Lotus around me held me, and then the palm of my hand turned over and a powerful black gas suddenly sprayed out, hitting the paper man in the chest "bam!" There was a loud noise, and the paper man’s chest was hit by a palm of Nellie’s hand, which actually pierced a big hole in his chest. Nellie sent that black gas from the paper man’s chest and sprayed it out from his back.

The paper man won’t shout when there is a hole in his body, but he can’t move any more. He plops down and is no longer dominated by Liu Xicai.
Liu Xicai was also surprised when he saw it. He never expected that Nellie would have such great power, and his painstaking paper man would be abolished with a palm of his hand. Now he dare not get too close to Nellie for fear that Nellie would punch him through with a palm of his hand.
I’m just now white Liu Xicai. Why did you bully me into taking Nellie’s life? It turned out that he had long expected that it wouldn’t be Nellie’s opponent. Only then did he come up with such a despicable way to stop the paper man at the door, instead of attacking us, was dominated by Liu Xicai and blocked us at the door.
Lillian took my hand and walked to the door. When she was about to walk to the front of the paper man, the paper man still stayed there. There was no response. After Lillian dismissed the paper man, we could escape from Liu Xicai’s house smoothly. But I was wrong. Not only was Liu Xicai mad, but his daughter-in-law was not saving the oil lamp. At this time, Liu Xicai’s daughter-in-law saw that Lillian and I were paying attention to the paper man at the door. Suddenly, she took Liu Xicai’s kitchen knife away and shouted at me and cut it down!
"Brother Sigou, be careful!"
Lillian pulled me aside and then turned around at a very fast speed, holding Liu Xicai’s daughter-in-law with a knife. Lillian’s strength was so great that Liu Xicai’s daughter-in-law grabbed her wrist and took the kitchen knife away easily.
Liu Xicai’s daughter-in-law was a little nervous when she failed to sneak attack. She also knew that Nellian was powerful. Now Nellian firmly held her wrist and killed her at any time.
Lillian was very angry when she saw that I was almost cut by this bitch’s kitchen knife, but she still didn’t kill Liu Xicai’s daughter-in-law, but pinched her wrist and dumped her out. At this moment, there was nothing moving paper at the door, and suddenly she quickly jumped on Lillian and hugged Lillian from behind.
I quickly kicked this paper man, but this guy’s body was so hard that I couldn’t hurt it. Nellie was hugged tightly from behind by it, and she couldn’t break free for a while. When Liu Xicai saw this, she felt an opportunity to point out a yellow light and hit Nellie’s chest.
Lillian dodged and was not hit by this yellow light, which made Lillian cry out in pain. But Liu Xicai’s skill was better than Lillian’s. He didn’t really hurt Lillian’s yellow light. Lillian slammed back and grabbed the paper man’s head behind him, and then five fingers were embedded in the paper man’s head like five steel hooks to listen to "bang". The paper man’s head was scratched by Lillian and burst open.
Without the head, the paper man can’t be harmed any more. It’s that the paper man’s head actually spewed a bright red liquid, which should be blood from the color! The blood paper head burst out and sprayed it on Nellie’s back.
What’s even more frightening is that with all this blood gushing out, a baby’s body actually fell out of his head. The baby was just about to take shape and was covered in blood. The blood just gushed out should be from this baby.
I can’t accept this. If I guess right, I’m afraid there will be a baby corpse in another paper man’s head. What’s more, this is Liu Xicai’s way of dominating the paper man. Putting the baby corpse in the paper man’s head can make the paper man obey his control and become so effective.
It seems that Liu Xicai’s witchcraft is really hurting the day and killing me. I don’t know where he scoured these baby bodies. Lillian was also surprised to see this scene, but before we recovered, Lillian had an amazing change. Seeing that her eyes turned red slowly, she became more and more wrong as the blood on her back flowed to her lower back. I guess the baby’s blood was stained with Lillian’s blood symbol, which made her change now. If I guess right, Lillian will go crazy again!
