"Why do you suddenly say this?"

Zhao Cuo is in distress situation.
"People are not as good as you to keep that cat?"
As she spoke, she raised her hand pitifully and wiped her tears.
Even a fool like Yan Er is awkward and jealous.’
Master Zhao Xiaogong’s skull was so painful that he said something in his heart.
He and Yaner don’t seem to have a relationship now, but he beat her everywhere. What do you mean, can he not be white?
Champion Hou is not an emotional idiot. If the protagonist of the novel still says "We are friends", it is not love rat but scum.
"Actually, I have something important to tell Yan Er during my visit."
Zhao fault suddenly held her tender little hand directly.
"You can fool Yan Er without putting on a serious attitude."
Mrs. Yan’s mouth was firm, but she did not resist when she was holding hands, and her beautiful eyes also showed a clever look.
"Great things are going to happen in Beijing."
Zhao Xiaogong Ye said straight to the point
"The empress dowager just issued a city martial law ban in the Chaotian Temple this morning."
"This has nothing to do with Yaner, does it?"
Flame son doubtfully crooked little head.
"Why not?"
Zhao gave her a wrong white look.
"How can I feel at ease when you live alone in the suburbs outside the capital is to take you into the city?"
Yan Er listened to his words and kept the center of the earth bent her beautiful eyes for a moment.
Her heart just accumulated depressed discontent and instantly swept away.
Zhao Cuo’s unexpected gentleness gave her a wrong understanding.
Will you be loved if you want to be awkward?’
Her enterprise-level understanding ability came to such a conclusion
So Xiao Yan dumped Zhao’s wrong hand with a straight face
The fool said arrogantly
"Flame son don’t want to go to town alone in the suburbs of Beijing. There is no problem. People are overhaul walkers …"
Zhao Cuo’s face suddenly sank. As we all know, Xiao Gong has a heart of stone.
Without saying anything, he raised his hand and pulled the plump woman into his arms.
Emperor Yuxuan looked at him with wide eyes, raised his hand and fell heavily again.
A crisp ring echoed back.
"If you importune me again, I will leave you alone, and you will die outside the city."
Zhao wrong slightly harsh words scare way
Of course, he is just talking.
But Yan Er seems to be scared.
"Sorry about …"
Mrs. Yan was not angry after being beaten, but raised her hand and hugged Zhao’s wrong waist
She raised her little head and looked at the teenager with tears in her eyes.
At this moment, she realized that the epiphany just now was wrong.
"Do you realize that you are wrong?"
Zhao mistakenly saw her mistake so decisively and felt a little distressed.
When he bullied Yaner before, his heart fluctuated.