Although there are only two deputy factory directors, there will be dozens of people whose positions will change as soon as they have the opportunity to move.

It’s a pity that this door is blocked.
Cause many people to have some dissatisfaction at the same time as losing.
But a few days later, the personnel department posted a new announcement.
"… it is planned to recruit two deputy factory directors, four supervisors and four technicians …"
As soon as this announcement was issued, those employees who had ideas were all excited and stared at the announcement carefully.
"… the position of deputy director requires familiarity with and mastery of brewery production technology, certain management ability and professional treatment, with an annual salary of 150,000 …"
After reading the recruitment requirements, many employees are gearing up to prepare for this recruitment.
In addition to this recruitment announcement, there is also a new personnel announcement. Zhang Huadan is the deputy general manager of Shenlong Company!
There is also a bracket behind it (internship)
"… Liu, I think it’s better to recruit from the factory, which can stimulate the learning spirit of employees. Generally speaking, people who are promoted from the bottom have a deep sense of belonging to the company. Although the quality is coming, the professional managers are not so strong about the company’s sense of belonging. Once something happens, their first thought is usually to consider where to find a new job."
Meeting room Zhang Hua seriously reported to Qing Liu.
"Manager Zhang is right."
Aside, Chen Xiaoyun nodded in agreement and echoed, "Moreover, employees who have been promoted at the bottom pay special attention to the position that they have been promoted with great difficulty. They usually don’t consider job-hopping but choose to stay, which can help our company keep skilled employees and avoid the frequent turnover of company personnel."
After Cui Guosheng and others are removed, Qing Liu will meet again to let Zhang Hua enter the position of internship deputy general manager of Shenlong Company. It is less to add an internship objection in front of him. After all, if Zhang Hua does not perform well or gives constructive opinions, he can also be released in the future.
This is Zhang Xia coming out with Qing Liu in private. After all, most of the employees who can stay in Shenlong Company are old employees. If Zhang Hua enters the company directly, he will assume high-level positions, which will definitely make these old employees have some ideas and some conflicts in their hearts.
Why don’t you let Zhang Huazhi hang the word internship in front of him for the time being, so that everyone will feel a little better, and you can also observe Zhang Hua through this period to see if he has the ability to take the position of deputy general manager
If Zhang Hua has this ability, then when the time comes, the word internship in front of Zhang Huazhi will be removed, and everyone will not complain.
After all, ability comes first.
Zhang Xia proposed that Qing Liu naturally accepted it
Similarly, Zhang Hua is also aware of the meaning of the word internship in front of his post. He paid special attention to attending the meeting today. He prepared to study some information of Shenlong Company a few days before the meeting, and then he took the initiative to come up with the "employee appraisal system" at the meeting today.
"Well, manager Zhang says it’s good. Go on."
Zhang Hua’s speech before gave Qing Liu a little bit. He smiled and nodded and said, "You can also say it if you have his ideas."
"Thank you, General Manager Liu"
Zhang Huachong Qing Liu nodded and looked around the crowd, and then said, "In addition, I suggest that Manager Chen of the Ministry of Personnel draft an employee appraisal system of Shenlong Company, formulate the principle of rewards and punishments, and join the learning appraisal management, that is, every employee should study once every month and be assessed once every three months. If the assessment fails, it will temporarily become an internship or a temporary substitute."
"If you still fail to meet the standards in the second assessment, you will be demoted. Similarly, you should also introduce a learning assessment system for ordinary employees. If you fail in the first assessment, you will deduct 100 yuan from your salary for the second time and 500 yuan for the third time."
"Mr. Liu, I came up with this assessment system because I have observed in recent days that most employees in our company have become lazy at present, and most of their minds are about who is going to have a happy event. Will the company allocate rooms this year and which position will be easy?"
Speaking of this, Zhang Hua said seriously that "the influence of such’ laziness’ atmosphere on the company is not easy to detect, but it will take a lot of effort to correct it in the future if the employees are used to it unconsciously."
