisfied the requirement that chickens and ducks could be so diligent in winter.
"Are you up? What is meritorious? " Chen locked the cabinet again.
Yao Shangqing remembered that last thing may not have been said.
"Niang yesterday a battalion chief finally told active that a desk and chair worker in our county was assigned to our village. Active got up early in the morning and went to the brigade headquarters for a meeting." Now that she thinks about it, is she in a good mood?
Chen also put his hands together and muttered, "Thank God, this meritorious service can take a lot of God’s blessing."
Yao Shangqing is also happy to knit up his sleeves and start working.
"You’re a bit thick today, and we’re celebrating before you boil an egg for meritorious service alone." Chen’s face is beaming. Who doesn’t know that this job makes money?
Yao Shangqing heard her mother-in-law’s words. Naturally, she was full of willingness to wash the eggs that her mother-in-law had just taken out and put them in the pot.
Chen Shaoyuan is dressing his two younger brothers in bed. Chen Shaoer is better. Chen Shaozhi is too young, so he can’t take care of it very well.
Chen pushed the door and went in to the back room to see Chen Shao trying to help him pull a few times to be dressed.
"Grandma" Chen Shaoyuan three brothers early grandma gas shouted a.
Chen is naturally satisfied with these three grandchildren and can’t smile. "Why don’t you sleep more? What are you doing up in such a cold day?"
Chen Shaoyuan shook his head. "I can’t sleep, and my mother made me read yesterday. I forgot to lie in bed. I can’t think of it. Get ready and have a look."
Chen gratified to touch his head. "Well, you watch the two brothers put on their shoes and I’ll go and see your sister."
Chen turned around and went to Yao Shangqing’s bed and slowly lay down to look at the little girl. At that time, she always felt that she was different. It’s really nice. It’s estimated that this thing will be done well. Watching and sleeping happened just when she didn’t catch up well when she was a child. Her mother was also eccentric to her eldest brother and third brother. She felt at that time that she must treat her children well and never be eccentric.
"You, you, wait for your father to earn money to buy you delicious food. No one can suffer when he comes to our house."
Arms smiles send us light head is heard sip sip mouth small fist also moved a few.
Chen haha laughed and remembered that the old people sighed, and this matter had to be discussed with Lao San, otherwise it would be difficult.
When Chen Shaoyuan wore shoes, he first ran to the table to watch his own writing last night, just to remember it well.
Chen Shaoer took Chen Shaozhi and ran out of the hospital.
Chen looked at the little girl and saw that it was nothing. She went out and strolled around and went into the kitchen.
Yao Shangqing is taking out pickled vegetables and mixing them.
Chen used to sit and help light a fire, and she also saw pickles, which she taught Yao Shangqing to cook, but people cooked better than her and just taught her.
"Shang Qing, I want to discuss something with you."