Mei Qingfei’s mouth is full of people fighting for Longzi, not Yan Lie.

That’s Xu retired!
Do you want to fight for the dragon posture?
Luo Mu believes.
But that was two years later!
But it’s unlikely to fight for the dragon in six months, right?
Luo Muma looked through the live video before and saw the video of Xu withdrawing from the war and suppressing Cui Xi, and his expression became dignified.
"At this rate of progress is really possible!
If you can overcome YanLie that … After half a year, fighting for the dragon might really be able to participate in a thing or two. "
As soon as I read this Luo Mu, I will retreat into the threatening opponents.
Since you are an opponent, you should know your opponent first.
Fuck for a long time and adjust the live projection screen to extremely clear mode, ready to watch the challenge carefully.
At the same time, the junior Long Chuwai also received the news and silently ordered the direct picture.
Not only many of them got the news, but also the members of Huaxia Dragon and Tiger List, all of whom ordered the live broadcast.
I rushed to the scene for the first time when I had the opportunity.
Xu tui’s current strength and his challenge to people like Yan Lie are already qualified for them to note!
At the general list of Dragon and Tiger, Xu retired from the rest chair, closed his eyes and rested quietly, waiting for the arrival of Yan Lie.
A slightly thin and lean figure in the crowd came with light feet and more people, and it felt like floating step by step.
This is Yan Lie.
Yan Lie, the teacher on duty, signed it, and when he stepped lightly on the contest ring, his eyes swept to close his eyes, rest and make a retreat.
Xu tui, who was closing her eyes and resting, was suddenly awakened.
Just now, it felt as if a beast stared at him and woke him up directly.
Looking up, Xu retreated, revealing a little consternation.
Yan Lie has arrived!
Yanlie nodded his head.
Look at it and you will be alert.
This promise is worth fighting for!
"Yan Xuechang?"
"Come on, I don’t like waves!"