I dare not think about it any more. Watching Nellie change nervously is afraid that she will go crazy if she loses her mind again. But I am afraid of what will come. After a while, Nellie’s eyes have become blood red. The most worrying thing happened. As Nellie’s eyes became blood red, her mouth was also giving a low roar, which was like a wild animal barking. It was a movement when she drank chicken blood that night!
"Xiao Lian you"
I dare not go near Lillian. I know that she is in a state of madness again. Lillian looks around the room with the kitchen knife in her hand as if she can’t hear me. She looks at me first, looks at me with cold hair, and silently prays that Lillian can’t start work on me!
Good Lillian didn’t look at me again after looking at me. Just then Liu Xicai’s daughter-in-law seemed to see that Lillian was abnormal. The bitch was a little scared and turned around and ran to the kitchen.
She just ran a few steps and Nellie suddenly growled and chased her with a kitchen knife.
Chapter IX Human life and days
This gave me a big fright. That’s all. This is really going to kill me!
Lotus has now become crazy again. I think it should be that the baby’s blood flowed into her lower back, causing the blood to burst and making her lose her mind again.
Liu Xicai’s daughter-in-law looked back at her as she ran. She looked at Lillian chasing her with a swinging kitchen knife. She was about to chase her. Liu Xicai’s daughter-in-law ran to the kitchen. Liu Xicai was also stunned by Lillian’s crazy behavior. She didn’t even dare to move.
At this time, I was afraid that Nellie would chop Liu Xicai’s daughter-in-law to death with a knife, which would be out of control. I quickly chased Nellie to stop her as soon as possible.
But Lillian ran out first and ran much faster than me. Before I could chase Lillian, Lillian had chased Liu Xicai’s daughter-in-law behind her and raised a kitchen knife and cut her back!
"Poof!" Liu Xicai’s daughter-in-law was hit in the back with a knife, and suddenly she screamed and fell to the ground.
Xiaolian bent over and raised her knife to chop again. At this time, I had caught up with Xiaolian and hugged her from behind. "Xiaolian Xiaolian!"
I kept calling Nellie’s name, hoping to wake her up, but the root didn’t work. Nellie would go crazy after losing her mind. The root was that her parents denied her and shook her body with great strength, throwing me out and falling aside.
Lillian looked back at me, and my red eyes looked so horrible. I was afraid that she would cut me with a knife now, but I had already given up these things. At this time, Lillian must not be stopped from killing Liu Xicai’s wife.
Lillian took a look at me and then paid attention to Liu Xicai’s wife. Liu Xicai’s wife suffered a knife in her back. Blood flowed out along the wound and dyed her back clothes red. At this time, the knife was struggling to get up and run again, but her body just got up. Lillian grabbed Liu Xicai’s wife’s back with a growl, raised her kitchen knife on the ground again and cut her neck!
A light ring and blood splashes!
Look at Liu Xicai’s daughter-in-law, who has been beheaded and cut off by Nellie. Her head and neck are bleeding along the ground.
"ah! ! ! !”
Liu Xicai and I both exclaimed at the same time. Liu Xicai didn’t even dare to look at it. He was shivering and never arrogant again.
My heart is cold, and I think it’s completely over. A big living person was cut off by Lotus. This is no joke. Oh, my God, from now on, Lotus is a murderer. I’m afraid there will be no place for her anymore!
Even I can’t escape. Maybe I’m an accessory. I’m afraid I can’t go to jail. I’m confused. Look at Nellie. She doesn’t know anything now. She grabbed Liu Xicai’s daughter-in-law’s hair with a kitchen knife in one hand and threw the bloody head back in a gripper.
The bloody head whirled and flew to the stupefied Liu Xicai. Liu Xicai was so scared that he forgot to dodge his daughter-in-law’s head. He threw it in his face and bang it in his nose.
Liu Xicai was smashed and his nose was bleeding, so that he quickly woke up and ran to the door with a loud cry.
Lillian has completely lost her mind now. She is a crazy beast who raised a kitchen knife and chased Liu Xicai. When Lillian ran to my side, she took a bad look at me and raised her knife and cut it at my head.
I tried my best to hide away from Nellie, and I never dared to stay in this room again. Now Nellie won’t recognize me. If I stay any longer, I will be hacked to death by Nellie.