It is the principle that if a wife goes deep into the fog, or if she wants to reach a contract, she will not take the initiative to break it …

All of them belong to the heretical monks, and they are extremely rare. Most human beings may not be able to do that.
"Wait, you don’t want to be psychic, do you?"
I suddenly realized that Xiaoqing had just blurted out and saw an illusory symbol around Afeng.
Those runes are none other than Pei Wende’s "psychic spell" from the other party’s memory after crossing over Zhou Sheng.
Although those runes have changed greatly, Zhou Sheng’s "psychic spell" has not much in common, but it contains the same breath and meaning.
"Are you crazy? ! Aren’t you afraid to attract them in black and white? "
Hearing the green snake exclaim, Pei Wende, who is trying to control those illusory runes, gave a slight meal and then revealed a wanton and arrogant smile.
That’s green snake. Pei Wende has never seen arrogance. It’s also the arrogance of ascetics!
"How can I be crazy if I grasp things?"
Four years ago, Pei Wende was the first magical power that Geng Shen and Mandrill oppressed and awakened themselves.
From that time on, Pei Wende was determined to become a practitioner who could really control his own destiny instead of entrusting his life to that illusory causal fate.
I don’t want to live a long life and I don’t want to be enemies all over the world …
Pei Wende hopes that he will no longer be so strong when he encounters similar situations.
This "Resurrection of A Feng" is a test of Pei Wende’s own spiritual achievements and a test of the underworld.
Whenever a yogi reverses his innate nature, sooner or later, he will come into contact with the two souls of heaven and earth, step into the Yin God, and get rid of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma completely.
Nowadays, Pei Wende has reached this level with the golden body and the early appearance of the law.
If he wants to continue his own spiritual path, sooner or later, he will get through the Brahma chakra, return the two souls of heaven and earth, and truly break away from the reincarnation mechanism of the underworld.
"I’m curious now whether the so-called’ Yan told people to die in the middle of the night and dared not keep people in the fifth watch’ is so irresistible."
Pei Wende is quite conceited, and the faint golden light from the outside soon enveloped him.
It’s an immortal light, an overbearing Buddha’s light and a manifestation of Pei Wende’s will to practice …
[jump out of the three realms and not in the five elements? 】
Somehow I remembered Pei Wende once said a word, and Xiaoqing realized that Pei Wende was going to take the opportunity to explore the boundary between life and death and explore his future practice.
Just after noon, I began to explore the future practice path.
Pei Wende’s rapid progress in practice has simply refreshed Xiaoqing’s cognition.
However, before Xiaoqing continues to consider going to Peiwende, she is ready.
"Let me see if things are exactly what I guess!"
Pei Wende, who didn’t continue to recite the scriptures, stared at Ah Feng, who had stopped struggling. Her eyes were full of curiosity and joy that could not be concealed.
Curious because Pei Wende really wants to know what can make A Feng retain part of his will after being infected by ptomaine.
Or, more accurately, what Pei Wende really wants to know is whether something that can keep Feng’s soul after his death is something he guesses for himself.
I’m glad because if I guess right, I can not only save Ah Feng, but also make a breakthrough after my birth.
Keenly captured some words in Pei Wende’s words. Xiaoqing was stunned at first, and then looked at Afeng, who was bound, with incredible eyes as if she realized something.
Xiaoqing finally realized that it may not be a simple coincidence that A Feng still retains some of her reason and ability after she can become a zombie.
Even the zombie appeared at the entrance of the post, which may hide secrets that you don’t know.
"It shouldn’t be possible?"
The tone was full of surprise and incredible meaning. Xiaoqing just wanted to open her mouth and continue to say when Pei Wende had crossed Zhang Chusheng who was still immersed in her dream.
"What is impossible?"
Toward the bound frame, Feng held out her finger and Peiwende asked Xiaoqing in a natural tone.
"There are no great wonders in the world"
"Never enter the house to guess before seeing the real truth. This is the first lesson given to me by the old monk."
There was a slight pause. At this time, Pei Wende turned to look at Zhang Chusheng behind him.
"And this is the first lesson I gave Chu Sheng-to be skeptical about everything."
As if he had heard Pei Wende’s words, his eyes were closed. Zhang Chusheng suddenly ordered targeting top and bloomed a faint smile.
Outside the mantra boundary in the backyard of Anxiangyi
Witnessing the process, the moon was surprised and opened her mouth until she temporarily persuaded the post officials, Cao Lao, to come back, and she came back from the surprise.
"So he is so powerful?"
I don’t know if it’s Pei Wende or Zhang Chusheng Moon. I think what happened tonight may not be forgotten by my generation.
"After all, he is Pei Wende …"
"That said Pei was crazy."
That is, it seems that I misunderstood the words of the moon, and it seems that I am simply comforting myself and staring at the enchantment. Cao Lao could not help but low to himself.
"Those who turned to him for help have described his great strength …"
"It is said that in some respects, he is not inferior to his master, Zen Master Lingyou."
"So if he’s as bad as he heard, Feng will be saved."
Chapter 30 past lives, reincarnation
A Feng is a refugee, and the old man Yi Cao kindly adopted a refugee child-this is a well-known thing for nearby villagers.
Because of Cao Lao’s stubborn personality and his wife’s early death.
He remained knee-deep until he reached a great age.
Nowadays, it can be said that it is a big step against the family and the incense.
So some relatives and friends of the same family once suggested that he adopt a child to inherit the incense of Cao Jia, but the result was rejected by Cao Lao without hesitation.
At that time, he said that the Cao family was now an old man and there was no land and property. Didn’t he follow the old man to suffer?
It was not until Afenglai, who was still a refugee at that time, gave up on himself because of his wife’s death that Cao Laotou regained his spirits and dragged Li Yanran’s mother to find a job as a caretaker.
At this moment, more than ten years have passed. At the beginning, the young child who couldn’t even speak managed to take care of Cao Laotou and grew up to the age of sixteen or seventeen.
It’s because the old man Cao’s temper is smelly and hard, and he’s alone. Half a generation’s care for Ah Feng is also at the most basic material level.
In fact, many people think that it is a miracle that A Feng has succeeded in living with such a tough-tempered Hanergy, so don’t force too much on it.
However, outsiders and even the old man Cao don’t know that it’s not unreliable luck that A Feng can live to such a great extent.
A Feng has memories of past lives, or rather, he often dreams of vague memento mori.