These creatures are common to the broken shadow, but it has never studied them carefully. They have generally observed their behavior.

When these micro-consciousness avoid huge tools, they also create a layer of’ substance’ to wrap the target to be avoided.
That’s how the "shield" that wraps the dream comes.
Most creatures will go around huge tools, but there are some wonders … like now, they want to get in.
They came in one after another and hit the surface, but most of them were smashed.
But they keep trying to get in here.
A large number of invaders have almost consumed the trees on the surface, and they will continue to emit wood chips to attack until the last small stump.
When the attack power weakens, there is a creature close to the surface.
It smashed a lot of smoke, but it didn’t hit the ground.
Because it hit a huge object that came out of the ground.
Chapter ninety-four Understanding the journey
"The defense of this place has not been fully upgraded."
Dream Walsh has left the’ river’ area formed by subtle consciousness.
Crossing the river is not a very easy thing.
At present, the surface of the earth has been hit by falling stones, leaving many huge marks.
Although those creatures that created traces have been solved by the defense system, the damage they caused is not so quick to repair.
Because ….. The defense system of Mengmengershi is not perfect.
Dream Walsh is not constructed all the time. Actually, dream Walsh has upgrade function.
It has the function of collecting dream energy and improving the overall ability. For example, after collecting the energy data of various dream creatures, it can grow stronger weapons.
Mengmengershi has a set of ability to analyze dream energy data and benefit the data to grow new functions.
This is also a dream, but it does not automatically make it, but needs the controller to judge what data to make.
The controller, that is, Lin or Bershmin, can also be used.
However, they are not likely to make this part of the system yet, and Lin has not taught them anything to say. Lin is now monopolizing this system by herself.
Lin is now testing the dream energy of those dead creatures.
These stone-like creatures have now turned into pieces and scattered on the surface of Walsh. By detecting them, they know roughly what they are thinking through the broken shadows.
Lin doesn’t know much about the biological thinking structure here, but Broken Shadow knows a lot.
Therefore, broken shadows can help Lin translate these biological thoughts … and thus know that the main reason why they invade the dream is … they exercise.
These cone-shaped stones are ordinary creatures, and they are similar to the people in the present, that is, they exercise their body control.
The way they exercise is to destroy the huge objects they see.
The bigger the objects, the more attractive they are, including the dream, Walsh.
Generally speaking, the things they smash are not creatures, and they have smashed many giant objects around them.
It was this time that they encountered a defensive object like Mengmengershi … that destroyed this place.
This broken shadow also means that it is wonderful. Although it has seen creatures who like to destroy giant things before, no one will attack these’ tools’
These biological bases will avoid tools, although they are not common.
Zong Lin now puts these biological data into the dream Walsh database and tries to take some data for analysis.
Mengmengershi Department will automatically analyze these data and try to have a place.
Lin doesn’t need to control this analytic upgrade part.
Actually, Lynn wants to control its analytical function so that she can understand the dream energy in more detail.
Lynn can now control which part to upgrade it.
For example, the upgrade of the telescope tower also obtained some data from the broken shadow.
The next dream, Walsh, continued to move toward the virtual depths.
Meanwhile, the people in Ershi continue to exercise their ability to control their bodies. Some people in Ershi have made rapid progress, while others are no different from those who have just exercised.
It seems that this varies from person to person.
Lin Veronica has been observing the virtual situation around her through the telescope tower.
This section of the road is rather chatty, and there is no special scenery.
Now, it’s a long way to go before the dream falls back into the distant shadow coverage.
How long … it may be fast or slow, mainly because we can meet some special areas of’ crossing points’.
Broken shadow tells Lin that traveling in the unpredictable way is a little different from normal emptiness.
Here, we can judge the distance of an object in a normal virtual way, but there are some wonders in the way of moving.
As far as Broken Shadow knows, there is no such thing as "being alone" unpredictably, and everything is in the same "level".
You can’t move across distances by.
Of course, there is no delivery here, but sometimes it has a similar delivery effect
Because unpredictable creatures have a wonderful ability called’ thinking movement’ …
When a creature sees an object, it will judge how far it is from the target, imagine what obstacles it has with the target, and at the same time have the idea of going to the target.
At this time, creatures will move forward.
This seems to be the biggest difference from the normal virtual place. A creature can move simply by imagination.
This is also called’ thinking movement’
Thinking movement is actually a kind of’ crawling’
When a creature imagines the distance to its target and tries to reach it, its own thinking core … will absorb a special dream energy.
This kind of dream energy is generally located in the unpredictable virtual space, which is a very special kind.
Because they are hardly perceived by dream creatures, but they will push them forward.