Spot cloth corners of the mouth peep out one silk smile looked at the female assistant and patrol personnel, "you continue to patrol according to the route I worked out before. I have something to deal with temporarily, and I’ll contact you again."

The female assistant, White Spot Cloth, had something personal that was inconvenient. She immediately got the message and left with the inspector.
Looking at the female assistant and the patrol personnel leaving the spot cloth, they turned around and soon came to Iceland. The ice wings fell behind and appeared hundreds of meters away from Su Li.
He looked at Su Li, who was sitting cross-legged on an ice tree, and looked at Xu Xuehui, a monster who was seriously hunting not far away.
Quietly made a peep and saw Xu Xuehui’s information.
A single talent hides the combat power of a professional first-class destroyer.
Spot cloth secretly nodded.
A 13-or 14-year-old border breaker and a hidden career, so that people will come from the descendants of a big shot.
After becoming a spiritual source, although the strength continues to grow, the fertility will become lower and lower, and this situation will become more and more obvious after breaking the border.
This situation can not be changed even if it is sacred.
All these great people are fond of all kinds of resources when they have offspring, so it is possible to break the boundary at a young age.
It’s hard to say whether the average person’s talent can break the boundary, let alone break the boundary at such a young age
Like other border-breakers, Spot Bu saw Xu Xuehui looking at it again and sat quietly in meditation. Su Li was sure that these two people were very important.
Although I can’t see Su Li’s information, I can infer from his previous performance that he should be a nine-level destroyer like himself.
"Look at him. It should be meditation. He hides his identity and quietly comes to the fortress. He should be looking for an opportunity to seek a big break."
"Great destruction is easy to talk about …"
Spot cloth secretly sighed that he had been sticking to his fortress for years and didn’t want to break through the border, but now he hasn’t pushed his potential to the limit. He has already considered retiring these days.
Although the military service is enough, he will be treated well after retirement, but no one in his head is really in a good position and will not get his turn. Nine times out of ten, he will be assigned to an idle post for the aged.
Although the fourth fortress appears occasionally, it is mostly sacred because of dark riots, so that his roots can’t cling to it.
These days, he has climbed to the top and tried his best. Although he is relying on one at present, his potential is limited. It is almost impossible to win a prominent position through him.
Now I suddenly saw Su Li and Xu Xuehui’s spotted cloth eyes slightly glowing and my heart was a little excited.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and he doesn’t want to miss it
Silently hundreds of meters away, I paused for a moment, thinking about how to talk so as not to be too abrupt.
Approaching the ice tree in Surrey, when it was nearly 20 meters away from Surrey, he stopped at the edge of another ice tree and then showed his silent guard posture.
It occurred to him that Suri was meditating and realizing that interrupting him rashly might disturb him, get his favor, and possibly make him unhappy.
After thinking, Spot Cloth had a brainwave and immediately guarded Su Li as a loyal guard.
Spot cloth is close to Su Li, and although he is in meditation, he still feels it.
He also has a little impression of spot cloth.
Yesterday, in the dark riot, he rushed out with more than a dozen nine-level border breakers. Among these ten nine-level border breakers, there was spotted cloth. He remembered that spotted cloth was very powerful in the field of ice and snow, and he had studied and analyzed it before.
Seeing the spot cloth approaching Su Li, I don’t know what he wants to do, but he still meditates and realizes it without meaning.
He is now in addition to some fear of sacredness, even if he knows his identity, it is nothing.
Level 9 destroyer? His roots are true.
To his surprise, the spotted cloth quietly reached 20 meters away and stood still, then turned his back on himself and looked around, looking like a guard for himself.
"What is this guy doing?" Su Li was very surprised.
The level 9 destroyer is a real big shot in the fortress. Why does this man look like a guard for himself now?
Because he contributed to the fortress yesterday, he saw himself meditating on the way and came to protect himself for fear of an accident?
Su Li’s micro-motion in his heart feels that this possibility is very great, but his heart is a little touched. At that time, he didn’t expect that this spot cloth would mistake him and Xu Xuehui for being a big shot from the beginning and want to seek further promotion through them.
After all, Su Li’s mind seems that Spot Cloth is a big shot in the fortress. I never thought that he would come to please himself.
At the moment, the spiritual source force in his body has slowly merged with the big monty dragon body, and the sacred field has been quietly transformed by his convergence into the body. He is one last step away from the promotion.
Spot cloth occasionally took a look at Su Li and suddenly found that his body was faintly sacred, like a metamorphosis, and his heart was suddenly surprised.
Chapter 723 Luobo City
He is a nine-level destroyer with a deep understanding of the field and suddenly saw the Su Li style. This change turned out to be the transformation of the field, which could lead to the situation.
"Don’t … is he really going to break through?"
Spot cloth heart pounding.
After the spiritual source advanced to level 2, if you want to be promoted again, you need to break the boundary and break the boundary. Success is the boundary breaker.
This first breakthrough is generally called the threshold.
After each promotion, it is necessary to break the boundary and the difficulty is getting higher and higher.
If you can break the boundary by yourself, you will be promoted to level 4 if the problem of breaking the boundary after three times is not great.