Compared with the identification problems of Ann Totem today, it’s really not a problem.

There were five answer boards before and after, and Danny Awu found the correct answer accurately and wrongly in one go. The slight difficulty is that several similar herbs are put together to find the correct answer, which is really not difficult to answer.
On a roll, Danny Awu came up with the sixth answer board after answering five pieces in one breath, which made her feel very strange. The questions of this sixth answer board were actually very similar to those of the blue teenager, and they were all very wonderful tricks.
For example, if you need to recognize the fruit, the herbs have leaves, and they are highly similar to the leaves. Let the brothers make mistakes if they are not careful.
With the blue juvenile training, this is really pediatrics.
For example, the last question turned out to be the unique trick of the blue teenager to find a hidden herb.
Swear and swear that if you hadn’t been burnt by the blue teenager, Danny Awu couldn’t have found himself on the sixth answer board in a very short time!
Looking for herbs, different answers are exactly the same! Daniel Awu couldn’t help but whisper in his heart, do those alchemists all like such bad tastes?
Coming out of the investigation room, the heart-abused goddess came face to face. The child was in high spirits and did well in the exam.
Seeing Dandan Awu’s heart abusing the goddess, she immediately smiled and said, "Sister Awu, I also answered the additional questions this time. Hee hee is right about several questions. The last question is like a gazelle, or I might get full marks."
Danny Awu’s face was more weird than his expression, and he said, "It’s the easiest to put the last question after all."
Heart abuse goddess one leng "isn’t it? Elder martial sister Awu, you actually worked out that additional question that everyone thinks has absolutely no answer? "
Dandan Awu glanced at the surrounding novels and said, "Actually, that answer board is the standard answer."
Heart abuse goddess suddenly froze!
After half a ring, the child’s mouth choked out two words "pervert!"
Dandan Awu said, "It’s really amazing that the guy who gave the question is really abnormal."
"I mean, you are more abnormal, and you recognized the standard answer at a glance for such a short time. You don’t say I’m still wondering."
I cann’t believe I was called a pervert again! Daniel Awu thinks that the real pervert may still be the magical blue teenager in his dream.
Two alchemy tests come to Dandan Awu, and he feels that the blue youth alchemy is even earth-shattering, and even those things he taught himself are far beyond the scope of ordinary alchemists.
Otherwise, the two assessments will not make you feel so relaxed. Will the blue teenager be an alchemist?
Whether the blue boy is an alchemist or not is unknown for the time being.
The second test result of alchemy came out, and Dandan Awu topped the list with an absolute score of 120 points.
Heart abuse goddess muttered, "abnormal condition is indeed right."
This time, many younger brothers had a big argument, and a guy came out and shouted, "How can there be no answer to the last question? How can Danny Awu get full marks?" It’s impossible … "
Chapter DiErSiLiu Real genius (4)
The boy’s opinion on horses has been recognized by many younger brothers, and everyone has raised objections.
Heart abuse goddess covers her mouth and chuckles.
The sound outside alarmed the examiner inside, and an alchemist came out and yelled, "What’s the noise? Right is right or wrong is wrong. You can’t answer such a simple question. You still have the face. If you make this noise, be careful that we will expel it directly. "
For a while, my brothers haven’t found a low-key Bidan Awu. The final examination of alchemy, that is, the test of refining Dan medicine with real guns and knives, has officially begun.
Considering the success rate of alchemy, each brother has three opportunities for alchemy, and he has been given a whole day for alchemy.
After the first two tests, my brother has been brushed away by more than 100 people, because it takes a long time to make an alchemy. This round of tests is carried out at the same time.
In fact, the whole Antoinette alchemy test is carried out simultaneously.
Moreover, at the beginning of the third round of alchemy, the results of the first two rounds of alchemy in Antuten’s major medicine mountains have come out
Dandan Awu’s name has been hung high for hundreds of thousands of alchemists, and the totem has formed a certain influence at the forefront.
Especially the Aowu people who are familiar with Dandan are even more shocked at this time.
For example, Yuhe searched for a long time in front of his own Yaoshan alchemy list, but he didn’t find Dandan Awu. He was wondering if Dandan Awu had been eliminated, when he suddenly heard the monk around him say, "Wow, our tribute to Yaoshan Dandan Awu is amazing, and the full marks of the two rounds of testing department topped the list …"
Yuhe spent a stay at the top of the list, so it’s not Danny Awu’s two test scores of 240, ranking first in Gong ‘a Yaoshan and also at the top of An Totem’s whole alchemist brother.
It seems that Danny Aou is the only one who got double full marks in Antuten.
Isn’t it?
Yuhe rubbed his eyes and felt like a dream. Is it really Sister Awu? However, if she remembers correctly, three months ago, Dandan Awu came to resell his property to study alchemy, and there was still a lot of trouble at that time.
It’s better to be the first in the two lists in March. Is it so bizarre?
Sister awu’s memory is not very good. Some sisters awu’s perception of medicinal properties of herbs is not too strong, is it?
Even a person who has studied alchemy for decades can’t get full marks in this exam, right?
Looking at Danny Awu Yuhe, who is at the top of the list, suddenly dreams, but her heart gradually surges with anxiety. "Awu’s sister spent a long time learning theory and identifying herbs, so has her actual combat level of alchemy improved in such a short time?" If this is the case, Aowu’s sister will even become the biggest joke in this quiz … "