"that reward and punishment system I’m tal about is to let those who have the ability be promoted through examination, and let those who occupy the position and don’t work or work less go, so as to ensure the continuous improvement of the quality of the company’s employees and establish a dynamic Shenlong company!"
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Examination
"The old man, what happened to your back? Are you sure about the factory exam today? Don’t be nervous. It would be great if you could take an examination of the supervisor … "
"Will you stop nagging?"
Liu Dezhu, a staff residential building in Yulong Village, heard his wife mumbling and didn’t good the spirit scolded 1, "You hurry to get me a meal, so I can go to the examination room when I’m full."
"Yo? Dare to say that I am embarrassed? "
Liu Dezhu’s wife was about to scold him with her hands akimbo, but on second thought, Liu Dezhu will have an exam soon. Don’t quarrel at this moment, which has affected his play. Today, however, Liu Dezhu has been staring at the supervisor’s position for more than a month. She has been sitting at home and wearing glasses every day after work, looking at her notes carefully and chanting.
Forget it, I’ll put up with you for the time being! When you fail the exam, the supervisor will take care of you later!
Liu Dezhu’s wife comforted herself and turned to the kitchen to bring the cooked egg gruel.
"… when koji-making and fermentation …"
Liu Dezhu took a sip of gruel and muttered something in his mouth, biting an egg on his back and reading a few more words for fear of forgetting these knowledge.
After reciting it for a while, Liu Dezhu found that he already remembered it very well. This kind of repeated recitation will aggravate his tension and can’t help himself. He simply gave up and continued to recite.
"What? Don’t recite it? " One side of the wife said that she couldn’t help but ask, "Is it that I am sitting here and affecting you? Then I’ll sit next to it. "
"No," Liu Dezhu repeatedly waved his hand. "It’s no use remembering that it’s almost done. Besides, the horse is going to have an exam, even if you don’t remember that it’s no good just to back up for a while."
"That’s not necessarily."
Liu Dezhu’s wife rushed and said, "I didn’t hear people say that it’s not bright and bright to get cold feet!" It’s always good to recite for a while. If you take the exam as a supervisor, you’ll be a manager. Your salary will increase a lot and your year-end bonus will be more than that of you when you were a village head manager in Yulong Village. "
"By the way, aren’t you also jealous of the factory director Zhang? Are they going out by car? When you get the supervisor’s year-end bonus this year, I will also go to the county to buy a car. "
There is encouragement and promise next to Liu Dezhu’s wife.
"Yes, if I were in charge, I would be more in charge than the village head."
Liu Dezhu sighed with emotion when he heard his wife say, "It’s been several years before you know it. Think about it at the beginning …" Here he shook his head and said, "It’s really petty."
"Liu is not as narrow-minded as you," said Liu Dezhu’s wife, skimming the pie mouth. "Didn’t you come to work in the factory later? Also let you become a squad leader and earn no more than you used to be a village head? This is also somebody else’s manager Liu. If the roles of you two were changed, let alone let you be the shift leader, even the factory wouldn’t let him come in! "
"Am I that narrow-minded?" Liu Dezhu smell speech eyes turned angry from embarrassment and looked at his wife.
"Hey, I haven’t known you for decades?"
Liu Dezhu’s wife smiled and said, "Your petty mind is not much bigger than the tip of a needle!" As she spoke, she seriously said, "I heard that the company may set up a group by the end of the year, which proves that our Shenlong company is getting better and better. You must work hard and don’t get any moths out, do you hear?"
"Are you stupid?" Liu Dezhu snorted and said, "Don’t worry, I won’t have my wings hardened like Cui Guosheng. Qing Liu, this little hey, I’ve observed it for several years, but how many of them are good for you with him? I tell you this little treachery is very I bet Cui Guosheng will definitely regret it soon. "
Liu Dezhu’s wife is not interested in discussing these with him. She glanced at her watch and urged, "You should eat quickly and go to the exam early."