Quelenen asked, "Ask what?"

Kamenev replied, "You know, Mr. Quelenin, it is not only the Chinese revolutionary army that is attacking us now, but even the German in the east is beginning to stir. Our military strength should be based on the law to deal with us, and we should firmly hold the Chinese revolutionary army! Then we will be able to cope with Germany. Now Germany is entangled in Britain, the United States and France, and the main force is marching westward. We may still be able to resist this and we need to make a choice! "
Quillaning frowned and lost in thought for a long time before answering, "You are right. If we want to end the war, tell Trotsky to fight for us. The bottom line is that the Chinese revolutionary army must withdraw from all areas in the western Urals to ensure that the country has enough military strength to stabilize the mind of the Republic of China. We are willing to sign a permanent peace treaty with the Republic of China!"
The newspaper soon reached Trotsky’s hand, and Trotsky once again held talks with Zhang Yi and Yang Du.
In the face of Trotsky’s refutation, Zhang Yi laughed. "Mr. Trotsky, our conditions are not harsh. First, the total economic output of Siberia is less than 10% of your population and less than 5% of your vast land. It is not worth the loss to send a large number of troops from your country. We allow your country to evacuate your people from Siberia. We will be responsible for organizing the transportation and ensuring their safety. Second, letting your country give up the rule of Czechoslovakia, Poland and other places and allow self-reliance is also to ensure your national security. You are still in a war in Germany. Although your country unilaterally withdrew from the war, the Germans can still invade your country at any time. Once the eastern European countries become independent, Germany will find no reason to invade the new country. How about it? "
Trotsky still refuses to give in. After all, an inch of land is worth thousands of dollars. This is no joke. If you give in neatly, you will become a sinner forever!
After several days of bargaining, the two sides finally reached a consensus. First, the Russian Urals Mountains in the Republic of China occupied the western side, and the Chinese revolutionary army occupied the Urals Mountains in the west side, and the military forces of the two countries were not allowed to enter Central Siberia to become the territory of the Republic of China. Second, Russia allowed Czechoslovakia and Poland to be independent, but it could retain the military power of the country to deal with the future invasion of Europe and the United States; Third, Russia compensated China for the Republic of China War by 300 million Chinese dollars in 15 years; Fourth, the Republic of China signed a permanent peace treaty with Russia and did not invade each other; Fifth, in the Republic of China, European and American countries invaded Russia, they must ensure that they assisted Russia at the same time; Sixth, the Republic of China officially recognized the legalization of the Russian New Deal and established diplomacy;
A series of contract terms finally passed Trotsky’s long breath, and the ending was still very ideal compared with the idea of Quelenin. At least, the Urals Mountains were preserved and the military defense of Russia was won, and it was also recognized by the Republic of China. These are all positive factors. The only regret is that Russia lost the whole of Siberia, which is the largest industrial raw material production base in Russia. Coal, oil, steel and wood will not belong to Russia!
However, this clause is enough for Quelenin to be happy. If the Chinese Revolutionary Army stops, it will ensure that Russia’s new policy, Ansha Russia, will at least not die.
Quillaning soon granted Trotsky an agreement!
The news came out that the lungs of European and American countries were almost mad, and all countries worked hard to kill and kill. I didn’t expect that the benefits were robbed of more than 10 million square kilometers of land by the Republic of China! This is a huge cornucopia to the extreme!
Only Germany now William II’s heart is like knocking over a five-flavor bottle, and all kinds of smells are mixed. Chen Huaxia Republic finally solved the catastrophe of Russia by itself, but the benefits were also taken away by the Chinese Republic! I am still in the Anglo-American-French attack, although I can barely support it, but I feel more and more overwhelmed. The huge casualties and industrial losses have reached the limit!
Aside ludendorff is also full of bitter low way "positions now we have a way to go …"
William II asked, "What way?"
Ludendorff replied, "Ask Wu Peifu to ask the Republic of China to mediate and stop the war. We can’t hold on any longer, otherwise the Germanic nation will really fall …"
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and sixty-three Ask Wu Peifu
Wu Peifu had long expected that he would be invited to enter William II Palace again because Germany had really insisted on not going. Even if the Chinese revolutionary army Germany got rid of tsarist Russia, Germany was still not an opponent of Britain, the United States and France. What’s worse, now the Ottoman Empire has laid down the British army in southern Europe and the allied forces of various countries have begun to shift to the western front. The whole war situation is once again tilted towards the Allies camp.
Although Germany also has Austria-Hungary Bulgaria to help, it is better than the non-allied camp after all, and Austria-Hungary Bulgaria has to fight against Seville, Italy and other countries, and the situation is getting worse for Germany
Peace is the only way out, but peace is a straw to crush Germany completely. At this time, peace is to meet all the conditions of the Allies camp! At present, there are huge compensations in various countries, and there are also various overseas interests. Don’t want to own a colony again, it will be swallowed up by the Allies camp!
Now the best way is to beg the Republic of China again to give a good way. Now the Republic of China is the last straw!
