The airport security master handed three cards to Gu Qingshan and others.

The security guard smiled at Gu Qingshan with a wink when he left.
Gu Qingshan is at a loss.
He is a confidential unit colleague, but Gu Qingshan doesn’t know anything.
"That fat guy gave you a glad eye," Lao Li said sadly.
"I saw him a little strange."
Gu Qingshan will pass into his pocket.
"There is nothing strange about feelings. Who can tell?" Blonde man quite understand way
Lao Li and Gu Qingshan looked at each other.
They moved away from the blond man without a trace.
"Where are we going now?" Lao Li asked
"We have to find the mecha first. I want to see the specific structure of the mecha." Gu Qingshan said.
"It’s not easy. Every mecha is a big killer and we civilians are under close surveillance." Lao Li Nai said.
The door was pushed again.
The security guard came in and looked at Gu Qingshan Road. "Did you fix the plane?"
"There is something wrong with our security mecha. Today, the mechanical engineer happened to take a leave of absence. I think you may be a mechanical expert. Why don’t you help us?"
Lao Li and the blond man have a face of ghosts.
"No problem" Gu Qingshan laughed.
He took the lead to get up and follow the security guard to the outside.
Lao Li and the blond man hurriedly followed
Lao Li couldn’t help winking at the blond man.
His expression is like asking a question.
(Who is this guy? )
The blond man shrugged his shoulders and made a repair to express his meaning.
(Mecha scientist, he has proved that he is very good at this)
Lao Li pointed to the sky and prayed.
(No, I think he is the emperor)
Blonde man shook his head.
It’s all a coincidence that you think too much.
Seven workers in Anshaogang are loading large security mecha into transport vehicles.
They just hung up the security mecha and prepared to load the transport vehicle, and the airport security master came.
"Wait a minute, don’t move, let the experts see."
Several workers will put the mecha again after listening to Nai with a sigh.
Gu Qingshan moved in his heart and said, "I didn’t transport this damaged mecha to the component preparation center. If I find the problem, I can replace the parts immediately."
That’s a good idea. The security chief agreed at once.