"I don’t know if your hand is worth the price."

"This master can rest assured that it is absolutely worth the money." Zhou Jialang smiled and threw a book at several people with a wave of his hand
"You can tell at a glance"
Brown stretched out his hand and took the exhibition and flipped through it quickly. His face never changed and he handed it to a man behind him.
Also explained
"Wanfu is a wise man of our family who is proficient in all kinds of source magic."
"Well" Zhou Jia nodded.
"Go ahead!"
The man in the rear will read the book much slower, but as time goes by, his surprise is hard to hide.
He looked up hastily before he finished reading it.
"It’s not fake, it’s industrial technology. If you start, you really have a chance to break through the third order."
"It seems …" Brown’s eyes moved slightly.
"Zhao Fujia went to the Zhou brothers."
"Good" Zhou Jia nodded.
"such as?"
"What is the specific method?" Brown reached out.
The volume just now is a brief description and does not involve detailed practice.
"Three hundred source pith and the secret method of Imperial Master’s boldness of vision!"
"Well …" Brown raised his eyebrows.
"What does Brother Zhou want with the secret method of boldness of vision?"
The source marrow was agreed before coming, but the secret method of boldness of vision … What is Zhou Jia’s current strength and number of ways?
"Suddenly interested" Zhou Jia laughed.
"The Imperial Master won’t be reluctant, will he?"
"If I do think about it before," Brown nodded and sighed.
"But now …"
He threw a bag with a wave of his hand.
Even whether Bello people can continue to stay in Hongze domain is a matter of two opinions, and it is forbidden by the sacred domain. What was once precious has lost its past value in his heart.
Hongzeyu, the secret method of verve, is not uncommon, and some of his insights are of some value.
Zhou Jia took the knowledge of God and immediately smiled with satisfaction. He also threw away the secret method of the record book.
"in addition"
He put things away and said
"Imperial teacher offended anyone? Someone has been following behind? "
Brown’s eyebrows sank and he turned to look back.
Chapter 6 Bello is shocked
A few shadows are hidden in the mountains, and their breath and surrounding trees blend together and look out into the distant waters.
"My Lord"
One person with a low mouth
"Do you really want to start work on the Imperial Master?"
"The messenger of the divine domain has made the words very white. I must be thorough or cheat. There is no second choice." The leader’s voice is dull and dignified
"The gods can’t be bullied!"
"Some people are going to be duplicitous. This is a big taboo!"
Several people are silent.
The Emperor angered King Brown, and the Bello clan were ignorant of everyone, so it was difficult to put a lot of pressure on him.
But the divine realm is even more desperate.
"Rest assured"
Chief see several people face different comfort way
"Although Brown is strong in the imperial city, he has no rivals. He has long been disliked by people, but he has never had a chance to send it."
"Now he’s killing himself. The net is wide open."
Others have nodded.
Belo people’s external solidarity department also has its own forces, and even Brown can’t please everyone.
Angry King’s temper attracted many people to be hostile.
"Eldest brother said yes" one person low mouth.
"Besides, we are tracking and monitoring his actions, and it’s not our turn to do anything if we really want to do it."