"I am ashamed to respect General Wu. Now the war situation makes me have to ask your country for help again. Although our army can barely support it, our national economy is on the verge of collapse, so we can support it to continue the war. I have to ask your country to help General Wu. You are both civil and military talents. Wan Li also asks you to teach me …"
Now, in order to keep the throne and the German Empire, William II has to lower its figure again and again, and it is just a matter of servility to Wu Peifu. There is no way to do this now. It turns out that without the Chinese revolutionary army and Wu Peifu to help Germany get through this difficult situation, the German army has developed a serious war-weariness mentality. Intelligence shows that some generals will force themselves to abdicate and establish the German Republic!
This is absolutely not allowed!
Wu Peifu ha ha smiled. "You flatter me. Where can I deserve your praise? Things haven’t reached the worst. At least now, Americans have the power to support the European war. They have stopped sending more troops, haven’t they? France? The casualties of French troops in the Allies’ camp have almost reached three million, and the casualties of Britain, his country and the United Kingdom have also exceeded two million, slightly less than one million in the United States. However, there are wars going on in other countries, and there are nearly 300 casualties in your country, but compared with your country, your country has not suffered much. I think your country can still hold on … "
"General Wu, don’t be ridiculous. Although there are more than five million casualties and millions of prisoners in Russia, the population is large and more than one hundred million. This is our dust behind Britain, the United States and France. Although their casualties are not small, the three countries are much better than us, especially the economic situation. Now we have started horse racing in the national treasury! General Wu, you can’t go to from ruin! "
William II is about to cry. It would be the greatest misfortune if Wu Peifu really gave up at this time!
Wu Peifu mused, "In that case, there is a way …"
William II was shocked and quickly asked, "What road?"
Wu Peifu replied, "Our president is saddened by the great war in Europe. This is no longer a European war, but has spread to the whole world. Not only the death toll in Africa and Asia has reached 20 million, but the number of injured people has not been counted, which has brought profound disasters to the whole world! Now our president intends to hold peace talks with all countries in the world to restore peace to the whole world! "
Aside ludendorff stare big eyes shocked. "What? President Zhang Jian of your country wants to call a truce for peace talks? Impossible, it is absolutely impossible to realize the war. Up to now, all countries have suffered heavy casualties and paid a huge price. Now, how can anyone listen if they are asked to stop the war? You know, they are all red-eyed! "
Wu Peifu proudly smiled and replied, "General ludendorff, they will certainly listen. No one will not listen! Our president’s meeting is an order. I can’t think of anyone who dares to fight hard with our president at the end of the day! That is self-defeating! "
William II was surprised and asked, "What kind of peace talks is General Wu? How to negotiate? How to balance the demands of countries in the negotiations? Interests such as division? What about war compensation? A series of problems can’t be controlled by any one person, just as our feud in France can’t be settled by General Zhang Jian, even if it can suppress governments of all countries, but what about people of all countries? Great pressure can make a government collapse instantly! "
Wu Peifu replied, "I haven’t got a reply from our president on this question for the time being, and I don’t know the specific details. I can judge that once the president makes an initiative, it will be the end of the whole world war! Don’t worry, General ludendorff, I’m sure that since you don’t want to continue the war, closest friend, we will certainly satisfy your wish! "
Ludendorff never gave up and asked, "General Yu, I know you must have enough confidence to say this. Do you have confidence in the end?" I don’t believe that countries will listen to you! "
Wu Peifu burst out laughing and said, "General ludendorff, I knew you were a man. I like to get to the bottom of everything, so I can satisfy your wish. Where did my confidence come from? It’s very simple. My confidence is the Chinese Revolutionary Army, the 1.3 million elite army, the 200,000 navy and the 10,000-man army! It is 3,000 tanks, 100,000 guns, 1,000 third-generation fighters, 13 Zheng He-class warships and 50 dreaded battleships! This is my confidence! Is it enough! "
Wu Peifu when’ tis once spoken, William II and ludendorff blanched. Damn it, a total of 1.6 million troops is definitely not much! But those 3,000 tanks, 100,000 guns and 1,000 third-generation fighters are absolutely sweeping the world! No country can compete!
Objection? Then it’s pure death!
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and sixty-four Force mediation!
Otherwise, on the third day after meeting Wu Peifu, Zhang Yi issued a formal initiative on Beijing, demanding that all participating countries in the world war stop fighting immediately!
