Guihou is more angry.

Up to now, half of their Eldar chess has been killed.
Two soldiers and one phase were killed.
Now his side has a gun, a horse and a pawn, which is as heavy as the Mayan people.
On the other hand, the black generals will leave the main Luqi Daxi clan intact until now.
In particular, the action of the black car Lulei to avoid war just now made Tuhou angry.
"In that case, then fight separately! If you dare to force me to order, I will be the enemy. Anyway, it is a loss! " Thick soil is angry.
"It’s not Mr. Tuhou. I promise that there will be no similar situation when the layout is completed." Luqi is also a little anxious
It’s okay for them to defend with two men and a black car. It’s absolutely not enough to rely on a black car to attack and gain. We must rely on the strength of the Eldar Maya.
"You promise? You don’t believe it! " Thick soil sneer
"I don’t believe it either." Joan made up the knife.
Lurgi was silent for a while. "How can you believe it?"
In order to win this chess game, he must strengthen the strength of Eldar and Daxi, otherwise he can passively defend by winning by law.
Just as the thick soil Joanne secretly exchanged communication conditions, suddenly a string of light curtains poured directly into Tianhe chess game.
The light curtain that poured into Tianhe chess game turned into ten thousand light spots in an instant.
After this dense light spot entered, it turned into a personal shape, and then the people at Tianhe chess game were shocked
The army of hell
And it is the most elite army in hell.
This sudden influx of 12,000 light spots turned out to be Jiuwei.
More than 12,000 nine-guard stars!
This force is terrible.
Whether this force is the power of Ulla, the ghost emperor, or the power of the three families, namely the Maya, Eldar and Daxi, is not worth it.
In the heyday of the four dynasties, the nine satellite stars together are just in their early 1700 s.
This will go through four and a half wars, and four disabled nine satellite stars will only be in their early 1000 s
The elite of the underworld is ten times stronger than the strength of both sides in Tianhe chess game.
They are glanced at and found that the leader here in hell is crowned with a black robe of Yan Luowang.
Instant Wula, Tuhou, Joan, Luqi, Xu tui and others have an idea in their hearts-picking fruits!
The elite army of hell has come to pick the fruit!
Chapter one thousand three hundred and four Rules change is easy to break.
More than 12,000 elite troops from Jiuwei Prefecture poured into Tianhe chess game, not to pick fruit, but to do what?
This makes Wula, Luqi, Qiao ‘an, Tuhou, Xu tui and others nervous. If the army of hell comes in to pick the fruit, who can stop them?
Nobody can stop it!
Either surrender or be beheaded by the elite of hell.
It can be said that under normal circumstances, the 12,000 nine-satellite stars in the underworld are a force that makes everyone despair.
If you want to rush into Tianhe chess, you can stop it.
Not to mention Yan Luowang is so powerful.
Now, including Xu tui, all hope for Tianhe chess rules.
I hope Tianhe chess rules can stop this elite of more than 10 thousand prefectures.