Every time a gun is fired from the city wall, it can bring about ten people’s losses to the Tatars, but the arrows shot by the Tatars are different. With the continuous decline of the number of Tatars, the losses to the Tiger and Leopard Army are becoming less and less.

Soon, the total strength of the Tatars was sharply reduced to 100, and it took more than 100 people to stick to the city wall garrison at the very most.
Looking at fewer and fewer troops around me, I was just holding a little luck. At this time, I really panicked, because if I continue to fight like this, it won’t be long before more than a hundred warriors will lose the battlefield.
So Zhang Jing, the Tatar Niu Lu, reached the retreat order without thinking.
But now it’s too late to think about retreating.
After more than 100 people retreated like a SangGuQuan, the wall kept shooting lead bullets and didn’t stop at all.
Not only that, but with the retreat of the Tatars, the wall was just a panic, which was directly replaced by excitement. In this case, their aim of shooting lead bullets became higher and higher.
Round after round, lead bullets chase Tartars. Every ten paces back, a batch of almost a dozen Tartars will be poured. At this moment, a group of ten mortars equipped with a garrison will not be lonely. Join the battlefield and fire shells at the Tartars who are retreating wildly outside the city …
At last, more than 100 Tatars successfully withdrew from muskets, and the range disappeared. In front of everyone, there were less than 30 people left, and one case turned into a corpse and was left on the battlefield by Tatars.
"Win, we won … with a new corps established in less than ten days, we eliminated five hundred powerful Tatar fighters … brothers will definitely tell you that we have created a miracle …"
The battle in Xixi County has just ended, and the First Field Army of Tiger and Leopard Army has also ended its encirclement and suppression campaign against Liaodong.
Trapped in a narrow area of Liaodong Peninsula, more than 2,000 Tatars have to leave their hiding places to fight against the Tiger and Leopard Army.
In front of the powerful Tiger and Leopard Army’s first field army, more than 2,000 Tatar fighters only caused less than 500 losses to the Tiger and Leopard Army, and the army collapsed.
Of course, the biggest loss of the Tiger and Leopard Army in this encirclement and suppression war is not the strength, but the fact that it was destroyed by the Tatars and brutally killed by the Tatars, the people of Liaodong …
Former Liaodong Company commanders mansion Now Liaodong Governor’s Office is facing the war damage and Wei Zheng, who has just been counted by the general staff. He clenched his fist and smashed the front table directly because of anger.
Then he cursed: "These animals are not as good as Tartars. They should have dragged them to the people and let them kill them in a knife … It is outrageous to kill so many people in Liaodong in just a few days … I will make them pay sooner or later …"
Without hesitation, Sun Chengzong affirmed, "The great blood feud of the guard must be avenged … but I think what we are delaying now is not revenge, but how to improve our Liaodong defense."
"This loss has given me a wake-up call for a loophole in our defense line to harass us once, and there will be a second time. More importantly, two or three thousand people will bring us such a big loss, so let us spend such a huge price to encircle them … If we send one or two thousand people to Liaodong every month from now on, we will never be able to develop forever …"
Hearing this, Wei Zheng’s face anger has been unconsciously replaced by dignity.
Facing Sun Chengzong, he replied with a deep face: "The chief of staff is right. It is necessary to ensure that there are no loopholes in the Liaodong defense line and that the Tatars can’t take the opportunity …"
I heard that the chief of staff (turn a face of concern and said …
"Prince, if we want to make the whole Liaodong defense line have no loopholes, the first thing we have to do is to increase the defense force. After all, the whole defense line is hundreds of miles long, and we can rely on it to disperse the defense line … seriously, a county needs to defend the defense line for an absolute hundred miles."
"And we deploy these county troops? There is a regiment at the very most, which means we need a regiment to defend the thyme line …"
"So it is almost impossible if there are no loopholes …"
"I asked the general staff to make a special study. If you want to ensure that there are no loopholes in the whole line of defense and don’t let the small cavalry units of Dalai have a chance, you must double the strength of the whole line of defense …"
"But there are so many troops stationed in Liaodong. Once these troops are thrown into the defense line, there will be no extra mobile troops. If one day they are suddenly attacked by the Tatars, they will be passively beaten …"
Looking through the various battle reports, I was lost in thought and thought about possible solutions.
Soon, the battle report of the first garrison in Liaodong, which cost 700 people to destroy 500 Zhenghuangqi Tatar fighters, came into the vision of Weizheng.
In the face of this battle report, Wei Zheng’s face flashed a surprise and was quickly covered by surprises.
Then a bold idea came to Weizheng’s mind, and a pair of eyes quickly shot out two shirts.
Sun Chengzong stared thoughtfully and asked, "What do you think of the Chief of Staff’s first garrison in Liaodong?"
"Liaodong first garrison …" Sun Chengzong said to himself with a face and quickly lost in thought.
Soon, a thoughtful smile appeared on his face and he replied to Wei Zheng: "I know this first garrison … One of the six garrisons who participated in the Jin battle after this attack was not only the biggest but also the smallest loss …"
"If you add this time the meritorious military service to promote the rank of school, there is no problem …"
"In addition to the colonel colonel let me remember, a lieutenant company commander in the garrison also let me remember, because this lieutenant company commander is one of a dozen soldiers who have been promoted to two ranks at a time in this rank promotion …"
"I really didn’t expect this lieutenant to make such a great achievement again when he was just promoted to the rank of major in less than a few days … I’m sure that his rank can be upgraded to the next level with this achievement. If it weren’t for our butch army’s catch-up promotion to major, I would agree that this company commander should be promoted to the rank of major directly …"
Wei Zheng nodded and replied, "The rank of the school … the rank of the commander of the garrison division in the Tiger and Leopard Army is the school … Since there is another school in the garrison division, we will transfer this school to form our third garrison division … In addition, we can also transfer some lieutenant colonel from the field army to form a special local garrison regiment, so that our shortage of troops will not be solved …"
"Good idea … to set up a garrison and a garrison division to set aside field troops to deal with possible military conflicts. At the critical moment, we can directly enter the latter and let the latter have a taste of us …"
"I agree with this idea to form a garrison division and a garrison regiment …"
Chapter four hundred and ninety The imperial court problem
After the Tiger and Leopard Army expanded its garrison, Jinda formed the Han Banner …
When the two opponents were destined to expand their military strength with more than 100,000 equipments in their respective territories, the Great Court was once again overwhelmed by a strong smoke because of the act of tiger and leopard army incorporating tens of thousands of border troops in Liaodong territory.
For the imperial court, the excellent border troops are the last cards in their hands.
However, the Tiger and Leopard Army not only occupied but also belonged to a large area of land in Liaodong of the imperial court, and it was also incorporated. The imperial court attached great importance to tens of thousands of border troops …
For this kind of behavior, most of the ministers in the DPRK hold the same idea. We must let the Tiger and Leopard Army spit out the tens of thousands of border troops and return them to the court. After all, the name of the Guardian Commander Tiger and Leopard Army still belongs to the court and an army belongs to the management of the court …
Of course, these ministers in the DPRK didn’t know that a large area of land in Liaodong was taken back from the Tatar by the Tiger and Leopard Army, and even tens of thousands of border troops were saved from the Tatar by the Tiger and Leopard Army.
But even so, they, the ministers, can turn a blind eye to these facts, because the situation in the whole dynasty is getting worse and worse, just like a whip, urging them to bring back tens of thousands of border troops that have been incorporated into the tiger and leopard army, otherwise the whole dynasty will be in disaster.