At the same time, Zhang Yi made a peace initiative of "Putting Arms to Rebuild Our Homes" to the world in the radio broadcast. The whole world loves peace and yearns for peace. I, President of the Republic of China, Zhang Yi, once again specially advocated that all countries should let go of weapons in the ball war to achieve permanent peace through negotiations. This war has brought tens of millions of casualties to the world, and hundreds of millions of people can have food and clothing. Hundreds of millions of acres of land are deserted and the whole world is going to die! A just man and a peaceful man, a politician full of ideals, I suggest that everyone let go of their weapons. The world can no longer withstand war! I hope that five days after the announcement of the initiative, all countries participating in the war will restrain their own forces, and all countries will no longer take the initiative to carry out military provocations. At the same time, we will invite major leaders from all over the world to attend the peace conference in Beijing. We, the Republic of China, will welcome you with wine and food. If there is any other country that wants to continue the war, all countries will jointly punish the Chinese revolutionary army, and we will do everything to continue the war demon! At the same time, I propose to re-establish a new world peace order, and I am willing to call on all countries to work together for world peace building. 1. Sign an open peace treaty to put an end to secret diplomacy; 2. Absolute freedom of navigation at sea in peacetime and wartime; 3. Remove all economic barriers and establish equal trade conditions; 4. All countries should cut arms in a unified way and limit arms to ensure the national defense security warning line of neighboring countries; 5. Deal with the colonial issue fairly, respect the independent will of the colonial peoples before ensuring certain interests of the colonial government, and hold an independent referendum to promote world development;6. Western European countries have returned to the pre-world war state. Countries have abandoned the invasion of land, maintained the independence of Eastern European countries, and respected the Russian revolution and recognized the legitimate government. Adjust Italy’s borders according to the distribution of ethnic groups and the will of ethnic groups, and allow ethnic autonomy in the Austro-Hungarian Empire; 9. Suggest that Mexican troops withdraw from Oklahoma, California to stop the war, and suggest that the US government give up Texas and New Mexico and return them to Mexico to achieve peace; 1. Recognize that the Turkish part of the Ottoman Empire has a stable owner, recognize the independence of the Arab nation, establish several Arab countries according to the Arab religious sects, recognize the Jews in the Middle East, establish a Jewish state in the Middle East, and ensure that the Daniil Strait will be open forever; 11. Establish an international joint body to preside over international political justice according to the special covenant aimed at ensuring political independence and territorial integrity of all countries, big or small! 12. According to the China-Russia peace agreement, China peacefully occupies Siberia, but it needs to ensure that Russian residents will be moved to Russia and certain residents will be compensated;
Zhang yi’s peace declaration has been announced, which has aroused worldwide uproar!
The leaders of all countries were shocked. I didn’t expect Zhang Jian of the Republic of China to come out at this time. It is ridiculous that this guy has just invaded Russia! Now a sudden change of face has actually initiated world peace!
French President Faliere jumped on his feet and swore, "* * * * * Damn Zhang Jian, you’ve got enough benefits, so jump out and be a good person now. Now the old country has suffered heavy losses, not only Lorraine Alsace will not come back, but the social economy will go backwards for many years! Want a truce? Dream! The old man will never stop fighting! "
American President Wilson in Washington is even more furious! With what? Why? All countries want to return to the pre-war state, but the old America will give up Texas and New Mexico! That’s a million square kilometers of land, which is rich in oil resources! That will set up a very strong enemy for America and America! It’s impossible! It’s absolutely impossible to stop fighting!
World leaders have expressed some dissatisfaction with Zhang Yi’s declaration. Of course, they have also shown kindness. For example, Mexican President Sevakins was the first to jump out and express great appreciation for Zhang Yi’s compassion, which is an example for politicians all over the world!
In addition, the Jewish President Aaron almost put his face on Zhang Yi’s ass and gave the Middle East a million square kilometers of land to the Jews, and advocated that all countries in the world recognize the Jewish state! This is a great thing!
Arabs, on the other hand, are sad and happy to make friends with the founding country. It is certain that since the Republic of China supports its founding and there is support from Britain, the United States and France, it is a nail in the middle east. Jews and Arabs are born sworn enemies!
However, although Britain, the United States, France, Russia and other big countries are reluctant, the people of the world have turned to Zhang Yi and laid down weapons to achieve peace. This is something that all people, including the army, dream of. Today, a leader is finally willing to come out!
I didn’t say I could support him! The flag of the whole world public opinion department rarely supports Zhang Yi’s declaration!
When countries were indecisive, Zhang Yi suddenly reached an order. First, the Chinese Revolutionary Army began to withdraw its troops from Siberia and withdrew 400,000 troops in the first stage. Second, the Republic of China announced that it would send fleets to Europe and America respectively, urging all countries to put weapons to achieve peace. If any country dares to join the Chinese Revolutionary Army, the enemy of the world people, it will be completely wiped out!
Sending troops is not just a little bit!
In the direction of Europe, Commander-in-Chief Cai E set out two big fleets with ten infantry divisions, ten artillery divisions, ten tank divisions and five aviation brigades to sail to Europe for military mediation!
In the Americas, Commander-in-Chief Xu Shuzheng sent two fleets with ten infantry divisions, ten artillery divisions, one tank division and five air brigades to North America for military mediation!
The country dares to resist the peace initiative, that is, if the enemy of the Chinese Revolutionary Army does not destroy you, the Chinese Revolutionary Army will destroy you first!
Oh, my God, ten tank divisions and five aviation brigades are enough to destroy a medium-sized country! Let’s call a truce, and we won’t die …
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and sixty-five Alice support
When the Chinese Revolutionary Army Navy went out to sea, countries died quietly. Even at the peak of each country, it was absolutely difficult to compete with the strength of the Chinese Revolutionary Army, not to mention that it is now a spent force. Even if it is teamed up, it may not be the opponent of the Chinese Revolutionary Army. Now Zhang Yi has won the support of the people all over the world, and the world public opinion has supported Zhang Yi one-sidedly!