Ge Hui was surprised to see Qiuhua Wang. Isn’t her family condition bad? This sum of money is almost her father’s salary for two months?

Yuanyuan nodded. "OK, you can give me the deposit the day after tomorrow, I’ll bring things here the day after tomorrow, and then give me the remaining money when I see you."
Qiuhua Wang nodded hard, but her brain was buzzing. Did she seem to hear or not hear so much money? It’s coming out soon?
It happened that the bell rang.
Qiuhua Wang didn’t listen to several classes and was absent-minded after school.
Yuanyuan packed herself up and went straight home with her hands in her pockets.
Zheng Ying and the three of them went to the canteen to eat.
"Are you okay Qiu Hua?" Zheng Yingxin asked, looking at her situation is not very good.
Qiuhua Wang shook his head. "I just want to say that I want to buy a necklace. How can I make up the money?"
I was still depressed when I said it.
Ge Hui looked on coldly and silently ate his own meal, listening to what she said without saying anything.
Zheng Ying heard a mouthful of food and thought about it before opening her mouth. Her tone was euphemistic because she was afraid of hurting Qiuhua Wang’s self-esteem
"Qiu Hua, I think you have a problem with Yuanyuan. She’s very nice and you said to buy it first, and no one wants to buy it and sell it."
Qiuhua Wang is holding her anger in her heart, but Zheng Ying is opposite, and she has no way to go back.
"But but she didn’t give it to me and sent it to you."
Ge Hui frowned and spoke directly.
"Who to send or not to send is her freedom. Do you have a problem with her sending us? So you just go straight to her and hope Yuanyuan will give you one for nothing? "
As soon as she opened her mouth, she hit the nail on the head
If won-won, you must applaud her.
As soon as Qiuhua Wang was poked, he got red in the face.
"Ge Hui, how can you say that about me? I really didn’t think so."
Zheng Ying saw that she was almost crying, and the foot of the table touched Ge Hui.
Ge Huinai turned a supercilious look. "How do you think you know best?"
Qiuhua Wang silently shed tears.
"Well, don’t cry. Ge Hui didn’t mean anything. She was impulsive, too." Zheng Ying quickly came to comfort her.
"But what you say is really hurtful. How can you say that Yuanyuan cheated money? She is not like this."
Add another sentence at the back
Qiuhua Wang also Zheng Ying wants to comfort herself, and as a result, it’s no taste to make up for a meal.
Zheng ying, look at her
"But you can take out seventy-five dollars? If not, tell Yuanyuan in the afternoon not to forget it. Yuanyuan is so good that it won’t be difficult for you. You have to apologize to Yuanyuan. "
Qiuhua Wang Pei in my heart. She won’t apologize to death, and she won’t apologize to a country girl for anything.
"It’s okay. I think we should be honest. Now that we have agreed, we can’t go back on our word" and Chen Yuanyuan may not take it out.
She can’t take out the bet
Zheng Ying looked at her silently and said nothing. Now that she has decided, forget it.
Three people went back to the classroom after dinner.
Qiuhua Wang went out alone to find a senior three, and the money was sure to be collected.
It’s rare in Yuanyuan school tonight. Chen and Zhou Xingyue came back early after they got home from night lessons.
Yuanyuan went to the living room and they were settling accounts.
"Grandma, do you have any necklaces for me? I need another one. "
Talking and sitting next to me, I poured a cup of tea and took a sip.
Chen didn’t look up at her, but he didn’t delay nodding.
"Grandma, remember to bring it back to me one day. I have classmates to buy it."
Yuanyuan added.
Chen just looked up and looked at Zhou Xingyue. Recently, Yuanyuan has made so many friends, which is a good thing.
"Well, since your classmate wants it, don’t ask for money. It’s just a necklace."
Chen said a pair of cheerful.
"Yes, it’s best for you to get along well with your classmates."
Zhou Xingyue also echoed the sentence.
Yuanyuan shook her head and picked it up. A pear in the fruit bowl took a bite.
"That can’t be done. My classmate has to pay for it."